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Here we go

All reach mm but rain starts and within no time it increases so swara asks sanskar laksh and uttara to come along with her inside they all go inside but they were totally wet due to high intensity of rain
they all enters with their bags all comes from their respective rooms
dadaji – swaragini take them to the rooms and give them some towel to wipe their hair see they are wet
swara – ji dadaji
ragini take uttara to ur room
shekhar takes laksh and swara takes sanskar to mohit’s room
swara – sanskar u just change ur clothes i will cal mohit he will give u
sanskar – ok
Swara – mohit open the door
mohit she calls him he opens
mohit – ha fi coming he comes and opens the foor sees swara and sanskar wet
mohit – di how u became wet ??
Swara – its raining outside i will tell u later but please give towel and ur clothes to sanskar (she turns to sanskar and says “sanskar please be free ok i will just come”
Sanskar nods
mohit – ha meri di i will give but u go and change first and ha dry ur hair properly otherwise u will catch cold

Swara – ok ok
sanskar goes and wears mohit’s clothes and he comes out and dries his hair
(he is looking dashing in wet hair)
mohit says ” sanskar u r ready then come lets hav dinner”
Swara with wet hairs is arranging the dining table
sanskar comes there and she stares at her till he hears ragini’s voice
ragini – di please give our dinner to our rooms.actually laksh is suffering with severe cold and cough
sanskar – oh ya i forgot about it actually laksh has sinus problem i will go to him
ragini – nahi nahi he is fine now u just stay here
swara – ragini u go i will send it with kaka and ha after eating i will make kada u make laksh drink that he will be fine and ha ask uttara to come down and have dinner along with us she will enjoy here u stay with laksh
sanskar thinks to himself”yaar laksh mere bhai lya jackpot mara hai kaash mai aur swara akele hothe ,shut up sanskar u cannot even imagine this as that cant happen “as he remembers swara’s words about marriage

uttara comes down and she turns her face seeing mohit
all sit and start their dinner
sanskar sees mohit’s plate is missing and asks mohit about it without observing
sanskar is confused to see food in his mouth but his plate missing
sanskar – mohit where is ur plate ??
just then swara keeps a bite in mohit’s mouth and says
swara – actually i like to feed him thats why
dadi – swara if u say the complete truth then nothing will happen ok actually sanskar beta mohit ko roti khana nahi aata hai infact swara makes him eat everyday
mohit shouts “dadi please”
all laughs
uttara – oh so u r a grownup kid right and laughs
everyone laughs except mohit he is fuming inside
sanskar thinks “i hav not seen a bonding like this between a brother and sister.i am happy but this bonding is the reason for swara’s decision to be unmarried i hav to prove swara wrong that marriage ends the relation between their maternal home i have to prove that even aftr marriage she can continue the same bonding with her brother”he is interrupted with swara’s voice
swara – sanskar wat r u thinking eat na i know u r worried for laksh but trust me after drinking kaada he will be fine
sanskar – yes doctor
she smiles
everyone finishes dinner
@ragini’s room
laksh and ragini are having their dinner

laksh – ragini ur room’s interior design is very nice u hav a very good choice
ragini – no actually its of di’s choice my di knows me better than anyone
laksh – so u luv ur di very much right ??
Ragini – ha laksh i love my di and even my di loves me alot
laksh – ya
in the meanwhile laksh coughs ragini makes him drink water and patts his head they both hav a cute eyelock
Ap – sujatha where r these kids abhi tak nahi aaye
sujatha – jiji its raining outside so i think they hav stopped somewhere
at the time ap gets sanskar’s call
ap – hello sanskar where r u ??
Sanskar – maa we r fine and we r in gadodia mansion i mean swara’s house as it is raining heavily outside they r insisting us to stay here
ap – ok but when rain stops u come here its not nice to stay there wat will they think ??
Sanskar – ok ma when rain stops we will come
then sharmista takes his phone and tells
sumi – namaste ji i am swara’s mother sharmishta gadodia
ap – namaste ji how r u ??
Sanskar told about ur family

