Hiiii frndzzz…………… first of all i wanted to say one thing. there is a wedding in my house. so i got involved in those preparations and it is becoming very difficult to manage my studies and works and this so i thought to end my ff’s but it depends on u. if u can wait then i will continue this. i am telling this because i can’t be regular like before because of the wedding and i am feeling really guilty for taking this much time to update.so u all tell me wat to do but if u say it to end plzzz don’t expect a perfect end from me becozzz i can’t do it in one episode.

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Chapter 100

here we go

mohit gets shocked to see swara and sanskar together
mohit – di…..
swasan turns and sees mohit.
swara – mohit come na….i am thinking about u only…..
mohit – di wats going on here ??
swara – bachu first come inside…i will tell u..
mohit comes inside.
swara makes him sit and she sits beside him.
swara holds mohit’s palm and smiles..
mohit(impatiently) – di y r u smiling tell me na…wats happening here
swara – wahi jho bahut pehle hone chahiye thi…
mohit(confused) – matlab ??
swara(looking at sanskar) – mohit i decided to stay here permanently…..
mohit – di say it clearly na…i didnot get u
swara – i forgave sanskar….actually i was no one to forgive. i should seek for his forgiveness for wat i had done to him..
sanskar – smmmmm swara… don’t say like that…
swara – no sanskar i had hurt u alot but still u didnot leave me…i did very wrong with u. i insulted our relation by hiding everything from u.i…..
sanskar – shhhhhhhhh no need to say all these. just forget everything, even i did very wrng with u naaa but still u forgave me na…this is called relationship swara…its all about understanding each other..hai na..
swara nods….
mohit stands suddenly..
mohit – so this means u forgave him… di…..
swara – no mohit i understood him. mohit sanskar se galti huyi hai guna nahi….
mohit – aur dono me kya farak hai ??(and wat’s the difference between both)
swara – galti anjane me hothi hai aur guna…
mohit(angry) – buss diii….i don’t understand y r u taking his side…. he had hurt u alot….
swara gets shocked as mohit never shouts at her
sanskar – mohit badi hai woh tum se u shouldnot shout at her like this..
mohit realizes that he shouted at swara..
mohit – diiii i am sry….i didn’t mean to hurt u….i was angry with ur decision that’s y…..
swara(smiles slightly but supresses) – o should i forgive u ??
mohit – wat do u mean di ??
swara – u shouted at me mohit and u never do that….and i was hurt with ur this behaviour….so should i forgive u or should i break relation with u ??
mohit(shocked) – diiii wat r u saying…..i am sry di i didn’t mean to hurt u….i was just angry with ur decision……
swara(raises her voice) – exactly….this is the situation of sanskar…..that day he was just angry by seeing me with anand. and he said all those….ha i agree he had hurt me but i can’t ignore the fact that he was hurt more than me…he suffered a lot because of me…i can’t let him suffer more…the biggest truth is that i love him mohit and i can’t live without him….
mohit slowly starts realizing…..
swara makes him sit…
swara – relations are not made to break mohit….just tell me one thing…..do u want my happiness…
mohit nods….
swara goes to sanskar and holds his hands…
swara – he is my happiness……my happiness has a very beautiful name….SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…..
sanskar smiles and side hugs swara…..
mohit – diiiii i need ur happiness only ur happiness but wat if he hurts u again….i can’t see u in pain di…. i couldnot forget the situation wen he slapped u …
swara – then u forget now……mohit u know now i understand how much i hurt mamu by not forgiving him even aftr knowing the truth just becozz he slapped ma but i didnot think about the reason.now i am feeling guilty….don’t repeat my mistake mohit……u r thinking only about that one moment but i am thinking about thousands of happy moments which my sanskar gifted me…
sanskar feels very proud of his wife….
mohit hugs swara……
mohit – diiiii i am so happy for u. i always know that jiju loves u a lot but that one incident always stopped me from thinking in a right way…i agree with u and i am sorry jiju…i have failed to understand u….
sanskar smiles and hugs him…..
all family claps from behind… they three turn back and see all the MM family
ap – swara beta i am really very happy with ur decision…and mohit u r the best brother….
mohit – no aunty….. i just supported my sister which every brother does……..ohhh nooo di we didnot inform at home…all must be very happy…
swara – except anand bha…i mean anand…
mohit – don’t worry di…i will make him understand..he will agree…
sujatha – arreeee swara……first eat this sweet…..sanskar u too…
sujatha feeds sweet to swasan
after that all goes to hall. after some time Gadodia family except anand comes there. all are happy with their decision.all wants mohit too to resolve his fight with uttara.so he goes to talk with uttara. sanskar comes to swara
sanskar – swara u have to do one more thing
swara – and wat is that ??
sanskar – rithik …..plzzz come in….
rithik comes along with rakesh (swara’s mamu)
seeing him swara feels guilty and at the same time love towards him. she remembers her moments with him….she immediately goes to him and hugs him….
swara (cries) – i am sorry mamu…..
rakesh gets very happy by hearing mamu from her..
rakesh kisses her forehead and hugs her…
rakesh – u know i am so happy today….my shona called me mamu…after 3 yrs….
swara – mamu i am sry
rakesh – no need to say sry beta…u know na i love u so much….
rithik – ha more than me huuu
swara – oyyyy don’t get jealous….and ha don’t keep ur bad sight on our relationship….mamu tell him..
rakesh – ha rithik u go there and sit. nazar mat lagao…
rithik – papa this is not fair….u r showing partiality…
sanskar – rithik leave it na…..i am there for u….so don’t worry….
rithik – u too will leave me wen ur wife calls u. i am alone…..and will always remain alone…..(he says it smilingly but rakesh understands his inner meaning)
swara – who said that ?? haaa….rithik wen r u going to marry ??
rithik – never…..
swara – r u mad ?? u will marry and i will search a girl for u….
rithik – no need madam….i will only search ok…..
swara – ha ok but make it fast….even mohit is marrying….and u r elder than him…
rithik(fake smile) – ok ji..as u say…
swara and all smiles…
raglak are busy in their own world.

