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Chapter 102

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All r sitting in the hall and spending some quality time after the heavy meal where swara ,ap and sujatha are arranging the table.

Ap – swara beta hum karlenge u go and sit.
Swara – no badimaa its ok i can work infact i must have some exercise and waise bhi main hospital jari hu, mere har kam khud kar rahi hu same as before and if i can do all those then y not this ??
Ap – arre par…
Sujatha – rehnedo jiji she is not going to listen to us…
Ap and sujatha smile at each other.
Sanskar is busy in call and all others are busy in chatting.

Sanskar finishes his call and joins others.
Mohit – jiju where is di ??
Sanskar – i think she is taking rest in our room. Y ??
Mohit – no jiju di did not go up. She is here only…i thought she is with u and u both r….
Laksh(winks) – romancing…haha bhai aapke lila majnu ke love story ke baare mein mohit ko bhi pata chal gayi…he too thinks that u r romancing with ur wife haha…..
Sanskar – lucky….here we r worried for swara…and u…started joking….
Mohit – jiju i think….

Sanskar – ha i too think the same….
(sanskar and mohit know that swara can’t sit quietly and she started working)
Laksh (laughs) – bhai…u both r sounding like typical cid officers…haha
(Imitates abijit and joseph voices)
Mohit (worried) – laksh hum
Laksh – relaxxx…mohit…bhabhi ghar mein hi hai…kahi nai gayi hai..

Sanskar(shouts) – shut up lucky….y don’t u understand…..
Swara(coming from kitchen) – sanskar…y r u shouting at lucky…
Sanskar and mohit gets angry seeing her position.
(She is tired and sweating)
Sanskar (angry) goes near her – wat is this swara ?? I told u take com
plete rest but u will never listen….u will always do wat u wanted to do right ??
Swara – sanskar listen to me….i….
Mohit – no di…this time jiju is right (holds her face and wipes the sweat) see this u r sweating badly…come sit here….
Sanskar and mohit make swara sit in sofa and sanskar makes her drink water…
Swara gets irritated with their over care where others are sitting and njoying the view.
Laksh sees swara’s irritated face and sanmoh’s angry face and he tries to lighten the environment.
Laksh – baapre baap…u two..plzzz stop this OP session…don’t irritate my bhabhi….
Sanmoh – op ??
Laksh – ha over protection….

Swara(pouts) – OC bhi…luckyyy…
laksh – ha bhabhi…
Sanmoh(irritated) – abb iska full form kya hain ??
Swalak(at a time) – over care….
Sanmoh frowns….
Mohit – dii…do u think that we r over caring ??
Swara – no bachu but….

Sanskar – even if u think so i don’t care swara and now i have decided i am not going to US leaving u here…
Thats it swara gets angry becozzz of her mood swings….
Swara – stop it sanskar….y r u over reacting…i will see how will u not go there…..
Laksh – bhabhi…relax….
Swara – no lucky….and ha sanskar y r u shouting at lucky….ha ?? U hav become impatient these days…
Laksh holds swara – bhabhi…calm down…its not good for ur health…
Mohit – ha di…relax…ok i agree that we r over reacting and we r sry for that….hain na jiju…
(Sanskar is shocked becozz swara never talked like this with him)
Swara (cries) – see he is not responding….he is not sry…
Sanskar realises and holds her hand – arre meri ma…i am sry ….plzzz don’t cry…
And he wipes her tears….
Swara – ok but say u will go to US….
Sanskar – ok…i will go…now plzzz go and take rest…
Swara – ok….
Swara goes…
As soon as she goes all starts laughing while adarsh gives a sympathy look to sanskar….
Adarsh – sanskar these mood swings r common in pregnency don’t worry do teen hafton ki baat hain ….

Sanskar (hopefully and excitedly) – uske baad normal hojayegi ??
Adarsh – nahi….tujhe aadat hojayegi…..
All laughs hardly…while mohit gives an angry look to ragini..
Mohit goes amd sits beside ragini.
Mohit – ragini…instead of sitting here u could have gone to help di na ??
Ragini – ha bhai…but i didnot know that di is doing work…if i knew i would have gone..i am sry….
Mohit – its ok but aage se dhyan rakna…becozzz di will be in GM for the next one week..
Ragini – ok bhai…
Mohit leaves…
All this conversation is witnessed by laksh.
He takes ragini to his room.
Both sits on bed and laksh stares ragini with love..

