First of all tanq so much guys for ur support
pratiksha i dont upload in fb i only upload in tellyupdates and as ur all request i will reveal it today only the reason for mohit’s hatred but not about that person actually i thought to reveal after a few episodes but as u are all asking i will reveal it today and i am sry guys if i am going to disappoint u as its not a one time hatred it is being developed from childhood

Here we go
sanskar – now where is he ??
Swara smiles sadly and says he went away
sanskar – wat do u mean by went away
Swara – i mean he died
sanskar’s eyes are moisted seeing swara’s pain saying the word ‘died’
but swara dont cry but she sits as it is in the sofa
sanskar immediately goes and hugs her
she is shocked but feels painless in his arms she to hugs him for few minutes
later they compose themselves and sanskar also sits in sofa
sanskar – swara r u fine ??
Swara – yes sanskar u wanted to listen the reason for mohit’s hatred na then listen its not one time hatred sanskar actually as ragini is the younges among our fo.. i mean 3 she is pampered alot from childhood omwards ragini used to love the thing which i love but as i was elder i used to sacrifice always but its my decision to sacrifice but mohit always misunderstood her that she used to get everything she wished but the thing is ragini never know that i too liked the same thing i never told anyone becozzz if i said to badepappa he will do anything for me thats why to keep ragini happy i used to hide all my desires by listening what i am saying u may be thinking that i am great or something else but the fact is i am too selfish i feel happy to see her happy that’s y i used to do that but mohot always took ragini wrong i hav tried to explain many times but he used to get upset and i cant see my brother like that so i would stop that discussion right there it was my mistake if i had cleared the misunderstanding then itself then may be this all would not have happened but i tried hard to hide my desires but mohit always knows about it but even though he doesnot like ragini but he used to take care of her as a brother fulfill his responsibilities as a brother but a time came when this unlike towards ragini completely changed to hatred
swara stammers
sanskar – wat happened ??

Swara – 2yrs back i came back to india with badepapa and mohit as i went london for my further studies as mohit and badepappa cannot live without me they too accompanied me to london wen i was having a vacation we came back to india
then due to climate change badepappa suffered with health problm i went to the hospital to see him but ragini misunderstood that i came there to treat him as she saw me in the clothes but actually i was wearing them to go to him to see ragini thought that if i treat him something happens to him and i will go to jail as i hav not completed my studies i think some of her frnds created a misunderstanding that if nearones treat the person they will not survive as they cannot treat them becozz of love actually its right in most of cases then ragini thought to stop me she went and complained to police that i am going to kill my badepappa and police arrested me
sanskar is shocked
sanskar – wat ??wat the hell she
swara – sanskar please listen to me completely ragini did this to save me and badepappa and stop me but everything went on and the news of my arrest spread on tv and reached my badepappa he couldnt bear the pain so he ….
swara cant speak more but she is trying to speak just then they r interrupted by laksh’s voice
laksh – dr.swara y is ragini behaving like that she is not talking to anyone yy ??
Swara – dont worry i will see her anyways u both sleep i will see her
she looks at sanskar and signs not to tell anything to laksh
sanskar nods his head
swara – ok guys gud ni8
Sanskar and laksh – gud ni8

@ragini’s room
swara – ragini go and sleep
ragini – di i am sry i hav ..
swara – i know but i am sry ragini i cannot forgive wat u hav done with me becozz of u bp.
anyways please leave it ragini u sleep wat ever u hav done u hav not done it intentionally but it happened becozzz of u.i am trying to forget everything so give some time and ha watever happens it doesnot change the fact that u r my sister and i love u alot
ragini hugs swara and cries
swara – now stop crying and sleep see ur frnd how peacefully she is sleeping now u too sleep
ragini lays doen swara covers her with blanket and goes

