Tanq frnds for ur support
From this part onwards i will right recap also so that u can remember wat happened in the previous one
recap – uttara and mohit’s fight and laksh and ragini’s patch up and laksh trying to propose ragini

Here we go
laksh is taking ragini to a lonely place but just then a girl comes and hugs lucky
the girl – hey lucky hw r u yaar
laksh – nisha hw r u ??
Still they r hugging
ragini fumes but she also dont know y she is getting angry
ragini – laksh who is she ??
Then they part aways and says
laksh – oh ragini she is my frnd nisha
nisha she is ragini my my frnd
ragini gets disappointed as he introduced both equally and thinks
“y am i feeling bad he just told the fact that i am his frnd am i hurt becozzz he treats me equally to nisha but y should he treat me more ”
She is interrupted by laksh’s talk
laksh – ragini chale
ragini – oh ya where is nisha
laksh – she went wen u r in ur world
ragini – ok tell me where were u taking me ??
Laksh – just come dont talk
shekhar calls ragini and says “ragini this is nisha verma uncle’s daughter take care of her she has just told me that even she and laksh are frnds”
Ragini – yes papa
laksh thinks “bhagawan wat is hapening with me i wanted to propose her but see the whole world is turning against me ”
They three are going in the mean while uttara comes and greets nisha and says To ragini “ragini u know i am searching for u for a long time ”
Ragini – oh i am sry uttara i was here only
uttara – its ok bhai if u hav found her u would hav informed me na
laksh – i forgot uttara (lucky got a wonderful idea) she goes near uttara and hugs her and says “oh so my dear sister is hurt haa “he says loudly
ragini and nisha see and smile while laksh whispers in uttara’s ears”uttara if u take this nisha with u then i can talk to ragini privately and ha i will take u to shopping”
Uttara shouts shopping
ragini – wat uttara ur brother is taking u for shopping for this small mistake
uttara – ha yes by the way nisha u know wat ma is missing u she is even asking laksh bhai to call u as she wanted to talk to u so lets go and meet her she will be happy seeing u
nisha – ok come bye lucky
laksh – bye bye
ragini come with me
ragini – par laksh

