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Episode 101

Here we go

After having dinner all go to their respective rooms.

@swasan room

Swara sits on the bed holding her legs. Sanskar comes out from the washroom and sees swara holding her legs. Swara seeing sanskar acts to be normal hiding her leg pain.
Sanskar goes and sits infront of her touching her legs. She tries to keep her legs down but sanskar holds them and starts massaging her ankeks and foot.
Swara – sanskar kya karre ho ??
Sanskar – madam no need to hide from me. I can understand ur every problm without any words. I know ur legs r paining. I have read that during pregnency heat will be formed in the foot and should be removed by massaging with oil.
Swara(smiles) – kaha suna ye sab tum ??
Sanskar – i searched in net
Swara – hmmm toh yeh sab karte ho tum ofc jakar…ha….u search about diet and habits of pregnent woman instead of working ??
Sanskar – no i am doing my work too…
Swara – no u r not…..and leave my foot. Now i am fine…
Sanskar – no u r not…..i told u many times not to climb the steps so many times but u never listen to me….
Swara(pouts) – abb tum mujhe daatoge ??

Sanskar kisses her pout – swara u know na i am worried for u…so plzzz take care of urself and plzzz stop ur social service..now u r not alone…(touching her belly) our baby is growing inside u. U should take care of him too…
Swara(entwinting her fingers in sanskar’s) – sanskar u don’t worry about me ok ??i am fine…and as everything is fine now u concentrate on ur work….already u have neglected ur work alot becozz of me…
Sanskar cups her face – sh….aisa kuch nahi hai….don’t even think like that….i am concentrating on my work too….i can handle u don’t take tension…
Swara – if so then y did u refuse to go to us ??
Sanskar – how do u know ?? Did badepapa …
Swara – badepapa ne kuch nahi kaha ?? I heard ur talks….and its good that i heard it warna meri waje se tumhara nuksan hojatha…
Sanskar – swara stop saying like that….its not becozzz of u. Decision is mine. I want to be with u and take care of u thats y i am not going.
Swara – sanskar its ur dream na….how can u leave that plzzz go. I am fine here and see all are here to take care of me. Plzzz sanskar…

Sanskar – swara hum iss barei mein aakhri baar baat kar rahe hain…we r not going to talk about this again. Right now nthng is important to me more than u. I am not going and that is final.
Swara(angry) – u r going sanskar and i will make sure of that….
Sanskar(tries to calm swara) – swara try to understand. I don’t want to leave u even for a second. U know how difficult it is for me to live without u. This room became a hell for me without u….
Swara(teary eyed) – bahut dard diya na meine tume ??
Sanskar(wiping her tears) – noo swara….nthng like that and i am sry i had hurt u alot. I don’t want to say all these. The only thing i want to say is i can’t stay away from u.

Swara hugs sanskar
Swara(still hugging) – even i can’t stay away from u but this is important sanskar..plzzz go…its just a matter of 7 days…
Sanskar – just ??its just for u ?? Swara its 7 days…..that means 7×24 hours that means 7×24×60 minutes…..
Swara(laughs) – sanskar u r too lazy na…u can’t even multiply the digits….
Sanskar too laughs still hugging.
Swara – even i miss u but this project is important for ur company thats i am forcing u. Plzzz try to understand me. If u don’t go then i will guilty that becoz of me u left ur dream…
Sanskar – no need to feel guilty swara becozzz its not becoz of u but becoz of me…i took this decision for my happiness. I will be happy with u so i am staying thats all…..now leave this matter….
Swara – par sanska….
Sanskar kisses her shushing her…..for a long time….
After that he makes her sleep on his chest without giving her a chance to speak…..
Swara having no option sleeps like a obedient child deciding to convince sanskar later.

Next day

Sanskar gets up first and arranges everything, takes out swara’s clothes and brings tea for her.
Swara gets up and gets surprised to see all that…but acts to be angry…
Sanskar – now what did i do ?? Y r u seeing with fury eyes ??
Swara – i don’t want to talk with u so plzz mive from my way (saying this she leaves to washroom)
Sanskar becomes sad.
Swara (to herself) – i am sry sanskar i know u r sad by my behaviour but this is the only way to convince u…
After sometime both swasan gets freshen.
Sanskar tries to talk to swara but she ignores him.

Just then laksh and ragini enter their room..
Laksh(in a musical tone) – bhabhi……i am back…
Sanskar (cursing under his breath) – gadha. Very bad timing lucky….
Swara – hiii lucky gud mrng….raagu…wat r u doing here that too early mrng…
Ragini – diii woh actually i am not going to clg today so i thought to spend sometime with u all.
Swara – ohhh..ok
Sanskar – with us or to spend some romantic time with laksh..
Ragini – hahaha laksh…if its a joke then a very bad one jiju….laksh and romance immpossible…gadha hai….
All r shocked first becozz she openly told it and later swasan starts laughing whereas ragini is embarrased and laksh is angry.
Sanskar (laughing) – u r absolutely right ragini…gadha hai mera bhai….
Swara – enough….shut ur mouth both of u…don’t even dare to say a word against my devar….
Laksh goes and hugs swara like a small child complaining to his mom.
Laksh (hugging swara) – thankyou bhabhi.. i don’t want to talk with these people chalo bhabhi yaha se…
Swara breaks the hug and rubs his hair – ha ok chalo…lucky u don’t feel bad ok…these r bad people…
Sanskar – hmmm lucky i am sure my son will be more mature than his chachu. Swara have to manage 2 kids after that….
Swara – no 3….
Both swara and laksh give hifi to each other.
Sanskar – u mean i am a kid ?? Ragini see ur sister..
Ragini – dii…u can’t call jiju a kid….he is mire mature than laksh….
Sanskar – ha wahi toh…
Swara – i just increased the number…did i call u a kid ?? No na ?? Then y did u take it for urself ??
Sanskar becomes numb whereas swalak leaves laughing…..