@guest room
sanskar is not getting sleep he ius turning here and there

@mohit’s room
swara comes there she sits on the bed and kisses mohit’s forehead and says forgive her plzzz
And she goes to her room
she lays down on the bed
she remembers some scenes
swara is in jail
mohit and some other person comes there
mohit – di wat happened ??
swara – lve about me how is bp??is he fine ??dont let him know about my arrest
(the name of that person is Anand i will reveal the details about him later )
Anand – its ok swara we will see that but wat happened to u then swara signs him to send mohit aways he sends him forcefully but he is listening to them hiding there
swara explains everything
anand – wat ?? How can ragini do that but y did she do that ??
swara – i think she misunderstoid me that i was going to operate bp
anand – wat the hell is this swara u could hav informed ragini that u r going to see him but no u dont hav the habbit of informing anyone bus do watever u want becozz of u alot happened do u hav any sense that if bp comes to know about this wat happens just then mohit comes and stops him from scolding
mohit – do u hav any sense cant u see her state i will kill u if u utter a word against my di
anand – ok then u only make her bail i am going
mohit – go to hell

he turns to swara and says di dont worry i am with u i will get u bailed from here saying this he cried seeing her sister in that jail he immediately got up and said “di from today onwards infact from this second she is not my sister i hav broken every relation with her
swara – mohit please dont say that please for me just give her one chance
mohit – di i hav to go for ur bail cu and dont worry i will free u within an hour i promise within an hour u will be with badepappa its a promise
flashback ends
swara eays to herself “that is the first time my mohit cant fulfill his promise he took ne to the hospital in one hour but i didnot meet bp”
Saying this sge slept

next morning
@swara’s room
Swara gets up fast and gets ready and thinks “i hav to tell mohot that i hav told sanskar the truth i mean half truth ”
She goes to mohit’s room
mohit sees her and says
mohit – so u hav not slept here yesterday u went to ur room yy ??
Swara – no no mohit actually it became late and ..and..
mohit – di u cant lie to me u were upset yesterday right ??Becozzz of ragini
Swara – no mohit actually yesterday i told sanskar the truth
Mohit – which truth (he asls with shock)
swara – dont worry i just told him the reason y u hate ragini thats it
mohit – oh but wat did u tell about bp i mean u told him that he was admitted in hospital becozzz he had an accident ??
Swara – no i told him that bp got ill due to weather change and except that everything i told him the truth . How can i tell him that it was an accident i dont tell this to anyone untill i catch that culprit and punish him and until then i will not shed even a drop of tear (only mohit knows about swara’s this side i mean anger and revenge side)
Mohit – di and wat about anand ??Hav u told him that..
swara – no mohit i hav not said anything about anand to sanskar
mohit – ok that’s good but please comeout of this thoughts i will see everything
swara – no mohit how can i leave
i am not going to leave the two persons one who did the accident and the one who hadnot allowed me to see bp for the last time that blo*dy vatsal
mohit keeps his hand on swara’s shoulder and assures her that he is with her
swara – ok lets go down for breakfast and ha behave properly with ragini ok
mohit – please di i cant promise but i will try

@guest room
sanskar – lucky wake up yaar if swara comes here she will not feel good its 8 in the mrng lucky
laksh – bhai if she thinks something bad about u then u hav to feel bad becozzz u lovvv….
sanskar – lucky stop this
laksh – oh sooo my brother tell me wat do u feel for her is she ur sister ??
sanskar holds laksh’s collar and says “never say like that she is my wife”
Laksh – sry bhai
sanskar leaves him and laksh as usual becomes normal and says
laksh – ohhh wife and all haa
sanskar realises wat he said and tells her – i mean i said my life i mean wifi ha wifi i said wifi
laksh – oo stop it bhai tell me ok if u r afraid that i will tease u then i am opening up my secret I LOVE RAGINI
sanskar – wat r u serious (sanskar becomes serious as he remembers wat swara told him)
Laksh – wat happened bhai
sanskar – nthng lucky lets go
laksh – bhai i told u my secret then u hav to tell me urs
Sanskar – ok ha i love her
“U love whom sanskar”
They were shocked and saw swara there
laksh is about to say something but sanskar stops him and says
sanskar – i i i ..i love my maaa i was saying that i love my maa
swara smiles and says – thats so sweet sanskar ok i hav just came here to vall u for breakfast
sanskar – but we havent had brushed
swara – ohh i am sry i forgot to tell u actually i hav kept two brushes in the bathroom u please take them
sanskar – ohh ok tanq we will meet u down
Swara – ok laksh how r u feeling now ??
Laksh – very fine ur kaada is difgicult to drink but it worked
swara – i know
she smiles and goes
laksh – bhai my bhabhi is so sweet man karta hai ki jaake bhabhi bulalu
sanskar with sad face “but i think it will never happen”
Laksh – but y r u saying like that ??
Sanskar tells everything about her opinion on marriage
laksh is shocked
laksh – i know that she loves her brother alot but to this extent dont worry bhai she will be my bhabhi and u will do it i hav faith on u and ur love one day she will realise ur love