sumi smiles seeing sanskar and says”annapurna ji i want to say that sanskar laksh and uttara will stay here for tonight as its raining heavily ”
ap – but it is not good to stay like that i know u r very good people but
Sumi – sanlak r boys they can manage but its not safe for uttara so please let them stay here
ap – ok sharmishta ji Tanq
sumi – nahi nahi even they r like my children ok i am handovering phone to sanskar
ap comes far away from sujatha and says “sanskar ur mother in law is too sweet
sanskar – maa wat r u talking
ap – ok ok bye take care
she cuts the call and laughs
she tells everything to sujatha
swara – mohit take sanskar to ur room i will come after giving kada to laksh ok
mohit – di u no need to prepare mom will prepare as u r strained u come and take rest
swara – oh its ok i am fine u both go i am coming
they goes
sanskar – actually mohit i will join u alomg with swara i will go to lucky and see him whether he is fine or not
can u show me the wat to ragini’s room
Mohit – ok its straight and turn left first room is hers
sanskar wants him to come as he wanted him to talk to ragini
sanskar – actually i am confused can u take me
mohit understands and says please i have some work then uttara interrupts and says
uttara – oh hello that day i thought u dont know only driving but i now got to know that u dont hav manners also

mohit – oh hello madam please stop blaming me that day mistake is urs and one more thing i hav more manners than u
sanskar – wat happened that day ??About wat u r talking u
uttara – nothing bhai u come with me i will show u ragini’s room
mohit goes from there
@ragini’s room both swara and sanskar enter at a time and they are about collide they hav an eyelock
swara composes herself and laksh notices them and says to himself”bhai u are finished now i will start playing with u”
Swara – laksh hav this u will feel better
laksh – wat is this ??
Swara – kada have this u will feel better
laksh – dr.swara please give some medicines
swara and sanskar shouts at the same time – MEDICINES
Swara – no way hav this we should not use medicines unnecessarily otherwise layer our body stops responding to medicines
laksh – omg dr.swara u and bhai are very much similar to each other even he feels the same
swara – ya i know (swara and sanskar remembers their first meeting in the hospital )they both smile at each other
ragini – di why r u smiling
swara – nothing acha ragini i forgot to give u something
i will just go and bring it ok sanskar also leaves with her to mohits room
swara takes bags and while going
mohit – oh so u hav shopped the whole exhibition for her

swara – stop being so jealous on ur sister i am going u two hav fun
Mohit – ok but come fast
swara – ok ,sanskar i will be back within two min
she goes to ragini’s room and gives 6 bags to ragini
ragini -di wats all this ??
Swara – i just thought to bring for u
ragini – di but these many u hav just bought me jewelery sets a few weeks back
swara – ragini these will suit u better
uttara – wow di u r so sweet ragini is very lucky to hav u
swara – uttara there r two sets for everything one is for u and one is for ragini take it ok
uttara – di but y did u buy for me ??
Swara – becozz u too r my sister just like ragini and ha u too call me di right??
Uttara – yes di tanq so much
laksh – oh this is not fair u hav bought for only girls
ragini – who said that u too wear these na pointing towards banglese
swara – ragini !!

Laksh – its ok dr.swara she always teases me
they all laugh in the mean while mohit shouts “di”
Swara – ok guys i hav to leave now uttara u sleep with ragini
laksh u come i will show u the guest room
ragini – di we will chat for a while and then we will sleep
swara – acha ok but not much time laksh i will arrange everything in the guest room
ragini show him the room ok
Ragini – ok di
di u and sanskar and bhai also join with us na
laksh – ya this is a nice idea
swara – no no u three carry on actually they r discussing some important things about the project
and i too hav some work
someother time
ragini – its ok di
and swara goes
@mohit’s room
swara comes there but they donot notice her
mohit – sanskar u know what even now i am not able to believe that i left my di to go alone without me that to to an exhibition itni bheed hogi waha
sanskar – i think swara is elder than u right

mohit laughs and says “yes but as a brother i should be responsible towards her right ??”
Sanskar – even ragini is ur sister rigjt but y do u dont show that concern for her ??
Mohit – hmm i dont know no actually i know my di has suffered alot becozz of ragini thats why ok leave it now
i cant believe that we became so close thus much early we just met 2 days ago
sanskar – that’s becozzz of u and ur family
mohit – no its becozz of u sanskar u r really a very nice man
swara – if u both r done with ur talking can i join u ??
Mohit and sanskar – ofcourse
swara – sanskar r u feeling sleepy ??
Sanskar – no swara y ??
Swara – actually i hav arranged everything but laksh told that he will come after a few min as he is talking to them till then u can stay here
mohit – ya ok then u can stay here lets talk
mohit yawns
swara – u no need to talk anything go and sleep
mohit – wat no i will talk with u guys sanskar is feeling bored
swara – no u hav to sleep its already 11:30 go and sleep i will see that sanskar will not feel bored ok
mohit – ok di bye gud ni8 but i can accompany u both till guest room right ??
Sanskar – ya come
they r proceeding towards the guest room suddenly mohit sees a room door opened its the room of his bp and ‘G’