After sometime mohit too comes there. Mohit and uttara passes a smile to each other.
After having breakfast mohit swaragini sanlak adarsh parineetha are sitting in adarsh’s room.
Mohit – di r u fine ??
Swara – ha bachu….abb tak pandrah baar puch chuka hai…
Mohit – woh issliye kyun ki mujhe kuch teekh nahi lagraha…r u angry with someone ??
Sanskar – ha u r right mohit…ur di is boiling with anger
All together – with whom ??
Sanskar (pouts like a kid) – with me ??
Uttara – with u but y bhai ??
Swara – becozzz ur bhai is mad uttara…hu..anyways talking about ur brother is waste of time…
Mohit – di y r u saying like that ??baat kya hain ??
Sanskar – mohit baat kuch nahi hai…i have to attend a meetingbwhich is held in US. And i refused to go..thats y madam is angry with me.
Swara – ohhh hello..thats not the thing say it clearly…actually its his dream project mohit…he has been working hard for that from years and now wen he is very nearer to his goal he is refusing to go just becozzz he has to take care of me..
Laksh – ha bhai..bhabhi is right u should go. We all here to take care of her.
Mohit – ha jiju u don’t worry…jab tak aap bahi aate di GM mein rahegi…
Laksh – nooo wat do u mean…we can’t take care of her ??
Mohit – noooo i didn’t mean that….but u know na laksh i will be happy if my di is with me….she will be always with u but wat about us ?? We all miss her (tearyeyed)
Swara – hoo bachu….y r u becoming sad ha ?? U r strong na ?? Ok i will come there for one week.
Mohit becomes happy and hugs swara.
Sanskar – wats going on here ?? Ha ?? I am not going any where so u all stop this topic here itself.
Swara(angry) – ok then jana ya na jana tumhari marzi hai…whom am i to tell u…
Sanskar – swara its not like that…
Swara – let me complete mr.maheswari…u r not going just becozzz u can’t leave me na…u hav decided now listen my decision i am going to gadodia mansion for 1 week. Do watever u want….
Sanskar – swara thats not fair….
Swara stands angrily and walks away….
Adarsh – sanskar…chale jana…sab yahi chahte hain….swara will be sad if u willnot go..
Parineetha – ha sanskar…
All tries to convince sanskar whereas mohit goes to calm down swara.

After a lot of discussion sanskar agrees to go for swara.

@swasan room

Mohit – dii…jiju is right at his position…and u too r…
Swara(starts crying) – its his dream mohit.. how can he leave that just for me ??
Mohit(worried) – di…plzzz don’t cry…plzzz…
Sanskar comes there and sees swara crying and immediately goes to her and hugs her but swara jerks him and hugs mohit…
Sanskar(smiling) – oho….itni…gussa…i came here to tell u that i am going to US. But if u don’t want to listen…its ok
Swara gets halpy hearing this and hugs him tightly..
Mohit – ahem..ahem…di…i am a small kid…let me go outside…
Swara – bachu……u too started teasing me na..
Laksh(comes from behind) – sangat ka asar hai bhabhi…..
Swara(holds his ears) – ha ha dikhra hai….waise sanskar…wen r u leaving ??
Sanskar – yaar kaisi biwi ho tum…pati jaraha hai aur tume dukh bhi nahi hori hai…atleast acting toh karo…
Swara (hits him) – sidhe sidhe jawab nahi de sakte ??
Sanskar – day aftr tomorrow….i have to book the tickets too…
Swara – no need…i told badepapa to book the tickets…
Sanskar – wen ??
Swara – yesterday only…
Sanskar – but that time i was refusing to go
Swara – ha but i am confident that i can convince u….
Sanskar – acha ji…
(Sanskar tries to hold swara but seeing everyone he stops)
Realizing their situation….everyone leaves one by one…
After everyone left…
Sanskar – i don’t know how am i going to spend those 7 days without u.
Swara – mai bhi chalu tumhare saath ??
Sanskar – no i already asked priya…she refused…i mean if its necessary u can travel but continuous sitting is not good for u…..
Swara – hmmmm..(kisses his cheeks) its ok sanskar…..don’t worry….its just a matter of one week…
Sanskar hugs her tightly….

After sometime they break the hug and goes down for lunch.

Precap – parineetha’s delivery and sanskar leaving for US.

I am sry guys…if its boring…its after a long time i am writing this so it takes some time to get into the track so plzzz forgive me

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