First of all i am really sry guys i have made u wait but i hav an exam today so i didnot write it yesterday i am overwhelmed with ur comments tanq so much

Here we go

Swara comes down and see sanskar and mohit talking
swara – ohhh hello wat’s going on ??
Sanskar turns and sees swara she is wearing a combination of white and pink salwar suit and it a tight fit and decent too
she left her hair loose and without makeup just applying kajal she is looking stunning
sanskar stares her but is disturbed by mohit’s voice
mohit – di u r looking awesome
swara – tanq
sanskar – u r looking gud swara (actually his mind wanted to say something else but he cannot )
Swara – tanq but lets sit untill ragini comes
mohit – oh so she is coming right ??
Swara – yes i told u that the program is for only
Mohit – ok then sanskar take care of di
swara is shocked to listen as his brother who is possesed about her to the peaks is allowing her to go without him
immediately swara keeps her hand on his forehead and tells
swara – bukhar tho nahi hai then wat happened to u
u r telling me to go without u
omg i cant believe my ears sanskar did u hear the same which i heard ??
Sanskar laughs and says “ya i tok heard but i too was surprised no no actually shocked”
They both give hifi to each other (this is the first time they are so comfortable with each other)
Mohit – oo stop it u both dramebazzz if u try in a serial na u both will get definetly the lead roles
and u sanskar just now u and me jooned hands to tease di and now u changed the party ha??
This is not fair yaar i will not spare u

sanskar – hahaha nothing like that butshe was right r u sure u r not going to come with us ??
Swara – nothing like that sanskar he will come
mohit – no di actually i took this decision to give u peace if i came then me and ragini will have fights always and due to this ur mood will get spoiled and that too i dont want to come along with ragini
swara – that’s wat i am telling dont hate her
mohit – di please lets stop this here itself
swara – ok but u used to come previously along with us right ??
mohit – ha i used to come just to take care of u but now i think as sanskar is coming i can stay here di i am so happy that u got a caring frnd like sanskar he is so caring towards u and i can stay peacefully when he is with u
sanskar i am not coming today as i want a break from all these issues (he is talking about ragini)so can u take care of my di
sanskar – u no need to say that i will as i am her frnd (but in his mind frnd ohh really his inner voice said)
Swara – oh just stop this drama mohit u r saying as if i am going out of state i am going to the near by exhibition so please dont worry And ok dont come but convince ragini that u r not coming as u r having an important work
mohit – oh so is that u who is telling to lie becozzz u will not lie mostly
swara – ha i will not lie mostly but now its needed if u didnot tell that then mahabarat will start here so please
sanskar and mohit laughs understanding her words
sanskar – ok but dont keep distance with ur sister as u r a family
mohit thinks to himself “no she will be there in my family but not related to me but how did he know i was a dumb even i am talking this much about hating ragini but why did he not get any doubt did di tell him everything or he knew it ??
No no di wont tell anything if she tells then he would know about that man but why is he talking as if he knows that i hate ragini )
He comes of his thoughts by swara’s words
swara – oo master sanskar had yold u something
mohit – yeah i will try and he excuses himself

@ragini room
she is getting ready she gets a thought of calling laksh and uttara also
ragini – hello uttara
uttara – ha ragini bolo
ragini – uttara actually i am going out with my brother and sister even ur brother sanskar is also accompaning us so why dnot u both i mean u and laksh accompany us
uttara – ok sure thats a good idea we will come
and she cuts the call
uttara – bhai bhai laksh bhai
laksh – uttara y r u shouting i hav two ears i can hear
uttara – i know that but i calked u in excitement to make u happy as ragi…but leave i think u r not interested
laksh – oooo my pyaari behana i just told that if u shout u will spoil ur beautiful voice by the way wat r u telling ragini or something
uttara – ha actually raginj is going out with her siblings even sanskar bhai is with them she asked us to accompany
Laksh – oh sure lets go wait wait what did u say sanskar bhai is also with them
laksh gets in to thinking
“Bhai is accompanying them that means something is fishy as he will not go anywhere that too with girls its a little but surprsing but i hav to find out”
uttara – bhai wat r u thinking nothing lets go u get ready we will start in 15 min
uttara – ok bhai
laksh – now dont start ur makeup and all just change ur dress that it
uttara angrily goes from there

