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Here we go
@evng party
sanskar enters the place
he is looking so handsome in his formal he is wearing a suit and he is greeting everyone in a buisiness manner shekhar goes there and welcomes them
dp ap rp sujatha adarsh parineetha laksh all come there
mohit goes to sanskar
mohit – helo mr.maheswari thanks for coming (he teases him by calling him mr.maheswari as now they r frnds)
Sanskar – oh god mohit y r u calling me mr.maheswari oh i just understood that u r trying to fill ur sister’s place even she calls me sry irritates me by calling mr.maheswari
swara comes from behind
swara – so u feel irritated wen i cal u mr.maheswari right mr.maheswari ??
Sanskar turns and sees swara she is wearing a beautiful black saree she is looking so pretty in it
sanskar stares her she comes near to him and says
swara – so wat were u saying to my brother mr.sanskar ram prasad maheswari

mohit – u told me not to call u like that but if di calls u u r not saying anything so u r showing partiality in our frndship right ??
saying this he gives hifi to swara
sanskar – oh so brother and sister are playing with me
and swara u please dont call me mr.maheswari
Swara – no i hav to call u mr.majeswari as it is a buisiness meeting
sanskar – yes it is a buisiness meeting but we r frnds right ??so plzz cal me by my name
swara – ok by the way where r others i mean laksh uttara aunty uncle
sanskarc- ma mom badepappa and dad are talking with ur parents and laksh and uttara are here only
swara – ha i think they are with ragini mohit go and call ragini uttara and laksh
we all can njoy today
mohit – ok di

Here laksh is searching for ragini
ragini is also doing the same

mohit and laksh collide with each other laksh sees him and thinks to ask about ragini but someine calls him and he goes
finally laksh finds ragini she is wearing a red colour anarkali she is looking awesome in it
laksh is mesmirised to see her but remembers that he is angry with her and he turns his face
ragini sees him and runs to him
ragini – i am sry laksh i hav hurt u alot
laksh – no ragini u were right i over reacted who am i to react so mistake is mine
ragini feels hurt she doesnot know y but she is thinking”am i nothing to him”
ragini – i am sry laksh i dont knoe that u will get hurt to this extent she cries saying this
laksh feels bad and hugs her she hugs him and cries but after that they both realise their positions and compose themselves
laksh – its ok ragini i hav forgiven u infact u were right in ur place
ragini -“ok ok lets not talk about this lets go meanwhile where is uttara
laksh – ha i only told her to search for u

ragini – wat ?? but u r angry with me right and u dint want to talk to me
laksh doesnot know wat to say (how can he say that he wanted to see her)
Laksh -“ha but lets start searching uttara i think she confused in the way
ragini – ok lets go

Here uttara is searching for ragini and “where is this ragini ”
she collides with mohit and is about to fall but mohit hold her
uttara feels something strange
mohit makes her stand and says
mohit – hav u kept ur eyes in locker ??
Uttara -even i too can ask that question
Mohit – oh stop it i am searching for u only i mean for u ragini and ur brother by the way where is ragini ??
Uttara – wow dont u know she is here only beside me cant u see
Mmohit – shut up and say
uttara -“oh mr.duffer even i am searching for her
mohit – wat did u call me duffer how dare u u monkey
utara – hoooooo i am not a monkey u r monkey
mohit – now shut up and come lets search for ragini together and ha dont think that i am going to patch up with u never i am doing this as my di wants to call ragini thats y
uttara – i dont think so becozzzz before ur birth first ur attitude took birth
mohit – wat did u say attitude how dare u and he scolds her
swara and sanskar see them fighting with each other

swara shouts – mohit
sanskar thinks omg she is in full anger wat if she tells something to mohit and he gets angry and distances come in between them no i cant let this happen that too becozz of my sister
sanskar stops swara by holding her hand and says”swara its ok its a matter of them let them solve
swara without uttering a word jerks his hand and leaves to them
sanskar is shocked by her action and thinks omg she is really angry i didnot see her like that
swara in cool voice – mohit y r u talking to her in this tone how can u scold a girl
sanskar is surprised to see her in a cool state
sanskar to himself “just now she is so angry but now she is talking calm
mohit – di she is irritating me
uttara – no di i was just searcching for ragini but ur brother started his bakwas
sanskar – uttara just stop it
swara – its ok sanskar uttara i know my brother he will not behave rudely with anyone that too with girls
mohit – say sry to her

Mohit – di no i am not going to say sry becozz mistake is not mine alone
swara – ok then uttara i will apologise to u on behalf of my brother i am s…
mohit closes her mouth
mohit – di no please i cant see u saying sry to anyone and that too becozzz of me i will only say sry
sanskar – no need to say sry mohit i know this devil she wouldhav done it too
now come lets go
they all goes

Here laksh thinks to propose ragini
laksh – ragini i want to talk to u
Ragini – wat laksh ??
Laksh – not here come with me

Precap – same precap as yesterday’s

I am sry guys i couldnot update a lengthy episode becozzz of my mobile its not supporting it has hanged for five times i hav typed it 5times so i lost my cool today so plzzz spare me i am sry

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