@swara and sanskar
mohit is busy in attending clients
sanskar – swara i was afraid that u will scold ur brother by seeing ur anger
swara – ha sanskar i got angry becozzz wat mohit did is wrong he shouldnot hav behaved like that with a girl he never behaves like that but dont know wat happened to him and ha coming to my anger i would hav scolded him but seeing his face i couldnot scold him if i hav thought him as my brother i wouldhav scolded him but i thought him as my son so if any child does wrong then the mistake is of mother’s who couldnot teach her child a good values
sanskar – no swara its not ur fault dont blame urself infact mohit didnot do anything wrong i am sure that my sister wouldhav irritated him even she is at fault
swara – hmm tanq
sanskar – for wat ??
Swara – for not making my brother ask for a sorry i cant see him bending infront of someone while i asking him to say sry i was normal outside but inside i feel something heavy becozzzz i know my brother hav not apologised to anyone except me its not becozzz of his attitude but he feels uncomfortable with that word so he tries maximum that he doesnot ask a sry to anyone u may think that he has more self respect than anyone
sanskar – hm but watever happened just now u should not hav involved in it
swara – hm may be u r right ok lets leave this topic and go some where i think we should search ragini and all we can play some games
sanskar – ok come
swara – wait i will call mohit also
she calls him and sanskar also calls uttara they both reach there
uttara – bhai y hav u called me here
sanskar – wo actually
mohit – di i know u want to search for ragini but i think she is busy with her frnds do y to spoil our mood i mean let her enjoy
uttara – bhai so u wabted to search for laksh bhai and ragini right ??
Swara – uttara do u know where r they ??
Uttara – ha wo actually di they r talking i was also with them only but i went for some work
swara – its ok call them i am calling her many times but i think she left her mobile in her room
sanskar – its ok swara i will call lucky
uttara is about to stop but mohit comes to her and says”if u know where is ragini then u shouldhav informed us na ”
Uttara – y should i inform u
in the meanwhile sanskar calls laksh
here laksh is about to sit on his knees he gets a call
he goes a side and lifts the call
laksh – bhai very bad timing
sanskar gets his poimt and laughs
mohit uttara and swara sees him he stops laughing and goes aside
sanskar – i am sry bhai but for now stop wat u r doing and come near the green board alomg with ragini
laksh – ok bhai (with irritating voice )
they all go
they all sit
ragini thinks “why was i feeling restlessness until laksh forgave me y am i not able to bear hus anger y it hurts wen some girl hugs him y am i interested to spend time with him why was i bothering him so much DO I LOVE HIM”
she is interrupted by swara’s voice
swara – ragini lets play something
ragini – ok di but where is bhayya and uttara
all see them fighting
swara – oh god wat happened to him
she is abiut to go
sanskar – u sit here i will go and talk to them
swara – ok
sanskar goes towards them and says
sanskar – are both of u stop fighting we r planning to play a game so come lets enjoy
uttara – bjai do u think i am going to play with thus monkey
sanskar – uttara mind ur language
mohit – its ok sanskar i hav some other work so i cant play and plz handle di tell her that i hav some important work she will definetly call me to know my work so plzzz snatch her phone from her hand
he goes
sanskar – hav u seen him after hus di warned not to talk like that he obeyed her but u i told u but u were not even trying to understand
now come lets go
uttara thinks ” may be bhai is right i was talking to him ill but he was being polite after swara di told him i should apologise him”
sanskar and uttara comes
swara – where is mohit ??
Sanskar – he has some important work so he went
swara – wat this fellow na always work work work he doesnot hav time to njoy i will call him
sanskar and uttara are shocked
(Becozz mohit told them that she will call him)
Uttara with shocking – even he told that u will call him after listening
swara – wat
sanskar snatches her phone and says “he has a very important meeting he toldme about this so let him do that we can play”
Swara unwillingly nods yes
ragini – wow di u r playing with out bhayya this is really shocking all thanks to ur frnd sanskar becozzz of him u agreed
swara – ok ok come lets play
sanskar feels happy that becozzz of him swara is staying he is smiling unknowingly
laksh sees this and says “bhai apna closeup add bandh kar de varna bhabhi dar ke bhaag jayegi”
Sanskar stops laughing and beats laksh
swara – wat happened y r u both fighting
laksh – see bh…
sanskar looks on shocked
swara looks on
laksh – i mean dr.swara ur frnd is becomimg too much these days he was beating me without reason
sanskar – acha there is a reason swara he is teasing me by…
sanskar stops and looks at laksh who is laughing whole heartedly at his act
ragini feels very much happy that he is laughing and stares at him
sanskar realises and says”swara lets start the game ”
Sanskar to laksh “lucky tu tho gaya ghar aathe ho na tab bathatha hu”
Laksh – dr.swara can i stay at ur place this night becozzz if i go home today then i am going to die for sure
everyone laughs but ragini gets serious
ragini – dont u hav any other words to say y r u talking about death dont u think before talking or not
all r surprised by her act specially swara
uttara laksh and sanskar feels happy for ragini’s concern towards laksh
swara – ragini its ok he just said like that no need to scold like that laadooo
ragini – sry di sry guys i just said as if now i cant bear anyone going away from me its enough wat all i have lost for this life (while saying this she looks at swara ,swara understands that she is talking about her,mohit bp and anand)
Swara feeling very much pain in her heart not becozzzz of ragini’s words but becozzzz of she reminded about bp.and anand
but composes herself and says
swara “ok lets play something ”
Only sanskar feels her pain so he keeps his hand on her hand to assure her
she smiles at him and says tanq with eyes
uttara – lets play truth or dare
ragini – yaar its a common game
laksh – but it is interesting too
all says ok
sanskar turns the bottle it stops at uttara
sanskar – ok i will ask the question if u did a mistake and now u wanted to rectify it but u are not able to ask an apology becozzz of ur ego then wat will u do ??

Uttara understands his question
laksh – bhai wat is this u should first ask her truth or dare
sanskar – but i know she will say truth oy
uttara – ha laksh bhai sanskar bhai is right and coming to the answer i will ask an apology keeping my ego aside becozzzz i hav done a mistake
sanskar smiles at her proudly
ragini – kya sanskar aap ne itni aasan sawal pucha usse
sanskar – its not easy for her ragini
swara now turns the bottle it turns towards laksh
swara – truth or dare
laksh – lucky always chooses dare (becozzz he knew that if he choose dare then his bhai is going to make him tell the truth)
Sanskar – i will say
laksh – oh this is too much u cant ask everyone
swara – ok its my turn na i am giving it to sanskar
Laksh – no dr.swara u cant do this
swara – laksh first stop calling me dr.swara
laksh – i will stop but not now after some time (aftr becoming my bhabhi i will call u bhabhi)
sanskar – ok i am asking propose any beautiful girl here anyone
swara – sanskar no this is not right no i dont agree
laksh to himself”oh no bhai had created a very well situation for me but y thus bhabhi is not allowing this is too much ”
Laksh – its ok dr.swara i will do it
swara – but its not right to play with someone’s feeling
sanskar – ya swara u r right
laksh thinks”ye bhai ko kya hogaya hai”
Sanskar continues – ok if he proposes someone who doesnot know about thus game then its a cheating but if he proposes the one who is playing here then there will be no problm right
swara – but ..
Laksh – ok done bhai
ragini gets tensed