@gadodia mansion
swara – thanks sanskar
sanskar – y ??
Swara – u told my brother about ragini he responded positively and he is so frndly with u and even he is happy with u
sanskar – ur brother is a very nice person i can feel that but why he hates ur sister is puzzling for me
swara just smiles and says “misunderstandings can break any relationship sanskar ”
they r interrupted by laksh and uttara’s voices
both at the same “HELLO SANSKAR BHAYYA”
sanskar shoked – wat r u both doing here ??
ragini – i hav called them to accompany us
swara – oh good ragini even i thought to tell u to ask these two to come along with us
laksh – tanq dr.swara and bhai wat r u doing here i mean u hav finished meeting with mr.gadodia right ??
Swara is about to say something but sanskar interrupts her
sanskar – swara i think we hav to go now as its getting late
laksh – where r we going ??
Swaragini – exhibition
uttara – wow exhibition i luv it
sanlak looks each other faces and smiles at their fate and imagines them selves holding their bags
Ragini – call mohit bhayya fast its getting late
swara and sanskar looks each other and
swara – ragini mohit had an important work so he is not coming he will come next time pakka
ragini – di but why ??
swara – i told u na he has veey important work so lets go ur di is there for u isn’t that enough for u ??
Ragini – ofcourse di lets go we can take mohit bhayya next time with us
swara – ok come
they all go to the cars
ragini – di u come along with sanskar.laksh,uttara and myself will come in laksh’s car
laksh – ragini but my brother is reserved and he will be imconvinent with dr.swara
(Laksh says it intentionally as he wants to know the truth And he becomes succesful also)
Ragini laughs and tells – laksh u r saying as if they r strangers they r frnds they knew each other for a week i think so
laksh gets happy as he listened wat he wanted to listen
laksh winks at sanskar as he also got a chance to tease
sanskar turns his face and embarrasment and says “shall we go now ”
They reach the exhibition
ragini and uttara wanted to climb giant wheel and all whereas swasanlak donot want to join them but laksh wants to spend some time with ragini so he tries to go for his surprise
swara – laksh can u please go with them as i cant leave them alone
ragini – oo common di i am not so young that i will get misplaced
sanskar – but she is right ragini as this place is not so safe
laksh – ya ofcourse i will go u both carry on
they leave and swara and sanskar goes in different direction
they comes to a stall where all the ear rings and pendents are kept swara shops alot of types and various colours of pendents
sanskar – swara these much stuff but i didnot seeing u wearing any such kind of things
swara smiles – no sanskar these r not for me these r for ragini
sanskar feels proud on his choice
sanskar – but u too buy something for u
swara – no no i dont want anything
sanskar – no u hav to buy if not for u then for me ur frnd u buy for urself if not i will buy for u
swara – ok ok i will buy
she takes a chain with lockets of A,M
Sanskar – i know that m is
for mohit and wat does this A meant ??
Swara was about to say something but someone blindfolds her with hands
and sanskar stares and that man signs not to tell her
swara – who is this ??Sry i cant find u please tell me sanskar who is that
sanskar – i dont know
then swara touches his hands and touches one ring and she shouts”RAHUL??”
Rahul removing his hands from her eyes and says “so u took 2 min to find me huh ?? I am really angry with actually how did u find it ??
Swara shows his finger which has a s shaped ring and gets saddened and she shouts – wat is this rahul u still hav not removed this ring from ur forefinger ??
rahul – ohooo u r meeting me after a gap of 6 months that too unexpectedly and in place of asking how am i u r scoldoling me ??
Swara – just shut up and answer me ??
Rahul gets angry and says – becozz i still luv u thats why i am wearing a s named ring as it means swara happy now ??
Sanskar is shocked to listen he is feeling jealous his blood is boiling he wanted to punch him but cant do anything then he realises”why am i feeling restlessness why i am getting angry when he said that he loves her”