@mohit and uttara side

mohit – uttara i am sry…i don’t know wat happens to me wen i see di in pain…..i will forget everything and i did the same with u….
uttara – mistake is not completely urs mohit…i should have understood u. wat i did is also wrong. even after knowing ur relation with bhabhi i over reacted and i am sry about that….
mohit(smiles) – its ok…come lets go down…all must be waiting for us….
uttara – ok…..
they both go down.
mohit informs swara that everything is fine between them. she gets very happy….she informs everyone about this…..all gets very happy…..
swara goes to bp..
swara – bp…where is anand ??
bp – ma call him bhai….
swara – no bp until he tells me the reason y he sent u away from us i will not call him bhai….i can’t understand y he did that….wen he loves u so much how did he do that ??
bp – ma leave all that matters…
swara – no bp i can’t…
saying this she goes. mohit and sanskar over hear their conversation……
sanskar – mohit i think we should say truth to swara…but….
mohit – ha jiju i too feel the same but i am worried about her reaction… wat if she starts hating papa…..
sanskar – ha i too am worried about the same…
mohit – ljiju i can’t handle these two people. waha bhai naaraz hai aur yaha di….
sanskar – ha i know anand doesnot want swara to stay with me…
mohit – its not like that jiju..bhai does not know how much u love di…..don’t worry we will make everything normal. i will talk to bhai and u talk to di. try to make her forgive bhai becozzz bhai doesnot want di to know the truth forever….
sanskar – wat ??
mohit – ha jiju bhai doesnot want di to suffer. that time too he took the blame on himself as di shouldnot get hurt and he took on himself as di is already upset with him.
sanskar – u know mohit u brothers are different. u think in a very matured manner wen it comes to ur sisters. i really appreciate it.
mohit smiles…

after sometime all GF leaves to GM.
all have some dinner. laksh talks on phone with ragini…
swara(shouts) – lucky..come for dinner…u can talk to ragini later…
laksh comes running..
laksh – bhabhi y r u shouting….plzzz talk slowly na….
swara – hahaha i thought to tease u. everytime we both will tease ur bhai na..this time i thought to change the person….
laksh – y bhabhi…r u feeling pity for ur husband…
adarsh comes there…
adarsh – no no lucky i think sanskar must have holded her legs to stop teasing him that’s y she changed her target………..
swara – bhaiii there is nthng like that…y r u teasing sanskar…..
laksh – adarsh bhai…..someone promised me to be in my team forever but now they r changing the team.
swara side hugs laksh
swara – ohhhh my lucky….aise kuch nahi hai…i am in ur team only….
laksh – yes…..very good that’s like my bhabhi….waise aapki majnu kaha hai ??
swara hits laksh’s stomach with her elbow…
laksh – ouch….bhabhi….wat did i do ?? i said the truth only….u both are more than a lila-majnu….hai na adarsh bhai..
adarsh – ha bilkul…
they both give hi-fi…
swara – i wish i would stick ur both both hands permanently..hu…if u both finished teasing me then will u plzzzz go for dinner…..i will go and call my majnu..i mean sanskar…
laksh – haha dekha bhabhiii u too came into our route…
swara – lucky i will kill u….(laksh runs)adarsh bhai plzzz ask ramu kaka to take dinner for bhabhi. she can’t come down na…ask him to take fast becozz bhabhi has to take medicines na…
adarsh – ok swara u don’t take tension. i will tell him.
swara goes to her room. she sees sanskar involved in phone conversation. she listens sanskar talking about the deal and he couldnot come there.
swara immediately asks him to cut the call. sanskar ends the call and asks her wat happened ??
swara – nthng i came here to call u for dinner….that’s y i asked u to cut the call.
sanskar – ok come ..wait wait u climbed the stairs just to call me for dinner….swara r u mad….i have told u na….
swara – sanskar relax relax…i know wat i am doing. i am a doctor sanskar and it will be good if i walk. that’s y i am doing this.
sanskar – ha it will be good if u walk in limits but climbing the stairs frequently is not right. u r not going to come down and thta’s final..
swara – sanskar i am not in my 9th month….and u know all wanted to celebrate this day for us and if we will not go then they will feel bad…
sanskar – ok but on one condition…..
swara – wat ??
sanskar lifts swara and starts walking…
swara – sanskar plzzz put me down…..u know just now laksh and adarsh bhai teased me and u. u know they called u majnu….if they see us like this they will tease me more….
sanskar – nthng will happen…ok….ha btw they r right….i am majnu but just ur majnu…..
saying this he pecks her lips. swara hides her face in his chest.
sanskar carries her down.
laksh – bhabhi…that’s y i called him majnu…..now u know…
swara – sanskar i told u na….
sanskar – lucky chup kar….y r u irritating my wife…ha….
laksh – ahaaa……
laksh stops as dp and rp comes there…
all have dinner and leaves to their respecive rooms.

precap – swara convinces sanskar for going for the contract.

Credit to: sam

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