Tanq frnds for ur support
Recap – laksh proposes ragini all family members agrees dp asks swaragini hands for sanlak all are shocked

Here we go

Sanskar – badepappa wat r u saying
dp – sanskar i am saying this after a lot of thinking swara is perfect for u and i know u both are frnds right he says and smiles seeing ap (sanskar understands the whole situation)
sanskar – par bade pappa
rp – sanskar bhaaisab se argue mat karo he knows everything ok
swara is shocked she backoffs and about to fall down but ragini holds her
sanskar sees this
samskar – swara he says slowly
dadaji and sumi see his comcern for swara

dadaji – i am so happy that my both grand daughters got such a nice family as their sasural
shekhar and swara are shocked while sumi smiles at them
shekhar – but pappa u cant decide it alone swara’s opinion matters too and turns towards swara
sumi – shekhar ofcourse swara’s opinion is important and she will say yes
swara in a calm voice – is everything over or should i listen anything more
dadaji maa u hav each and every right on me u can take any decision except my marriage and the fact is i will stay unmarried i cant leave my brother and go u all knew that mohit is my life
dp and all other maheswari’s are shocked except sanskar
sanskar closes his eyes in pain

swara turns to dp and all and folds her hands and says
swara – i am really sry uncle i am not rejecting sanskar infact i am not suitable for him he deserves the best i am asking for forgiveness hope u forgive me
sanskar i am sry but i dont deserve u
sanskar – swara wat r u talking u no need to say sry i can understand u
swara is about to go but
dadaji stops her
dadaji – i think i told something to u yesterday night
swara – daadu please i cant leave my mohit alone
dadaji – do u remember from childhood onwards ur badepappa and ur mohit used to fight on u that whom u loves the most u always said that it is mohit then i thought that u were saying as mohit is a kid but today u proved me wrong u always said the truth but it was me who couldnot see that
swara – noo daadu plzzz dont say that i love bp more than anyone but mohit
dadaji – ha u love him the most but just becozzzz he is no more u were choosing mohit over him am i right

swara sits down in pain and says
swara – no daadu
(dadaji speaks deliberately as he wanted swara to say yes for marriage)swara is controlling her tears becozz she cant cry until she punishes the real culprit
suddenly both shekhar and sanskar goes to swara but sanskar holds her before shekhar and he sits down along with swara and makes her lie on his shoulders and says
sanskar – no swara u dont give pain to urself u r a strong girl dont listen to anyone plzzz stop
swara holds sanskar hands and says

swara – i am fine sanskar tanq
swara gets up and says
swara – dadaji i know u r saying this deliberately as u want me to marry but i am sry to disappoint u
she is about to go then he again says

dadaji – so u dont want ur sister’s happiness right
swara – ragini will marry and i will make her marry laksh and that too before my marriage
ragini – no di i am sry to refuse u but in this matter i dont agree with u not with anyone
ragini goes near swara and says

“di u know wat i always wanted us to be swaragini but always bhayya came in between i know u always sacrifised ur everything for me u hav fulfilled ur every responsibility as a sister but i dont want all these i want that sister who fights with me for her share i want to spend some time with u i dont want ur gifts di i want ur time i want u to be with me always aapki zindagi ki 24 saal aapne nhai ke naam kardiya hai i know in the coming days also u will be with him even u r married or not married but if u marry u can spend time with both me and bhayya i domt need ur time i just want ur presence
one tear drop falls from swara’s eye

she thinks for a while and says
Swara – YES
all r shocked
dadaji looks on
swara – kya hua daadu u always wanted to listen this then y r u shocked
shekhar – but think once
mohit …..

swara – its ok papa i will handle him
she sees maheswari family and says “YES I AGREE TO MARRY SANSKAR i am sry uncle and aunty for talking all the nonsense i am really sry can u please forgive me
all smiles
swara – can u accept me as ur daughter in law
ap – i am lucky to hav u beta
sanskar – but i am not ready
all r shocked
sanskar – swara i know u can do anything for ur family and i knew u were doing this for ur sister
swara smiles and says
swara – sanskar do u know i am saying yes becozzz of u my badepappa always used to tell me that one day i will find a person who will understand my preferences in my life and see i hav found u its ok if u hav any problem with me i will happily accept ur no
sanskar – no swara how can i reject u

all maheswari’s smile
sanskar – i mean there is nothing in u that anyone can reject u swara
sumi – then its all set swaragini u go and change ur dresses we hav a ritual that ladke wale aakar ladki wale ko dekhte hai phir ha bolte hai so u go and get ready
they both go
sumi – i am so happy shekhar
dadi – ha sharmishta par
shekhar – mishti wat do u think mohit will let happen this marriage he cant live without his di
all maheswari’s are shocked
dp – wat do u mean shekhar ji ??
shekhar – wo i think mohit wont agree for this
mohit – i will not agree for wat papa ??
sanskar senses something and thinks “i am sry mohit u r going to become sad in a few min but i cant do anything ”

