Tanq guys for ur support and i am sry it takes time for laksh and mohit’s face to face becozzz it will happen as a turn to this story so it takes sone time

Here we go
Swara – aunty i am sry i hav thought to stay but i hav to go to my frnd
ap – its ok beta how is she ??
Mohit – fine aunty ok sanskar we will leave
swara – bye sanskar

ragini – bye uttara bye aunty
swara – ragini u plzz stay here we will come back to pick u up
ragini – but di i am also coming to see ur frnd
swara and mohit get tensed
mohit – no ragini u dont know her
ragini – but still we three can go at a time u both go and visit ur frnd i will wait and then we can go home
mohit is about to say something but swara says

swara – ok ragini come
they all leave
swara drops ragini at home
ragini – but di i thought we were going to hospital
swara – ya myself and mohit r going u go inside and hav dinner inform papa that we will reach in 1 hr
swara without waiting for her reply parks the car ang she gets into mohit’s car and they leave
sanskar thinks to himself
“swara is so upset that her badepappa tried she loves him alot but the same pain i am giving to someothers just for my selfish motives”
Sanskar calls someone and says
sanskar – hello dr. How is he did he gain conscious
doctor – i am sry sir we are trying so many new treatments on him but his body is not ready to respond
sanskar – doctor please see that he gets fine plzzz save my uncle
doctor – we are trying our best mr.maheswari
he cuts the call
sanskar to himself”i cant see u in pain uncle plzzz come out from coma plzzz”
swara and mohit goes to priya’s room

swara – hw r u ??
Priya – fine i am happy that u came to meet me
swara – ofcourse i will becozzzz u r my best frnd and u will always be
priya smiles at her
swara – ok bye we hav to go take care
mohit – take care
they reach gadodia mansion
they hav dinner and they go to their rooms
mohit sleeps but swara is getting continuous thoughts about sanskar she cant understand why
sanskar calls her
she goes out and she attends the call

swara – hello sanskar y did u call at this time ??
Sanskar – y hav u slept did i disturb u ??
Swara – no no nothing like that
sanskar – i just called u too ask about ur frnd
swara smiles and says “she is fine ”
Sanskar – i will come to ur hospital to pick u up
swara – y ?? I mean where
Sanskar – we hav not planned anything these days u completely forgot about ur brother and sister
swara – no no i remembered but mohit told me that u are busy these days so i thought not to disturb u
sanskar – swara work is one side and a relationship is otherside i give equal preference to my work and our frndship
swara is touched by his words
swara – i am so lucky to hav u as my frnd

sanskar – me too ok lets meet tomorrow ok bye gud ni8 take care
swara – bye gn and ha u too take care
next day
sanskar comes there but swara is treating someone so he waits wen swara comes he is surprised to see him
swara – mr.maheswari u r too punctual its 10:30 now i told u i will be free at 11
sanskar – its ok then i will wait outside till then
swara – sanskar wait dont sit outside u cant see the accident cases and all u sit here in my cabin
anyways i will be seeing my patients here itself so u wont get bored
sanskar – ok madam he sits in sofa
he is continuously staring her the way she talks the way she responds to them the way she treats them
sanskar to himself “omg this girl is driving me crazy”
just then a man enters he comes and sits
sanskar thinks “wat is mr.verma doing here ??”
Swara – hi uncle hw r u ??

Mr.verma – fine beta but becozz of ur dad i am getting heart pain
swara laughs and says -wat uncle wat r u saying ??
Mr.verma – ha beta now a days he is making all deals with karma and maheswari industries
swara – wat i knlw that we hav a deal with karma group of companies but i dont know about maheswari group of companies
mr.verma – ha beta he is thinking like that by the way both these companies belong to the same family
swara – yeah uncle i know sanskar maheswari is my frnd
mr.verma – ohhhh (he cannot see sanskar but sanskar can notice everything)
Swara while cheking him says “even ragini and laksh i mean sanskar’s brother and his sister uttara are also frnds
she finishes treating
mr.verma – now i got the reason y ur father is making deals with them he wanted u both daughters to get married in that house i must tell u r dad is really a buisiness man
sanskar gets angry but he waits for swara’s reply
but to his surprise she smiles at him and says
Swara – uncle there is nothing like that we both know that my father doesnot involve family in buisiness and coming to the marriage lets see wat god has written on my and my sister’s fate
mr.verma leaves and sanskar becomes happy as she didnot reacted anything or said anything bad
sanskar comes out and tells “y did u react so cool”
Swara – becozzz he is my patient and i am a doctor

sanskar was impressed by her proffesionalism
swara – lets go
sanskar – ok come
they leave but sanskar forgot his mobile so he went inside
there he heard some nurses talking
nurse 1 – yaar who is that person with swara mam i hav not seen anyone in mams cabin as she didnot allow anyone to sit in the cabin while she is treating sje is so strict
nurse 2 – ha yaar i think swara mam loves him he is too handsome that anyone can fall for him
sanskar becomes happt to listen that swara loves him but he acts angry and says “dont u hav any work other than gossiping about others”
They say “sorry sir” and leave