Ragini – laksh kya hua y r h staring me ??
Laksh – becozzzz today my love for u has increased more by seeing ur behaviour….seriously ragini u have changed. I thought u will react negatively but u reacted so calmly….u have changed and i am happy about it.
Ragini – ha and u changed me.. u r right laksh if i were the old ragini then i would get mad at bhai for blaming me and thats the reason for our fights but now i understood that relations r much more important than ego….
Laksh (hugs her) – i love u ragini…
Ragini(reciprocates) – i love u too laksh….

@swasan room

Swara is sitting on the bed completely embarrased.
Sanskar comes there.
As soon as he comes she hugs him tightly.
Swara – i am sry sanskar i shouldnot have shouted at u but i don’t know wat happened i got angry and i shouted…
Sanskar(embraces her tightly making her feel protected in his arms) – its ok swara and i know this is common in pregnency….its not ur fault…
Swara – ha its ur fault…
Sanskar(confused) – mine ??

Swara – ha tumi ne banaya mujhe pregnen…..
Swara suddenly stops saying realising…..but its too late to control sanskar…
Sanskar moving forward while swara stepping backward.
Sanskar – ohhhh so u r blaming me for this ??(raising his one eye brow)
Swara – sanskar……

Sanskar(huskily) – its ok swara and i am ready to take this blame again again
Sanskar holds swara and cups her face….kisses her forehead…then cheeks….
And then peck her lips.
Swara opens her eyes….but seeing sanskar soo close she again closes her eyes giving him a positive sign….with this sanskar captures her lips and she too respond to the kiss. Both kiss passionately.
He sits on the bed and makes her sit in his lap. He kisses her neck and back hugs her tightly….

He keeps his hand on her bare belly under her sari…
Sanskar – baby…..come out fast…..becozzzz ur is planning for ur brother or sister from now only….
Swara hearing this blushes hard and gets up from his lap….
Sanskar too gets up…
Sanskar – u look more beautiful wen u blush….I LOVE U..
Swara – I LOVE U TOO (hugs him)
Sanskar – promise me that u will take care of urself and our baby….
Swara – ok baba i promise , i will take care of me and our child. Happy…

Sanskar – very happy…but at the same time very sad….hu…swara jana zaroorj hai kya ??
Swara – sanskar bachon ki tarah behave mat karo…i told u na…u hav to go…
Sanskar – mere saare bache bahut pareshaan hojayenge tumhari wahe se…i can see their future…
Swara – ohh…hello saare ka kya matlab hai ?? How many kids do h want ?? Ha ??
Sanskar – frankly i want 5 children that too at a time….i will hold three and u will hold two….
Swara (shocked) – sanskar 5 ?? Seriously ?? I am not a baby manufacturing machine….i will die….
Sanskar – shhhh….stop it swara…i am joking….and i can’t see u in pain…if i can i could have taken all ur pain…..but….its not possible na…only u girls have right on this pain….
Swara – no sanskar….wen u r with me nothing is painful to me…everything seems to be perfect and gives only happiness and for ur happiness i am ready to bear any pain and i love that pain which gives u happiness…
Sanskar – and i hate that happiness which gives u pain….
Swara puts her hands on his mouth
Swara – shhhh don’t say like that…

Sanskar – don’t worry i am not saying about our kids….and woh toh unka hak hain….even i will help them in troubling their mommy…
Swara – sanskar……(laughs)
Suddenly they hear parineeta’s scream…..
They all rush down….
Adarsh was taking parineeta to car but seeing parineeta’s condition swara stops him..
Parineeta(screams) – omg my baby is coming…ahhhh i can’t handle this pain…ahhhh….i am dieing…..ahh…

Sanskar gets shocked and afraid imagining swara in that situation but brushed off his thoughts.
Swara – adarsh bhai it will take 1 hour to reach the hospital but bhabhi can’t wait till then….ok don’t worry we can take to near by hospital i know its small but we don’t have other option.
They all take parineeta to that hospital.
Swara starts the process by taking priya’s help on video call ,the other nurses and doctor present there starts helping swara.
After sometime…they hear a baby sound and nurse brings the baby outside…..
Adarsh holds the baby and gets teary eyed….
Adarsh – how is parineeta…??
Nurse – fine sir…dr.swara is doing some further procedure..

Sanskar – and how is she ??
Nurse gets confused but all understands his concern for swara and teases him.
Swara comes out and soon sanskar rushes to her.
Before he asks something she says.
Swara – i am fine sanskar don’t worry (to all) and now we should take bhabhi to my hospital to get the further procedure done…don’t worry i have called priya and she made all the arrangements..
All nods and takes parinneta to sunshine hospitals.

Precap – sanskar worried , going to us and swasan missing each other

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