@dining table
all arrives
all r waiting for laksh but laksh’s pant has torn
ragini – where is ur brother ??
Sanskar thinks to himself “wat shall i say u but its ok i will talk to mohit about this”
He takes mohit aside and tells him
they both go to mohit’s room and mohit gives his dress
sanskar goes and gives it to laksh
sanskar – change fast all r waiting for u
laksh – ok bhai
Sanskar goes everyone
sanskar – everyone please start laksh will be coming in 5 min
all starts and swara is feeding mohit
mohit – di keep big big pieces na i am getting late
swara – no it will get stuck
mohit – please di i dont swallow it directly i hav my teeth see
swara – acha ok ok
he completes eating
mohit – ok di i will come in one hour and will drop u at ur hospital
swara – ok
mohit – sanskar i am sry but i hav to leave as i hav important work
sanskar – ya ya u carry on
he goes
laksh comes he sits there straight to ragini he is staring her
just then mohit comes in as he forgot his mobile he sees laksh but uttara suddenly keeps her hand to cover laksh’s face to stop him from staring ragini
laksh – uttara wat r u doing ??
Uttara – if u stare her like that then everyone will get a doubt then they will kick us out
swara sees mohit
swara – mohit u hav not gone yet ??
Laksh sees him but mohit cannot see laksh
mohit – no di actually i forgot my mobile
swara – offo u always forget something hav u kept ur wallet
mohit – oh no di i forgot
everyday u will keep it my pocket na
swara – ha but i forgot today wait i will bring it
mohit – no no u hav ur breakfast i will go and take it
swara – r u sure do u know where it is ??
dadi – swara let him search it he hav to understand once ur marriage happens then… mohit is climbing steps so laksh’s back is towards him
mohit hearing dadi’s words says
Mohit – my di and me dont hav sny plans of marriage we r enough for each other if u r that much interested in doing marriage then do marriage of ragini if u want i can search for the bridegroom
all are shocked
ragini gets angry and says
ragini – if u want swara di not to gey married then its ok u just talk about her bhayya but y r u involving me in this matter
mohit – becoz i wanted u to …
he is interrupted by swara’s voice
swara – mohit u told that u hav an important work right u just go and sit in ur car i am coming there with ur wallet
mohit – ok di and he goes
laksh is busy in consoling ragini as she is sitting and ready to cry
shekhar – swara this is the limit how can he decide about ur marriage
swara – becozzz he is my life and ha dad even u know my decision so there is no need of this and ha coming to ragini’s matter i agree that he shouldnot hav involved ragini i am sry on his behalf
sumi – ok ok stop this discussion and hav ur breakfast
swara – ma i am done i will go and give wallet tomohit
sumi – ok beta
swara goes
laksh looks aymt sanskar who is sad listening to swara’s words
meanwhile ragini holds the knife and says
ragini – hey u old woman this is becozz of u u became so old then wat is ur duty u hav to sit near temple and read ramayana but instead of doing that u are behind my di’s marriage
everyone laughs at her while dadi gets afraid
dadi – ok laadooomaaa leave me i will not say anything from today onwards and ha i will read ramayana from tommorrow
everyone laughs
swara comes there
sanskar and laksh and uttara takes everyone’s blessings and they leave

Precap – swaragini at maheswari mansion
annapurna likes swara very much and even she likes ragini in the meanwhile swara gets a phone call and shouts ‘ACCIDENT’

Tanq guys and i am sry if i hav dissappointed u

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