he goes and gets his mobile
they go to some restrnt
swara – sanskar y did u bring me here if u feel free we can talk at my place
sanskar – swara then come to my place we can talk there
swara – sanskar u know na how can i come there as i met them just yesterday
sanskar – no problm swara lets go as u r uncomfortable here and if it comes to ur place i can come but if ur brother or any family member hears us then it will be a problm
swara – ok sanskar lets go to ur home but before that lets eat something
sanskar – ha ha come
they finish eating and they leave
Swara and sanskar enter
swara feels little inconvinience but ap and sujatha welcomes her
ap – i am so happy to see u beta yesterday i was so dissappointed that u hav not done dinner but u today i wont leave u without having lunch and ha inform to mohit too and it will be good if ragini is also here but no problm i will make her eat some other tine swara feels happy listening to her words

swara – sure aunty
sanskar – ma mom we hav some work shall we go to my room and talk
ap – ha ofcourse beta
swara and sanskar while going
swara – sanskar y r u calling both as ma and mom
sanskar – swara ma is my badi ma and mom is my mom but from childhood onwards i am very close to my badimaa
swara – oh so that day u were talking about her right ??
Sanskar – which day swara ??
Swara – that day at my home u were saying laksh that u love ur maa
sanskar says to himself”that words are for u but how can i say that”
Swara – sanskar where r u ??
Sanskar – ha swara i love my ma they smile

ragini and uttara bunk the classes and they call laksh he joins with them
they all are eating in cantene when ragini gets cough suddenly then laksh gets worried and patts her head she is touched with his concern
they trio leave from there after having lunch
they are walking suddenly some boy sits on his knees and proposes ragini
ragini gets afraid by his sudden gesture
ragini – see i dont hav suchtype of feeling for u so please let me go
ragini – chalo uttara laksh
laksh controls his anger and goes with her
suddenly that boy holds ragini’s hand
laksh losses his cool and he slaps him hard on his face
ragini and uttara are shocked
laksh – u can love them but u cannot force them to love u back girls are not any articles to dance on ur fingers try to respect them and if i see u next time troubling ragini then u will not be alive
laksh with full anger holds ragini’s hand and goes uttara also follows them
laksh hits the car with his leg

uttara understands and keeps calm
ragini – laksh its ok y hav u reacted like this
laksh – ohh so u think i hav over reacted if i would hav not slapped him today he wouldhav troubled u further
ragini – but laksh wat is the necessary to slap him
laksh – so u think the mistake is mine ha actually mistake is mine that i thought to help u i came here on ur one call leaving all my meetings as u people must be boring yes i did a mistake i hav to correct it
uttara i am leaving
ragini – but laksh listen to me
uttara – bhai wait
laksh without listening goes from there
ragini understands her mistake she thinks to apologise him
ragini – uttara i am sry yaar i hav hurt ur brother he went becozz of me
uttara – ha rags he is hurt but dont worry he will be fine come lets go to the class
@sanskar’s room

Sanskar – r u feeling hungry
swara – no
sanskar – oh ok wen will u hav ur lunch daily
swara – at 2:00 In ur family ??
Sanskar – at 1:30 to 2:00
Swara – ohhhhh then i hav to go down and help them aunties may be doing the work alone na
sanskar -“swara relax bhabhi is there and even servants are there
swara – but still its not manners to eat simply and allow elders to work
sanskar gets impressed more by her attitude
sanskar to himself “omg how many shades do u hav i am falling in love with ur every shade please show me some angle which i dont like i cant bear this much love for u”
Swara – sanskarrrrrr lets go
sanskar – ha ok come when swara is about to descend the steps she is about to fall becozzz of stepping on her own dupatta as it is pinned to her dress
but sanskar holds her
they hav an eyelock
swara too feels something for the first time she is enjoying his touch but composes themselves hearing one scream “di”
mohit runs to her and says “r u fine ”
Swara – ha i am fine
mohit thanks sanskar and says “how many times u will save my sister i am so thankful to u ”
Sanskar – its ok mohit if she gets hurt then it hurts me
both mohit and swara looks at him
sanskar – i mean as she is my frnd and she came here for me so i should be responsible
swara – no sanskar dont think like that
mohit – di but how u slipped

swara -wo actually mohot my dupatta
mohit – i understood this stupid pin i told u not to use pin jyst wear ur dupatta like that
ap and sujatha shocked listening mohit talking saying his sister all these things
swara gets embarrased
ap to sujatha – this bonding is different sujatha i hav not seen like this bonding between a brother and sister he cares for his sister as if she is his mother not his sister
sujatha – ha jiji boys hav limits with their sister but not with their mother yesterday i saw swara’s concern too for mohit these two brother and sister are unique
swara – aunty i will help u in arranging the things
ap – no need beta we will do it
swara – no aunty i will help
mohit gives her a look which means”wats the need to do the work ”
Swara goes and helps them ap and sujatha are impressed becozzz she does the work soo fast and neat
ap – swara u do the work very fastly and perfevt too
swara – tanq aunty but u know wen i was studying my mbbs i dont even know how to cook rice it was then i learned to work wen i was in london till then if i do any work then it used to become double work for maa