laksh goes towards her he sits on his knees and says
laksh – i know u might hav many doubts that he met me just before a few days how can he propose me today is his love true or not can he keep me happy the whole life if i accept then wat will be my family’s reaction etc etc but plzzz ragini look in to my eyes if u see any other feeling other than love in my eyes then i will happily accept ur answer even if it is a no and finally I LOVE U RAGINI WILL U MARRY ME
ragini is dumbstruck
swara is shocked and stands up
sanskar is tensed
to their surprise all family members see this and some guests also see this
some guests are otherside
ap dp sujatha and rp are shocked but ap and sujatha are happy as they like both swara and ragini
guests starts gossiping and talking bad about ragini
laksh realises his position and stamds and try to stop them just then sanskar holds him but they cross their limits
guest 1 – this boy is shameless but ragini should hav some shame na she should have thought once as this party will spoil she shouldhav thought about her father’s reputation once
swara thinks to explain them but laksh shouts
laksh – enough of it
sanskar holds him
swara – see this is a game we r just playing plzzz dont mis understamd us
shekhar – swara i didnot expect this from u u cant take these things so easily
sanskar feels bad for swara sanskar thinks to talk but
sumi – swara i cant believe that u r involved in this marriage proposals and all these are not a things to play she goes on scolding
laksh who cant hear anything stops them (actually laksh respects swara alot for her behaviour)
laksh – no aunty i am.not joking and i am not playing as well i am serious
all are shocked

sanskar stops him and says “no lucky this is not the right time”
But laksh dont listen he turns to ragini and says “ha i love ragini really”
But there is no fault of ragini in this she doesnot even know about this ”
Laksh goes to shekhar and says “ur daughter is so well mannered and so good that i cant stop myself from falling for her she respects u all i dont know she loves me or not but she loves u aunty her dada dadi especialy her di and bhai alot i know she will not go against ur wishes its ur decision to give her hand in mine or not”
Ap also makes dp understand then dp goes to shekhar and says “i too agree with my son my son handles my buisiness he is well mannered he is well educated i am asking ur daughters hand for my son”
Shekhar gets glad “i am happy durga prasad ji if my daughter is ok with it then we dont hav any problm”saying this he looks at sumi who nods her head in a yes
all sees ragini
Ragini – i agree for this alliance papa
all gers glad
ragini – but i will marry after my di’s marriage
maheswari’s react normally
dp – yes beta even laksh too has a elder brother after his martiage only laksh will get married
but gadodia’s gets shocked by hearing ragini’s condition becozzz they knew swara will never marry
even laksh and sanskar also are shocked becozzz they too knew
swara – ragini wat r u talking ..
shekhar – swara beta lets talk about this later
all guests leave
dp – shekhar ji we came here as a buisiness partners but we are becoming relatives
we will come tomorrow and officially ask ur daughter’s hand
shekhar – sure durga prasad ji i am so happy with this alliance
they all go but sanskar doesnot want to leave swara as she is upset
but leaves

in hall dadaji tells everything to mohit
mohit – ragini y will u always try to snatch my di’s happiness
dadaji – no mohit i always supported u but this time i am with ragini swara beta i am sorry to say this but u always took very well decisions in ur life infact ur decisions r the best but in this matter i dont understand y were u not able to think correctly
swara – dadaji i dont know wat to say but i cant marry thats it
shekhar – swara dont say stupid reasons u r not only the persom who loves her brother alot everyone hav brothers but all r not mad like u they kmow about their preferences in their life
dadaji – shekhar u stop i am talking with her na so let me finish
shekhar – par pappa i am worried about my daughters future
mohit – dont act dad u can say directly that u are worried for ur daughter ragini’s future
swara – mohit
mohit – di u always stopped me from saying anything becozz this man will feel bad but if i kept quiet now also then this man will surely do ur marriage not for ur sake but for this ragini’s condition
shekhar – mohit u always feel i am wrong but i dont care about it but u believe or not believe but i am worried about all my children swara wat will happen if we do ragini’s marriage before urs think about the society too
swara – papa i hav agreed to all ur words but plzzz lve thus matter on me And ragini pls dont spoil ur life for me u get married and live ur life happily i will live mine
ragini – no di i will get married only after ur marriage and my decision is final
mohit gets angry
dadaji – swaragini and mohit go to ur rooms
they all 3 goes

