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Chapter 105

Here we go
@ gadodia mansion

Swara sees aarav coming. She calls his name. Aarav gets very happy seeing swara. He runs to her and swara bends and hugs him.
Aarav – mummaaa you know I missed you so much…. I love you
Swara – I love you too aarav….. Acha tell me where were you till now?? You know the moment I came here I was searching for you…..
Aarav – I am sry mummaaa I went to tuition… You know I hate all these…. I wanted to stay at home and play with chachu, daadu, bade daadu and all… But dad is not listening to me… (aarav talks without even breathing)
Swara (calming him) – shhh……calm down calm down….. Saas toh lelo….
Aarav (dramatically) – Saas leniki fursat hi kaha hai mummaaa……
Swara (laughs at his dialogue) – ha Tum toh apne Papa (sanskar) se bhi busy ho….
Aarav (hits his head) – ohhh shit mummaaa I totally forgot about Papa where is he??
Swara – your Papa went to US…..
Aarav – hooooo so bad he went without meeting me…. I won’t talk to him….
Swara (smiles) – ok ok fight with him after he comes… Now go and get freshen…. Let’s have dinner together….. Ok??
Aarav – ok mummaaa….

Just then mohit and uttara comes to the hall.
Mohit – di did aarav came?? I heard his voice…
Swara – ha just now….. Went to his room…..
Chalo tum dono…. Go and sit for dinner… I will go and call everyone….
Mohit holds swara and takes her to the dining table.
Mohit – you sit here…. I will go and call everyone….
Swara – bachu….. You worked in the office too and now also…..
Mohit – diiiiii I am not going to do any work…. I am just going to call them….
Uttara – bhabhi mohit ko chodiye…. Aap Jane waali thi sab ko bulaane ke liye…. Even you are tired… You were busy with operations the whole day….. Aren’t you tired??
Swara (smiles) – no I am fine Acha I have a solution…. I will call lucky and ask him to call everyone for dinner as he and ragini are upstairs…..
Uttara – ha this is good…
Swara calls laksh and asks him to call everyone for dinner….
Mohit (to cook) – kaka khana lagaayiye….
Swara is about to get up but mohit signs her to sit and signs Uttara to go and help cook in bringing the dishes…
Uttara goes….

Swara – mohit abhi se bechari ko kaam karne keliye bolra hai not good ha….
Mohit – di….. I am not telling her to do any work… It’s just a small thing…
Swara – acha small thing…. Then you to go and help her….
Mohit – di…. Don’t expect too much from me… I am not an ideal husband like jiju….
Swara – I don’t want you to become like your jiju but at least try to be a life partner…. R u getting me….
Mohit – ya
Mohit goes to call every one for dinner while uttara arranges the table along with kaka.

Everyone comes to the dining hall including Anand….. Swara makes aarav sit beside her and everyone eats…. Mohit struggles to eat roti…. Swara sees this and males the roti into pieces…
Swara – abb Khao….
Mohit (opens his mouth) – khilaoooo….
Everyone smiles at his act…
Swara feeds him.
Swara – mohit you told that you got used to eat by yourself….??
Mohit – ha di…. Maa will give me by making pieces but today as you were there ma thought that you will feed me (dramatically) par ma ko kya Pata ki aap pehle vaali di nahi rahi……
ALL smiles…..

Swara – that’s why I told you to be away from lucky…. See you also began to act like him…
Laksh – bhabhi……. Please don’t blame me haaaa your brother is a big dramebaaz more than me….
Aarav – ha you are right uncle…. Chachu is a big dramebaaz….
Laksh – ha you are right…(realizes that Aarav called him uncle) wait wait uncle kisko bola tumne….
Aarav – aapko…
Laksh (with shocked expression) – mai uncle diktha Hu tujhe bhayya bulao….. Mai bhi bacha hi Hu…..
Uttara – bhai.. Please stop joking ha… U and bacha……
Mohit – Laksh please ha tell lies which can be believed…
Swara – mohit stop teasing my devar…. He is right he is still a kid….
Mohit leans to swara and whispers in her ears – his age is of becoming a father but calling himself a kid wahhhhh….
Swara (whispers) – shhhhh chup Kar
Mohit – Sach me di aap shaadi Karo iske jiju se pehle baap ban jayega ye….
Swara – mohit please stop if BP listens then he will start pulling your leg….
Mohit becomes silent….
Laksh stares angrily at Mohit…..
Mohit gives him a sheepish smile.
Swara – Aarav Laksh ko uncle mat bulana…. Wo ragini Bua ke hone waale Pati hai na toh phupa bulalo ok….
Aarav – ok mumma….