swara sees this but she goes to close but mohit stops her
mohit – not today di wo jo koi bhi hai jisne ye darwaza kholne ki himmat ki hai use mai chodunga nahi
and he shouts ragini ma papa dadi dadaji
swara tries to stop him
swara – please mohit there r guests in our house
everyone come there except laksh as he is not feeling well uttara stays with him
ragini comes there
mohit – who did this ??
All are shocked to see that then sumi notices that ragini has gone to that room to check her ring
sumi tries to interrupt but mohit says “no maa u wont say a word if u r the person then tell me otherwise u keep quiet u know that i hav kept it locked for di’s sake u know that wat this room means to di but still u hav not took care of this it should be locked right ??
Shekhar – stop this beta please ghar me mehmaan hai
mohit – i have to know now itself the truth who has opened this door ??
Ragini – its me bhai but i forgot to close it
mohit is about to shout but swara stops him
swara – bus bahut thamasha hogaya hai sab log jao
mohit – di par
swara – dont u listen wat i hav said just now ??
Ragini u go and sleep u hav to go to clg na

ragini – i am sry di i didnot do it intentionally i hav just forgot to lock the door
swara – ragini hav u listened wat i hav just told u ??
Ragini goes to her room
swara – everyone go to ur room
shekhar – i am sry beta even i didnot notice this
swara – u go and sleep papa dadi and dadaji hav u taken ur medicines ??
dadi – ha swara and i hav given to dadaji also
dadaji kisses her on forehead and goes
mohit – di i know u r hurt but u didnot utter a single word
swara – mohit its getting late lets talk in the mrng hav a sound sleep forget about everything
sanskar can feel pain in her eyes but he cannot understand the reason
sanskar – swara i can see pain in ir eyes y r u trying to hide it ??
Atleast say it to ur brother
mohit – sanskar u hav asked me the reason for hating ragini na see this is the main reason ragini is the reason for this pain in her eyes today and also before 2 yrs infact from childhood
and he goes angrily
swara turns to sanskar and says “lets go”
They reach the guest room

swara – sanskar till laksh comes i will accompany u lets make a plan to unite mohit and ragini
sanskar – no swara today u r going to tell me the truth if u feel me a true frnd then
swara – ok sanskar
u know i hav a bade pappa my father’s brother i love him alot infact u asked what does that a means a means arnav gadodia my bade pappa i love him alot and tells him some moments about him u know sanskar he didnot marry just for mysake
sanskar – wat ??
Swara – ha actually badepappa used to handle all our buisinesses so he didnot marry but papa loved ma and they got married badepappa loves her ma alot but she died with heart attack
sanskar – then who is ur dadi ??
swara – actually she is the second wife of dadaji when badepappa was of 2yrs his mother died of a heart disease so he wanted to make me a heart specialst i was born on my dadi’s birthday so my badepappa used to call me ma and think that his ma has returned in my form u know sanskar no one even dares to talk to him except me he will listen to me even if dadaji wants to say something he asked me to tell to him can u imagine even his father is afraid of him
sanskar – but y didn’t he marry ??u said that its becozz of u
swara – ha my badepappa was so attached to me then but he decided to marry and on my 2nd birthday he announced that and i hav heard that someone talking that now my badepappa willnot love me as he will have his own kids as he is marrying
then i went to him and told that u were going to leave me na as u r getting to married ??
Bp – no ma y do u think so ??

Swara – becoz u will get ur child then badepappa thought and he cancelled his marriage as his first preference should be me and always be me
sanskar to himself -“so this thought of remaining unmarrued is given by u to ur daughter not fair badepappa”
Swara – wat happened sanskar shoked na ?? he can do anything for me
sanskar – now where is he ??

Precap – swara hugs sanskar and cries laksh comes to know that sanskar loves swara and he also tells that he loves ragini and wanted to marry her

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