tanq so much frnds i was really afraid that will u all like the reason or not but i am happy with ur response there are lot more to reveal in the next episodes so please njoy it

Here we go
swara thinking to herself “y am i feeling so comfortable with sanskar even i told him about badepappa and alot more i shared my pain with him yesterday wat’s happening to me ”
Suddenly her phone rings its sanskar
sanskar – hello swara
swara – hello sanskar tell me do u hav any work
sanskar – y ?? Should i call only wen i hav work ??
Swara – no no not like that
sanskar – r u busy ??
Swara – no not too busy tell me
sanskar – i just wanted u too visit my place actually ma wants to meet u as i told about u to her i mean about ur values and as i dont talk with girls generally she is shocked a little bit so i just wanted to introduce u
swara – i would hav definetly come but i hav to attend some cases sanskar
sanskar – oo so u r saying a NO
swara – sansakr i am sry
sanskar – its ok swara i know u r busy come wen u r free u r always welcome
swara – tanq sanskar for understanding me
sanskar – u r my frnd swara ofcourse i know u
swara – hmm ya i know u r not only my frnd but u r my best frnd
sanskar – oh so u promoted me right ??
Swara – hahaha yes ok bye sanskar i hav some appointments
sanskar – ya ok u carry on
sanskar cuts the call and sits sad
laksh comes there
laksh – wat happened bhai
sanskar tells everything
laksh – oh so u wanted to see bhabhi
sanskar – not only that i want to introduce her to ma and all family members
laksh – then i hav a plan
sanskar – wat
laksh – ragini
she can help us

sanskar – hav u gone mad hav u not seen her yesterday she was about to kill her own grandmother just becozz she talked about her sister’s marriage if she get to know about my love then she would definetly kill me lucky u will lose ur bhai yaar
laksh – oh stop it bhai do u think i am.a fool to go directly to her and say”hey ragini my brother loves ur sister please help me in unting them if i say that she will slap me hard
sanskar – then wat will u do
laksh – i hav a plan everyday ragini’s brother comes to pick her so if today he was busy then who will go to pick her
sanskar – is this a question obviously her driver or her father dont think that swara will come there to pick her becozz she said that she hav appointments
laksh – bhai listen to me completely as u and gadodia’s are partners u indulge ragini’s brother in some work so that he cant come and ha about dr.swara then there is still 3 hrs for clg to be finished so in that time she will finish her appointments
sanskar – but she has some other work i think
laksh – bhai jho bhi kaam ho apni behan keliye to wo ayyegi na
sanskar – ha laksh she will come definetly for her sister i know she can do anything for her family (sanskar says this in deep voice)
Laksh -ok i will make ragini call her
ragini will say her that her car broke in the middle of the road
sanskar – but y will ragini say that ??
Laksh – becozz she always wanted to be with her sister she misses her sister
sanskar – oooo but how do u know about her(in a teasing tone)
laksh – bhai relax uttara told me i dont know the reason but i hav not seen her brother talking so close to ragini as he does with dr.swara
sanskar remains silent as he knows
sanskar – acha lucky lets start our plan

laksh comes there and waits for uttara and ragini to come
they comes
ragini – ok uttara bye
she is about to go to her car but laksh stops her
laksh – ragini do u want to spend some time with ur sister??
Ragini is surprised with her question and looks at uttara
laksh – dont see her she didnot tell me anything but as u said me yesterday that u love ur di alot then i thought that as ur di is a doctor she may not get time to spend with u no so i thought of a plan
laksh explains her everything then they start their cars and ragini stops the car in the middle of the road laksh and uttara were a little far away from her but can see everything but no one can see them ragini signs laksh
he signs her to proceed