@mohit’s room
he is lieing in swara’s lap
mohit – di thats y i hate her she alwayd tries to separate us
swara – no mohit its not like that she is worried for her sister’s marriage
mohit – di y will everyone think that marriage is essential that too for a girl
swara – becozzz everyone think that girls are weak and they always need a man to support them
mohit – those all are rubbish di i cant stay away from u di plzzz dont go away from me
swara – wat r u talking how can i be away from my shadow
dont even think like that now sleep
she rubs his hair
he sleeps

In hall
laksh – i am sry dad i shouldhav informed u earlier
dp – ha galti tho tumne kiya hai do u know wat is the punishment for that u should not come tomorrow to gm with us
laksh – dad but
adarsh – actually we hav to go to some meetings so we hav to leave for mumbai laksh
laksh gets worried for ragini’s condition (after swara only she will marry)
Ap – sanskar take laksh from here u both go and sleep
sanskar – ok maa
they both go
ap – suniye ji i hav to ask u one more thing
dp – ha annapoorna bolo
ap – i am thinking to make both their daughters as out bahu’s
dp – wat ??
Ap – ha ji unki badi beti swara hav u seen her she is so well mannered she is a doctor u know she respects elders alot that day i scolded her very much without her mistake but she remained silent she didnot utter a word ap goes on praising swara
dp – ha annapurna even i hav observed this today her parents are scolding her but she beared everything silently i think she is perfect for sanskar Wat do u say rp and sujatha
sujatha – i also like swara very much bhaisa
rp – i too dont hav a problm bhayya
dp – ok then let us ask for their both daughters hands we can do swara and sanskar’s marriage first and laksh and ragini’s marriage after ragini’s study gets completed
ap – but dont say anything to sanskar lets give him a surprise
dp – but wat if he says no
ap laughs
dp – y r u laughing annapurna
ap – wo actually y doesnot he agree wen he too wants the same
dp – matlab
ap – i think sanskar likes swara very much infact i am sure that he loves swara
dp – ok then nobody will tell sanskar
ap – ha and laksh also becozzz he cant hide anything from sanskar
all says ok

dadaji comes to mohit’s room he sees swara awake
dadaji – swara i want to talk to u
swara -hm boliye dadaji
they both go outside and talk
dadaji – dekho beta i am not forcing u but plzzz think of ur marg once
swara – par
dadaji – first listen to me who told me that u cannot take care of ur brother aftr ur marg u can if u get a right partner and ha i just wanted to say onething just remember ur badepapoa’s words
Bp – i will see a person who takes more care than me for my princess
swara – bp i dont want to marry
bp – no beta never do that mistake u hav to marry i hav not married i am happy becozz of u but if u were not there then wat wouldhav happened to me
swara – but i dont want to leave u all
bp – i know ma but i will search a person who understands ur affection and love towards us and who is ready to accept that position in ur life
swara – but no i will listen to all ur words but not this
bp – me too i will listen to all ur words except this i will be the most happiest person on ur marriage if u will not get married then how will ragini get married even she will follow u in ur path i cant see my daughters lives spoiling
flashback ends
dadaji -do u remember how u both argued on ur marriage even he wants to get u married
Dadaji goes
swara sleeps

next morning
all come at gm including sanskar except laksh and adarsh
they all sit
mohit went out for ofc(he doesnot want to attend as he thinks its ragini’s function but he doesnot knoe that destiny has something big stored for them)
swara comes and greets them she takes everyone’s blessings even ragini takes everyone’s blessing
ap makes ragini sit near her
swara stands there
dp – shekhar ji i dont know whether u will accept to my proposal or not but i will ask it i wanted to make ur both daughters as our daughter in laws i mean i want to ask swara’s hand for sanskar and ragini’s hand for laksh
all are shocked
the most shocked people are swara and sanskar

Precap – mohit comes there and gets to know about maheswari’s proposal

Tanq guys and also sry for yesterdays small episode thats why i tried to post a big episode today hope u like it

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