Shekhar – wo wo mohit leave it but y u came
mohit – yeah papa i came to drop di at her clinic actually i hav finished my work so i thought take di mean while where is di ??
sumi – tayyar hone gayi hai
mohit – but y and lve that papa y r u saying that i will not agree for wat ??
Dadaji – wo wo for mariage

mohit – omg dadaji y will i hav any problm with this marriage i know maheswari’s i know sanskar very well i went to his home i knew their family is the best
dp – dekhliya shekhar ji aapka beta tho kitna samajdhar hai
mohit – ha jncle i dont hav any problm with this mrg infact y will i have its ragini’s life and she can marry anyone whom she loves
shekhar – its not only ragini’s marg but also its ur di’s marg
Mohit – wat rubbhish is this dad u know i dont like these type of pranks ok i hav lots of work
sanskar stops him
sanskar – mohit i want ur aprooval as i know u r most important for ur sister as i am going to marry her
mohit – sanskar i know u too joined with my family now stol ur pranks diiii jaldi aao i am getting late

swara listening mohit’s voice comes out
mohit sees her she is wearing a lehenga she is wearing ornaments she is looking very beautiful
mohit – ohhh meri ek hazarom me meri behana wat is this if u look this much beautiful then how can anyone marry ur sister i always support u but this is not right there is no need for u get ready as they all came to see ur sister not u
he laughs but swara doesnot respond to him
mohit – acha ok ok i am sry it means u wont come now ok then i will go he is about to go
then swara runs and hugs him

mohit senses something wrong and says “di wat happened did anyone say anthing to u ??just tell me i will kill then he looks angrily at all family members
swara breaks the hug and by holding his cheeks “I AM GONNA MARRY SANSKAR”
mohit – oh so u too are involved in this prank now i understood that y r u wearing this heavy jewelerry and all now see dont act i know ur acting skills are too good but plzzz dont play with me i am scared of these talks so now go and change this saree and all see ur ears how can u hold these heavy jewelery it pains na go and wear ur casuals di lets leave
swara – mohit please forgive ur di i have to do this i know u are not able to accept this but plzzzz dont be angry with i can bear any punishment but not ur anger
mohit starts getting afraid
mohit – so these all r saying truth that my di is getting married
ragini comes there

mohit sees her and thinks she is responsible for this (actually she is but not completely)
Mohit – so it was ur plan to separate me from my di right actually i am a big duffer i shouldhav understood yesterday itself wen u put that condition but i cannot think like that becozzzz i cant stoop to ur level na
swara – mohit its not her fault its my decision to marry and THAT IS FINAL
mohit gets very afraid becozzz he knows if swara says anything final then it is final she will do that

mohit hugs swara and says “no di u cant do this u will not be happy more than me u love me i know that and ok wat do u want me to do that u wil stop marrying ha ok u want me to forgive ragini na ok i will forgive her no no i forgave her i will acceot her as my sister ok ”
all maheswari’s are shocked to see the sister and brother bonding they cant understand anything
dp – shekhar ji u think and say no problm we will leave now
swara – rukh jaayiye uncle u came here for the ritual so u will finish it and then only u will leave and mohit go to ur room i will be coming in half an hour and haa keep the room open
mohit – di no no i wont go any where
mohit holds her di as like if anyone is going to snactvh her from him
Swara makes him leave his hand and kisses on his fore head and
swara – do u trust ur di ??

Mohit nods in yes
swara – then go wat i am doing is for the betterment of our family especially for my brother and sister
mohit goes unwillingly

swara – i am sry that u hav to see all this here actually he is so attached to me thats y he talked like that dont worry uncle aunty i will make everything fine saying this she looks at ragini and smiles they complete the ritual and they leave except sanskar
sanskar – swara i want to talk to u
swara – ok come even i too wanted to talk to u
they both go
ragini gets a call its laksh she happily goes to her room and shares everything with him
laksh – wat ur sister agreed to marry my brother wowww this is awesome
ragini -ha laksh i am so happy that di is going to be with me now for my whole life
laksh -so u were happy that ur di is coming to u but not for i am coming to ur life huuu
ragini – offo laksh i am the most happiest person in the world today becozzz i got my di and my oove

laksh – oo wat hav u just said ??
Ragini realises and says “nothing”
Laksh – no then i heard someone saying love and all
ragini – blushes and says no i didnot say that
laksh – ohh then it might be nisha
ragini gets jealous and says – dont say that word from ur mouth again i will…
laksh – ohhh feeling jealous and all haaaa
ragini – no no…nothing like that
laksh – sgop lieing ragini yesterday i saw fuming when nisha hugged me do u think i have not observed u

ragini – wat hav u done purposefully to make me jealous
laksh – no ragini not like that ok leave all these reply me for wat i hav told u yesterday
ragini – wat (she wants to tease him)
laksh – dont test my patience ragini please give reply to my I LOVE U
ragini – ok u need a reply right ??
Laksh – haa
ragini – come to my house today evng after coming back from mumbai ok ??
Laksh – not home lets go out for dinner
Ragini – ok bye
laksh – bye take care and i luv u
ragini blushes but dont give any reply

Precap – swasan talks and swara tells the reason for her acceptance swara tries to make mohit agree for this marg but mohit wants to talk to sanskar before saying yes

I am sry guys today there are no swasan scenes and it is necessary for the plot so i am sry

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