Becozzzz u love her his inner voice said
sanskar is happy that he finally got a conclusion about his feelings towards swara
Sanskar thinks to himself”before anyone take swara from me i should propose her”Then he got out from his thoughts by swara holding his hand and saying which shocked him
swara – i am sry rahul to say this he is my fiance MR.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
rahul and sanskar both gets shocked sanskar is happy and on cloud nine he is about to say something but swara presses his hand he keeps mum
rahul – wat do u think i will believe u ?? the person who doesnot want to marry in her life is marrying a person that too a buisiness man and mohit ya how can i forget about him even today i remember ur words that u love ur brother more than ur life if u marry then ur husband becomes a barrier between u and ur brother
sanskar is shocked to lusten this
Swara – yes i used to say that but not now and ha coming to sanskar he is well settled and succesful buisiness man with whose company my family is dealing with and coming to mohit sanskar understands mina and mohits relationship
rahul – i dont believe u swara becozzz u can do anything for someone’s happiness wat if u r telling this just becozz u wanted me to move on ??
Swara – ok so u want proof right
sanskar to himself – now wat if she kisses u infront of him dont expect too much sanskar maheswari she will not do anthing like that ”
swara – ok hav u seen my brother leaving me alone that too at these type of places
rahul says “no”
Ok another proof

she calls mohit and keeps it in speaker
mohit – ha di tell me hav u reached is there any problm ??
Swara – ha we reached mohit ragini laksh and uttara went to climb giant wheel and all and me and sanskar are buying some ear rings
mohit – i am glad that sanskar is with u . U r really lucky to hav sanskar with u .i feel that u r safe in his hands
swara thinks to herself”thanks my dear bro u r saying everything that i wanted u to say but i hav to cut the call before he speaks something that reveals everything”
Swara – ok mohit i hav just called u to inform that we reached so we will be coming in an hour
Mohit – ok di take care bye and she cuts the call
swara – now will u believe me
rahul’s eyes are moist
swara notices this and tells to herself”i am sry rahul u r my best frnd but i cant make u wait more as i am.not going to marry in my life And i dont love u”
rahul – swara i am happy that u r finally getting married but i can lie that i am happy with ur partner as i was supposed to be there but i wanted to say onething mr.sanskar maheswari
u r really lucky to hav her she is a superb girl and an awedome person congratualations and ha dont invite me for ur wedding bye and he goes from there
(Rahul is very good and he is best frnd of swara but she talks less from the time she knows his feelings as she feels if she moves closely even aftr knowing the truth he may misunderstand her closeness)
Swara – i am sry sanskar as i told u tjat u r my fiance without asking u
sanskar – its ok swara but y did u tell like that
swara – becoz he is loving me since 7 yrs
sanskar with his mouth open “what 7 years And u”
Swara – me i dont love him infact i dont love anyone except my family infact i dont want any such type of relations like marriage and all yes i believe mafriage is sacred but i feel i cant do justice for it so i hav decided not to marry if we marry we hav to give the max importance u our life partner but i cant as i already gave it to 3 people i cant make the other person suffer so i dont marry
sanskar – wat if someone who understands ur love towards ur brother and family meets u as u said to him??
Swara – no one can be like that sanskar anyways lets leave that topic and i dont want rahul to suffer if i didnot tell him that u r my fiance he would hav still been loving me which i dont want i want him to be happy

sanskar – do u think he will forget u ??
Swara – i know he will not it takes time thats why i hav moved away from him to make sure that he forgets me now atleadt knowing that i am getting married to someone else
sanskar thinks to himself”yaar sanskar acha kiya tune usse propose nahi kiya varna wo tujhse bhi door jaa chuki hogi and he imagines swara ignoring him and shouts nahi:
Swara gets startled and says”wat happened to u ”
Sanskar – nothing ok now u hav promised me that u will buy some thing for u
swara – ha i hav bought it na some pendents
sanskar – no not that and sanskar shows some beautiful necklace and says
sanskar – it suits u swara please take it he insiste and she takes that tries on it
she pulls her hair front and puts that chain in her neck her back is visible to not only him but some men are staring her but swara is struggling her neck piece then sanskar immediately goes to her and helps her wearing it they both hav an eyelock then swara sees those men who are staring at her in the mean while sanskar puts her hair backwards swara stare him
sanskar – i am sry but wo
swara – i can understand tanq they move away from each other when they hear ragini and uttara and laksh’s voices
laksh ragini and uttara comes there they all reach
their respective places

Precap – sanskar thinks of plans to make swara fall in love with him and swara tells sanskar some flashback only somepart to sanskar

I am sry guys if i hav dissappointed u but tomorrow i will write some swasan scenes for sure

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