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precap – swara accepts to marry sanskar ,mohit gets to know about this and gets worried
ragini talks to laksh and they hav a cute conversation

Here we go

Swara and sanskar goes to swara’s room
sanskar – swara i wanted to talk to u he says while closing the door
swara – evsn i too wanted to talk to u
sanskar thinks ” today i will tell u that i love u ”
Swara – sanskar can i talk ??
Sanskar – ha swara bolo na
Swara – sanskar first of all i dont want to hide the truth from u
sanskar – which truth swara ??
Swara – i hav lied that i agreed for marg becozzz of u , i agreed just for ragini
from childhood onwards i couldnot give my sister hapiness i just thought about my brother but i never thought about my sister’s feelings
everyone wanted to share their feelings with their siblings but i hav never given any chance to her to share her feelings i know i am being selfish but i dont know wat to do i feel guilty for hurting my sister these all years

sanskar i dont want to play with ur emotions thats why i am telling u the truth,if u dont want to marry me then its ok but i am thinking about ragini and laksh marriage .i know ragini she is very stubborn if she decides something she will not listen to anyone i am thinking about her and laksh’s marriage
sanskar hears all this and gets sad he thinks “no if swara dont like to marry me then i cant allow her to marry me becozzz she will suffer i cant let her sacrifise her life for her sister but laksh nooo i cant let this happen to my brother he will breakdown he loves ragini alot ”
Sanskar goes to couch and sits on it by rubbing his hands into his hair
swara feels sad about him
she goes and puts her hand on his shoulder and says
swara – sanskar i am sry i know i am selfish and a bad person trying to play with ur emotions i am sry i cant hurt u as u r my best frnd
sanskar pulls her and makes her sit beside him and says softly
sanskar – swara dont say that u r a bad person .u r a very gud sister and a very good daughter and a very good frnd i will marry u becozzzz u r marrying for ragini and i am doing this for laksh . But this marriage cant change our relation we are frnds and we will be frnds forever
swara smiles and says “not frnds but best frnds”
Swara – sanskar dont tell anyone that we r marrying this for raglak
sanskar – ok swara even i am going to say that to u
swara – our thoughts always match
sanskar thinks “i would be the most happiest person if our hearts too match”
Swara – sanskaar where r u ??
Sanskar – i am herd only
swara – acha ok come lets go now
sanskar – dont u share this with mohit also ??
Swara – i will tell him sanskar but not completely . I will hane him u dont worry ok
sanskar – ok come
sanskar while going see one pic in which swara and mohit are hugging while their faces are towards the camera
sanskar smiles and says

sanskar – swara
swara turns back and say
swara – hmmm wat happened ??
Sanskar – bring this photo to our house aftr marg u r looking cute leke a natural beauty and even mohit too
swara smiles broadly as it is the first time he talked about her beauty
both smiles at each other and go swara goes to sanskar till his car he waves bye to him
sanskar is seeing hdr in his mirror and thinks “i am sry swara i cant tell u that i love u but i will definetly say it when i got to know that u also accepted our relation whole heartedly ”
He goes
swara goes to mohit’s room
here sanskar enters in mm

he is smiling widely he laso dont know y he is smiling but may be becozzz his love sry his first and last love is going to become his forever he is not cared abot whether she thinks him as a frnd or something else he just cares that she is his and she is going to be with him in his room sharing his things he is excited about the thought itself
all sees him smiling
ap calls him
ap – sanskar
sanskar stops smiling and goes to her
sanskar – ji maa

ap kisses his forehead and says
ap – i am so happy that u r getting married i was afraid that u will never marry as u dont wish to marry but i am happy that u hav changed ur decision and that too for a girl like swara u rvery lucky to hav her beta and she is also lucky to hav u
sanskar – ha maa she is lucky as u all are going to be her family
dp – but sanskar i worry about mohit and i hav also seen swara’s love towards her brother I think she loves her the most wat if doesnot agree to the marriage
sanskar – dont worry bade pappa i hav full faith on swara she will make him agree without his approval this marg is not going to

