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All reached sunshine hospitals and parineeta is taken inside for further procedure.
Here all are playing with the newly born baby. (it’s a baby girl)
Adarsh is holding his baby. Ap is sitting beside Adarsh and playing with her.
Ap – Adarsh she went on u completely. Sujatha see her even Adarsh used to lick his fingers in the same way na…..
Sujatha – ha jiji you are right..
All youngsters are standing separately forming a circle..
Laksh – these elders will never change. They starts searching for similarities from now only… Arre who will tell them that all the babies will lick their fingers in the same way….
All laugh ?
Swara – shhh lucky stop it…
Laksh – haha ok but seriously if they find a baby crying like me then they will bring the baby to me and say (imitates Ap and Sujatha’s voices) laksh ye Tera hi bacha Hai…. See he is crying like you only….
All laughs and sanskar gives hi-fi to laksh…
Sanskar – haha true lucky…..
Swara – sanskar stop it… Don’t laugh at ma and badima…. Elders will get to know by seeing the babies who they look alike….
Just then mohit comes there..
Mohit – di.. How is pari bhabhi….
Swara – fine…. Priya took for further procedure…. Where is raagu… You told that she too is coming with you…..
Mohit – ha she is parking the car….
Swara – ok.. Thank God she came… At least she will control lucky…. He is continuously commenting ma and badima….
Mohit – hahaha really….. What is he saying??
Laksh – ohhh wowww audience are increasing for my show….. OK I will repeat again…. (sets his tone and about to start)
Swara – koi zaroorat nahi hai… Chup chap khadi raho yaa phir jao jaake romance Karo apni fiance se…..
Swasanmohutt laughs..
Laksh – bhabhi you are my team…
Swara – ha…. OK ok…
Just then priya comes out…
All gets up to ask her about parineeta but she asks them to sit as the procedure is not completed yet.
Priya directly goes to Swara.
Swara – what happened priya… Is everything OK??
Sanskar – priya bhabhi tike na??
Priya – ha she is fine but I need some details. you have done her delivery na??
Swara – ha is there any problem…
Priya – no I need your help…. Come with me…
Swara – ok….
Swara and priya goes….

Just then ragini comes in with parineeta’s family.
Adarsh takes their blessings and gives them baby…
Whereas ragini starts Talking with sanlakmohutt
Sanskar – waise ragini where did you find them??
Ragini – when I was coming from that side.. I heard them talking about parineeta bhabhi… I understood that they were searching for the ward so I brought them here…
Parineeta’s mom – Annapurna ji who is that girl… (showing ragini)
Ap – she is ragini, Laksh’s fiance………ragini…
(ap calls ragini and sanlakmohutt comes along with her)
Parineeta – she is very nice…. When we were searching for parineeta’s ward she only brought us here. She is very polite…..Annapurna ji you are very lucky as you got such a beautiful and good person as your bahu…
Ap – ha we are very lucky…..
Sanlakutt takes blessings from parineeta’s mom and dad.
Ap – he is mohit Swara’s younger brother and ragini’s elder brother….
Mohit – namaste Aunty….
Parineeta’s mom – namaste beta…. If I am not wrong he is going to be ur son-in-law right sujatha ji…
Sujatha – ji…. ha…. He is very obedient and good..
Parineeta’s mom – sanskar because of you your family got so much happiness…
Sanskar (confused) – ji….. Mai..
Parineeta’s mom – ha because if u have not married Swara then this wouldn’t have happened na??Sach mein Swara bahut achi hai…. I have heard a lot about Swara from parineeta. She always praises Swara.
Just then Swara comes there…. She sees parineeta’s mom and tries to bend to take blessings but she stops her and hugs her…
Parineeta’s mom – you should not bend like this….
Swara – ha Aunty sorry bhul gayi…. Waise kaise hai app??hospital dudne mein koyi pareshaani toh nahi huyi naa……
Parineeta’s mom – noooo….seems Your hospital is very famous here…. Our driver knows the way…
Mohit – di…. Did you eat something??
Swara – ha I will eat…..
Sanskar – Swara first come with me…
Sanskar holds Swara’s hand…. And takes her with him.
Priya comes there.
Priya – Aunty you can see her after 1 hour. She is fine now…
Ap – thank you so much beta…
Priya – it’s my duty Aunty….
Mohit – bhabhi… Check di once. I think she is tired….
Priya – mohit she is fine….. Acha tum ek kaam Karo pickup aarav from school in the evening… Because I have operations and Anand is busy….
Mohit – ok bhabhi…..
Parineeta’s mom – mohit beta is she your bhabhi??
Mohit – ji ha…
Ap – ya Swara has an elder brother Anand. Priya is his wife….
Parineeta’s mom – ohhh ok….