sudddnly they hear mohit laughing
all r surprised but swara understood that and said
Swara – please stop laughing i will beg u
mohit still laughs
sanskar asks wat happened
swara – nothing nothing lets hav lunch
mohit – no i was just remembering her work
sanskar – wat happened
Swara – please mohit
mohit – no di not this time i will say them let them.too laugh
actually few years back she thought to cook as she challenged her frnd she kept cooker but didnot pour water
boiled milk for kheer but instead of sugar she put salt
at last she thought to prepare something hot but she opened the cupboard and all wheat flour gets poured on her that day she was looking like a joker then my mother used to clean all the kitchen and we starved till my mother and dadi prepared lunch
all laughs hard
swara keeps a cute expresdion and says

swara – stop it mohit u were not starving that day i and badepappa immediately went to restrnt and brought ur fav panner and u ate it completely without leaving one spoon
Mohit – ha ha i remember and u only gave all the food to me to eat infact u forced me to eat
swara – hooo i forced u to eat how can u blame me mohit
sanskar – omg omg the great brother and sister whom i saw only standing with each other everytime are fighting now

swara and mohit at a time – we are not fighting we are arguing
sanskar – the tuning of ur voices are perfect
swara – no sanskar mine and ragini’s tuning is more perfect than this we are together callef swaragini
ap and sujatha – wow it sounds good to hear ur both sisters names together SWARAGINI
mohit – ha very nice butt
sanskar – ok lets start eating i am starving here
they all head towards the dining hall while mohit holding her
swara – mohit leave me i know how to walk
mohit – ha ha i know thats why u were going to slip na do u hav any idea wat would hav happened if u fall from there
swara – ha ok baba i am fine now i will take care from next time
they all have lunch

all have roti and rice mixed but mohit hav only rice
ap asks him to hav roti but swara and sanskar laughs looking at each other while mohit keeps a puppy face (becozzzz he doesnot know how to eat roti )
Swara – no no aunty he will have it later
ap – no beta mohit atleast u taste it
swara – ok aunty i will give him
she keeps a piece in his mouth he likes it
mohit – aunty very nice
then ap puts 3 rotis in his plate
sanskar laughs hardly
swara tries to stop him
she suddenly holds his hands to stop him under the table
they were looking inti each others eyes then swara realises and the move away from each other
swara – aunty we hav to go i hav an important case i forgot it
ap – but beta finish it
swara – i am done aunty mohit chalo

ap – swara he is eating how can u make him come in between
sanskar understood that swara is telling to hide the fact that his brother doesnot knlw to eat roti
mohit – no aunty i am done i cant eat more
ap – this is too much beta u hav eaten very less
i know u r going for swara’s sake
swara – no aunty i really hav an important work if he wants he will eat again at some where
ap – swara i thought that u care for ur brother alot but i was wrong now i understood that we must not judge anyone at our first meeting

mohit is about to say
sanskar – maaaa do u know swara she is actually trying to hide something u hav not understood her she is just doing this for her brother becozzz mohit doesnot know how to eat roti so from childhood onwards swara used to feed him till today
ap reminses swara keeping a bite in mohit’s mouth
she gets teary eyed for scolding her
ap – i am sry beta

swara – no aunty its ok u dont know the truth actually i hav made him like this i never allowed him to eat since
mohit – since i hurt my hand
ap – wat
mohit – ha aunty at onetime for the first time i thought to eat on myself a roti i tried to tear it but i hit my hand with a glass and i got hurt from then she decided to feed me i didnot think that it will become my last time to eat with my own hand
ap and all laughs – we hav enjoyed alot beta i am so happy tiday next time come along with ragini now sit and eat swara go and feed ur brother as he liked it very much
everyone finishes lunch
sanskar thinks “when will u feed me swara ”
Swara turns and says “sanskar did u call me ??”
Sanskar – nods in a no and smiles
mohit – sanskar we hav a meeting in our ofc do u remember ??
Sanskar – oh yes i remember today evng and uncle informed me there is some party also right ??
Mohit – yeah lets rock

swara – wat party ??
But dad has just informed me about the meeting and he told me i also hav to attend but if its a party then i am sry i cant come
mohit – di i am sry i tried maximum to prevent this but its compulsory as u are a share holder infact u r the …..
swara – ok ok i will come
swara and mohit leave sanskar – bye cu in the evng
swara – ok bye
they leave sanskar starts staring her till she completely gets away from his sight

Precap – raglak love confession and marriage proposal for …..

I am sry guys i couldnot upload mohit and uttara scenes today but i will try tommorrow

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