all are shocked
sanskar – dont worry badepappa mohit doesnt disobey his sister he knew that his sister is best in taking right decisions
rp and sujatha – ohhoooo tujhe tho bada pata hai swara ke baare me
sanskar blushes and says – mom there’s nothing like that and he goes from there
@gm mohit’s room
as soon as swara enters the room he goes and hugs her and cries his tear falls on her shoulder
swara cant bear anymore her brother’s pain but thinks about ragini
she makes him sit on bed she sits beside him
swara – mohit plzzz domt cry

mohit realises wat he is doing and says to himself”no i cant do this i cant cry like this my sister cant see me in pain ”
He immediately wipes his tears and says
mohit – who is crying i am not crying ,but plzzz dont leave me di plzzz
swara – mohit who said i am leaving u i am just getting married this small thing cant separate us . U know na we are unseparable
mohit – no i know that but if u get married u will stay in another place then how can i get sleep without listening to ur talkimgs
swara – offo mohit u r a big buisiness man and u dont know this minimum thing we can do video chatting also mere bhai
Mohit – oh so in video chatting i can sleep in ur lap right ??
Swara gets teary eyed but composes herself and says
swara – mohit i always stopped u telling about thus becozzz u always felt bad when i talk.about ragini but today its needed
i know u wont like it but please think in her point of view
u cant even imagine staying away from me but she is bearing that pain from childhood onwards can u imagine how she felt
mohit – but di she …

swara – lisren to me first do u remember wen u both used to fight i always defended u
mohit – becozzz the whole family stood by her di
swara – but wat about her siblings mohit ??
Everyone wants to be get saved by their siblings
everyone dreams of that world when we commit some mistakes our sister stops our parents from scolding us our brother who takes the blame on him and all but wat about ragini mohit ?? She had never experienced any of it with us
mohit – dont say that di but she had experienced …
swara – y u stopped mohit just say it
u cant say becozzz u too know that wat i am saying is true yes or not
mohit – yes di but wat r u trying to do by agrreing to this marg ??
Swara – to play an important role in her married life i wish to stand beside my sister u know every girl faces her tough times in sasural adjusting to new people and all i just want to be her support her back bone

ragini hears all this and gets glad that her sister loves her to this extent then she goes from there
mohit – for that u r going away from me and marrying sanskar di hav u thought about ur life i mean sanskar u dont love him??
Swara – who is going away from u ??haa i am getting married thats it no one can separate me from u ok i will be always be for u and u will be always my first preference even today ur opinion matters to me and u r the most important person in my life and u will be and coming to sanskar i can feel that he is perfect for me he too loves his family alot ok tell me hav u found anything wrong in sanskar ??
mohit – no di he is very gud but

swara – mohit sanskar is a very nice person and most importantly i like him and he is my best frnd and coming to love i cant love anyone as i love u
mohit gets happy and hugs her
swara – so is this a yes ??
Mohot doesnt respond
swara – mohit dont worry as i told u . Ur opinion matters to me the most but take the decision crctly and think alot and if u say yes i will be very happy and if u say no then also i will be happy

but i think our relation is not that weak to get weaken if i wont stay in this house i think its the time to show the world that we r unseparable
mohit – di i will say my decision aftr talking to sanskar
swara – ok if that is wat u want then its ok becozzz i know u will say yes becozzz sanskar is very nice and u will definetly like him
mohit – di u r saying as if i dont know him
swara – i know that u know him but this is the first time u r meeting ur sister’s fiancee not mr.sanskar maheswari
mohit – ohhoooo i didnot tell yes
swara – i know u mohiiiiioo

mohit – acha ok bye i am going he leaves
swara calls sanskar to inform him that mohit is coming to hin but he dont pickup the calls as his phone was in silent she sends a msg but he dont see it

@gm hall
swara comes down and sees everyone doing lunch
shekhar – did mohit agree ??wat did he say ?
Ragini dont talk anything but everyone asks swara about mohit’s decision

Precap – mohit comes to sanskar’s ofc and hears the conversation and gets shocked and he calls swara and says di my decision is …..

tanq so much for supporting me frndsss in the coming episodes u will see mohit trying to forgive ragini and behave with her nicely I am sry frndss if i hav dissappointed u with this episode plzzz forgive me and once again thanks for ur comments

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