Sanskar is feeding Swara
Swara – sanskar I can eat….
Sanskar – I know that…. How u will eat…. That’s why I am feeding you… Shut up and have it.
Swara – sanskar please stop I am full.
Sanskar – Swara one more bite…. I promise this is the last one…..
Swara – no I Can’t eat more… Heavy….
Sanskar – see how your patients are looking at you. If you don’t eat then they too will follow you…. Eat now…
Swara – sanskar Mai choti bachi thodi na hu…. You are talking as if I am a small kid….
Sanskar – yes you are..
Swara – no I am not…
Sanskar – then eat..
Swara – no…
Sanskar gets irritated….
Sanskar – Swara if you don’t eat then……
Swara – ha then…
Sanskar(goes near her) – then I will kiss you(winks at her)
Swara takes the bite immediately.
Sanskar laughs at her tensed face.

After some time dp and rp come to hospital and see Parineeta and play sometime with the baby. After that all leave from there except as its time for sanskar’s flight.
Sanskar goes to Parineeta’s ward – how are you feeling bhabhi??
Parineeta – much better sanskar…
Sanskar – ok then bye bhabhi I am leaving…. See you after 1 week..
Adarsh – haaa sanskar reh paayega na Swara ke bina…
Sanskar – bhai…..
Parineeta – Adarsh bechare ko tang mat Karoooo….
Sanskar hugs Adarsh and gives a side hug to Parineeta who is sitting on the bed.
Parish – take care sanskar…..
Sanskar – ok bhai bhabhi………
All MF family leaves to MM.
Sanskar goes to his room to pack his luggage but he is shocked to see his luggage packed………
Just then Swara comes…
Swara – sanskar check karlo packing kardi Maine kuch chahiye toh Bata dena….
Sanskar – sudrogi nahi na…… You will never change….. (turns his face to other side)
Swara goes and back hugs him.
Swara – sorry na sanskar……. OK I promise I will not do any work from now
Sanskar holds her hands and kisses them.
He turns and kisses her forehead. She kisses his cheeks and hugs him tightly.
Swara – I miss you
Sanskar – miss you more……. Just then laksh and mohit come to call them.
Mohlak – di/bhabhi…. Bhai /jiju….
Swasan gets separated.
All four gets embarrassed.
Mohit – di did you pack your luggage??
Swara – ha bachu I am ready.
Mohit – ok di then we will go to GM directly from airport.
Swara – haaa Parr……
Sanskar – don’t worry Swara. I have talked to badepappa about this and he gave permission.
Swara smiles – thank you……
They all go down.
Sanskar takes elders blessings.
Ap – Apna khyal rakhna sanskar
Sanskar – ok ma
Sujatha – tikh se khao sanskar
Sanskar – tike mom I will. You don’t worry.
Sujatha – Swara tum bhi Apna khyal rakhna…
Swara – ok ma. U too please take care of yourself.
Swasanlakmoh leaves to airport.


Swara and sanskar are sitting away from lakmoh and talking. I Swara is telling sanskar to take care of him while sanskar keeps on staring her.
Swara(shakes him) – sanskar are you listening??
Sanskar – Mann nahi Kar raha tume chodkar jaane ka……
Just then they hear the announcement ?
Swara – come come you are getting late……
Sanskar hugs laksh and mohit.
Sanskar – take care of Swara.
Mohit – don’t worry jiju we will…
Sanskar gives them a fake smile.
Sanskar again hugs laksh.
Laksh – take care bhai. Bhabhi ki chintha mat kijiye.
Laksh gives an assuring smile. Sanskar hugs Swara tightly and he gets teary eyed but Swara stays strong.(actually acts to be strong)
Sanskar – Kam se Kam dikhane keliye toh rothi….
Swara hits him – shut up and go. I you are getting late.
In meanwhile he hears his name. With this he rushes giving a kiss on forehead. As soon as sanskar disappears from her sight she starts crying ?.
Mohit and laksh holds her. Swara hugs mohit and cries.
Mohit – di relax…jiju Jaldi vaapas aajayenge.
Swara (wipes her tears) – hmm I know. It’s just that I miss him….
Laksh – shall I call him back…
Swara (shouts) – no…..
Lakmoh smiles at her childish behavior. Swara pouts….. Laksh and mohit hugs her. Laksh takes a selfi
Laksh – selfi with rondu ? bhabhi (? winks at mohit)
Mohit – ya right…..
Swara – ohhh hello u both…. Stop teasing me ok. I I am not rondhu. I am fine…..

All three goes to GM.
Here sanskar boards the flight ✈. I he settles in his seat but all he could think was about Swara….after a lot of thoughts he fell asleep.


sumi and priya welcomes Swara. Gives her Aarti.
Swara as soon as she enters hugs bp.
Bp – Maa how are you??
Swara – very fine
Bp – sanskar??
Swara gets sad hearing sanskar’s name but soon composes herself.
But bp understands her and hugs her. She too hugs him and gets teary eyed.
Later Swara goes and hugs Shekhar and they all keeps on talking to divert Swara. Later mohit makes Swara sleep and later he sleeps beside her. Laksh too stays there as its too late.

Precap – swasan call conversation and Swara and Anand’s emotional talk. Raglak and uttmoh moments.

It’s quite long chapter. Hope you enjoyed

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