Anand – Aarav if you finished dinner then go and sleep tomorrow you have to get up early na…
Aarav – no daddy please…..
Swara – Mohit if you finished your dinner then take Aarav to your room we will join you….
Mohit takes aarav with him…..
Swara – BP how can you let this happen??
BP – what did I do now??
Swara – Aarav is a kid BP let him enjoy his childhood…. Why are you all torturing him with back to back classes…. Let him play have fun and spend time with family…..
BP – haaa ma I know I already talked about this to Anand but…..
Anand – Shona I have decided this…. If you have any problem then talk with me bade Papa ko involve mat Karo……
Swara – ok then I will talk to you directly….
Saying this swara goes from there…..
Anand too follows swara….
ALL finishes dinner and talks for sometime…. Later laksh and uttara leaves for MM.

Swara and Anand sit in garden…..
Swara – aap kya karne ki koshish karre hai??
Anand – I don’t understand what’s wrong in this…. I am trying to make my son best in everything…. I know he will suffer now but he will feel proud when he realizes that he is good at everything…..
Swara – but he is loosing his childhood….. He will be mentally disturbed…….
Swara – kya aap usse bhi apni Tarah banana chahte hai??
Anand – stop it shona…. Even I didn’t experience my childhood that doesn’t mean I am not happy now…. See me I have everything….. Tell me one thing which I don’t have??
Swara – memories…….
Silence took place for a few moments
Swara (continued) – you don’t have memories……. Which I, mohit and ragini have…… I know what happened with you is wrong…. Papa BP daadu everyone gave more importance to our families reputation than your happiness….. But please think of this calmly…..your childhood is not in your hands but you have your son’s childhood…… I hope you will do the best for him.
Saying this swara is about to go
Anand – shona I still don’t agree with you completely but I believe in one thing…. You are more responsible when it comes to aarav…
Swara smiles and leaves

Next morning
Swara is sleeping….. Sanskar calls her….
Seeing the caller ID she smiles and attends the call without getting up…..
Swara (in a sleepy tone) – Kab waapas aare ho (when are you coming back??)
Sanskar (smiles) – so I was right….. I expected that you will be still sleeping…. Swara you are becoming lazy day by day
Swara – arre nahi baba I had a very lengthy conversation with bhayya last night and slept late….
Sanskar – ohhh ha I forgot what did he say??
Swara – what will he say?? He agreed…. From today onwards aarav will not attend any extra classes… He will enjoy his childhood (saying this swara stretches her left hand which hits mohit)
Mohit winces in pain (ahhhh di)
Swara makes a puppy face
Sanskar(without knowing that mohit got hurt) – ohhh that’s great….
Swara – what’s great ha because of you I hit my bachu…. I am sry mohit I didn’t see
Sanskar – arre what happened??

Swara explains him how she unfortunately hit mohit
Sanskar – ha toh issme meri kya galti hai (haa so what’s my fault in this)
Swara – sanskar it’s all your fault before meeting you I was not like this…. I used to be balanced but now I am jumping and reacting more for a small thing…
They both go on argue…. Mohit puts cotton in his ears and turns to another side and sleeps……..
Sanskar (accepting defeat) – acha ok baba it’s all my fault now don’t be angry….. You know I wanted to hug you and kiss you…. I am missing you sooooo much
Swara (becoming sad) – haaa I too am missing you so much sanskar jaldi aajao na please
Sanskar – ha pakka…….
Like that they have a beautiful morning chat which is night for sanskar…..

Sanskar’s pa – sir I didn’t expect this move from you sir…..now no one can stop you from getting this project…..
Sanskar – I know but make sure this deal should be signed within 3 hrs after that i have to take the flight……
Sanskar’s pa – sure sir
Saying this he leaves
Sanskar(to himself) – I am going to surprise you swara…..your love made me do the work in 2 days which should be done in 1 week… I can’t wait to see you…… I love you swara….. (kisses swara’s pic in his mobile)

Guys this is the last but one chapter….and the next part will be the last one…… Once I get free time I will start with season 2 after I finish the kiss that i hate the most….. Sry for disappointing you all

Precap – swara gets to know the truth and confronts Anand….. Anand and swara gets ready to leave gadodia mansion….. Sanskar’s arrival

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