Here in sanskar’s ofc they deliberately arranged meeting as per sanskar’s instruction for mohit sanskar’s manager is having a talk with mohit
ragini calls swara
ragini – hello di
swara – ha ragini i am reaching home in 5 min lets talk at home ok
ragini -no di i am not at home
swara – wat r u not at home but its 2 hrs that ur clg had finished no
ragini – ha di but my car brokedown in the middle i am standing in the middle of the road
swara – ohhh ragini ok now dont worry i will be there in 5 min go and sit in the car ha by the way r u in the main road ??
ragini – ha di
swara – ok fine take care i will reach there in 5 min
swara immediately rushes to her car she thinks to cal mohit
she calls him
swara – hello mohit ??
Mohit – ha di tell wat happened y did u cal me at this time
swara – nthng where r u ??
Mohit – i am at sanskar’s ofc i was in a meeting tell me wat happened
swara – nthng mohit just called u to come home early ok take care bye
mohit – di butt…..
she cuts the call
swara goes to ragini
she finds ragini and says to get her in
ragini – di but car ?
Swara – i will see all that u just get in
ragini -ok fine
Ragini gets in
swara while driving
swara – ragini u no need to go to clg by ur car ok i will drop u everyday and i will pick up
ragini – di but bhai will drop u everyday then…
swara – ha tho he will drop u too or i will drop u ok
ragini – no di u no need to struggle i will go by myself
swara – oh madam from where did this struggle come from u r my sister and it is my responsibility
ragini feels happy in the meanwhile ragini’s phone rings
its laksh
ragini – ha laksh
laksh tells them to come to their as she can spend time with her sister there and also meet his family
ragini – ok laksh we will come
ragini – di take to mm
swara – par ragini
ragini – di please na laksh insisted me to come so i said yes
swara also remembers sanskar’s words and thinks to surprise him
swara – ok lets go
(But swara doesnot know that it was sanskar’s plan as he wanted to see her )
swaragini reaches MM
ap takes them inside
uttara comes and makes them sit laksh ragini and uttara talk while ap comes and sits near swara
ap – so u r swara sanskar’s frnd
swara – ha aunty
ap – so nice to see u beta He talks alot about u
swara looks confused but nods
swara and ap talks continuosly mean while parineetha and sujatha also joins them mean while sanskar sees swara and feels happy and acts as if he is surprised seeing her
swara stands seeing sanskar
sanskar – someone told that they hav lots of work
swara – wo actually i finished my work and went to pick up ragini
she told to drop her here but as u also invited me so i thought to surprise u
sanskar – ohhh so my frnd knows to give surprises too
swara – hoooo wat do u mean i give the best surprises u know
sanskar smiles while sitting she also sits they all hav a wonderful talk
ragini – ha sanskar my sister gives the best surprises in our house if anyone’s birthday is arriving then she will plan the best for us especially mohit bhayya ka
sanskar smiles
ap asks who is mohit ??
swara – my brother
ap – so he is elder to u
swara – no aunty he is younger to me and elder to ragini
sanskar – oh wen is mohit’s birthday
swara – its june 27th
sanskar asks ragini her bday
she tells him wen he asks about swara’s birthday ragini is about to say but swara stops her
swara – wat is there in a day if we are happy and make others happy then everyday is like a birthday
ap – well said beta
so u all hav dinner here itself
swara – no aunty actually we hav to go home as we are getting late we will hav it there i think mom has prepared dinner for us too
ap – but yesterday wen ur mom insisted sanlakuttara to stay there i agreed right ??
Swara – yes aunty but i dont hav my food without my brother
sanskar – then call him swara we can all hav together
swara – but sanskar …
ap – i am not going to listen anything u hav to stay here for dinner
ragini – di please lets stay here it will be fun and call bhayya also
swara – but he said that he is in meeting with sans..
wait wait sanskar mohit told me that he is in ur ofc if u r here then with whom he is talking ??
Sanskar – swara actually i think mr.sharma is handling the project
swara – oh ok i will call him
swara calls but phone us not reachable
swara feels something wrong
she gets tensed
all see her tensed

sanskar understands and goes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder
sanskar – swara relax he may be in important work
swara – no sanskar i am sensing something
ap – relax beta he will be fine
swara – i will call him again
his phone is ringing but y is he not picking up the phone
may be dad knows
she calls shekhar
Swara – papa where is mohit ??
Shekhar – i think he is in sanskar’s ofc becozzzz he did not return home till now
swara – sanskar call ur ofc staff and please ask if mohit is there or not
Sanskar – ok sanskar calls but they say that he had left an hour ago
sanskar says this to swara
swara – wat if its been an hour then he should reach home till now
ragini – di relax may be he went to his frnd’s home
Swara – no ragini if he wanted to go he will inform me infact he will take me along with him anyways i will cal rahul
rahul – hello di hw r u ??
Swara – rahul did mohit come to u ??
rahul – no di but y r u asking
swara cuts the call
now she is really tensed she started shivering
sanskar comes and sits beside her
ap and sujatha look at her with care
now even ragini became tensed laksh assures her that her brother will be fine
suddenly swara’s phone rings
she shouts “ACCIDENT”
all are shocked
driver – mam dont worry its a minor accident nthng happened to sir he is fine sir told not to inform u but i informed u
she cuts the call and she cannot stant she is about to fall on her knees but sanskar holds her
ragini asks her wat happened
suddenly mohit calls swara
swara – mohit …
mohit – di where r u ??
Swara – in MM
mohit – di relax i am fine ok i am coming there to take u
swara – nahi where r u ??
Mohit – di i said i am fine ok i will reach there
he cuts the call
swara becomes some what normal but her heart wants to see him right now
ragini – di wat happened
swara – ragini dont worry he is fine
ragini – thankgod i know di he will be fine lets go home
swara – no he said that he will be coming here
then laksh sees for his mobile suddenly but he doesnot find it so he goes in search of it
just then mohit enters there
swara immediately goes to him and hugs him he holds swara’s face and says
mohit – di see me i am completely alright
swara – no u were not shiw where did u get hurt she takes him inside and makes him sit in the sofa and she sits beside him and starts checking him (She forgets that it is someone’s home the only thing in her mind is mohit)
sanskar – swara he is saying true see he is completely fine
swara – no sanskar u dont know him i think he hide his injury
mohit – no i am not hiding anything if u want i can remove my shirt and show u but this is not our house
(then swara realises that they r in MM)
laksh sees this from upwards while descending the steps he gets a call so he attends it
swara – i am sry i made u all tensed but i cant handle it becozzz he never remains unresponded to my calls he will always inform me each and everything
ap – thats ok beta but how did ur driver thought that ur brother got with an accident i think he is playing some prank with u
swara – no aunty he is working for 15 yrs he cant do that But mohit how did he think that u had an accident
mohit – di lets go lets talk it at home
swara senses something wrong and asks”mohit i am getting worried r u injured please tell me ”
mohit seeing her worried face says “accident hua hai par mera nahi PRIYA ka”
he whispers but as it is silent it is heard to everyone
ap asked – who is priya ??
Ragini – dii priya matlab mrs.priya..
mohit – no ragini u dont know this priya
he turns to swara and says “dont worry she is fine now come lets go”
Swara says “ok”

Precap – swara and sanakar have some cute moments raglak and uttara and mohit scenes will also be there

Tanq guys for ur support

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