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Chapter 99

here we go

after talking to anand swara comes to hall.
priya – wat happened swara ?? wat did he say?? is he angry with me ??
swara – relaxxx priya. i have talked with him. he is ok with it.
all gets shocked.
ragini – diii wat r u saying. bhai gave permission to go to MM. i can’t believe this…wat did u say ??
swara – yahi ki…. i will come back aftr 1 month.
sanskar – wowwww i like ur confidence swara….
laksh – bhabhiiii…. shubh shubh bolo na… atleast try to forget and forgive
swara – i am feeling sleepy. i will go now.
just then rithik comes there….
rithik – ohhh madam….where r u going ?? stay here. let us talk for sometime. from tomorrow u will go to ur house na. so spend this time with us.
swara agrees unwillingly.
sanskar and rithik gives thumps up to each other secretly.
all sit there.
rithik – ragu go and call mohit and anand bhai. it will be nice if they too come here.
ragu – ok.
ragini goes and calls mohit and anand. to everyone’s surprise they both come. generally anand doesnot like to join with all.
rithik – ok as everyone r present here. lets play something. lets make this night special.
anand – ha that’s ok but i think shona will be tired. shona u go and take rest.
priya – no anand. it’s ok. swara should be happy in this situation. so it will be good for her if she stays here and enjoy…
anand – ok but u take care of her.
sanskar – u no need to worry about that. i will take care of swara…
anand is about to say something but seeing rithik he stops.
laksh – ok ok now lets play.
mohit – but wat shall we play ??
swasanlak – dumb shell arts ??
priya – wow u three r looking very curious to play this… anything special…
swara (excited) – ha priya u know we used to play in our house along with adarsh bhai,pari bhabhi, uttara and all. we used to enjoy a lot. weekly once our whole family will enjoy like this and…..(she gets silent remembering everything)
rithik (deliberately) – shonaa i think u r very happy in ur sasural. u r looking very excited and happy while talking about them.
swara just gives a fake smile.
but rithik’s words make anand, mohit and swara think.
they all spend some quality time and aftr that they all leave to their respective rooms.

@swara’s room

swara is about to sleep bu sanskar comes and sits beside her.
sanskar – r u fine ?? i mean feeling any pain ??
swara – no i am fine.
saying this she sleeps. sanskar pecks her forehead but this time swara did not react. sanskar gets happy that she is slowly changing.
he too sleeps.

next mrng

swara and sanskar are getting ready to leave. just then sharmishta, shekhar, and bp comes there.

sanskar – arre papa badepappa aap log aayiye na…
shekhar – ha beta we came to talk with swara beta..
sanskar – ha ok papa u all talk. i have some work. i will complete that work and come.
shekhar – ok beta…
sanskar goes.
swara – wat happened ma…u three came here..
bp – ha ma. we wanted to say something.
swara – ha tell me.
sumi makes swara sit and she sits besides her.
sumi – shona i just wanted u say only onething. try ur best to save this relation. rishta todna bahut aasan hai par nibhana nahut mushkil hai.
shekhar – ha beta problms har couple ke beech mai hothe hai. but if u r able to solve them then u will be very happy. just try to understand sanskar. he is repenting. i know u r very hurt by his behaviour. even we all r very hurt and u know we decided not to send u there ever but by seeing his care towards u we changed our opinion.
sumi – ha shona… i know u r very big and mature that u can take ur decisions urself. but still i am ur mother and i always wanted ur happiness. and now u r going to be a mother, so think about ur child too. every child needs both mother and father. i don’t want my another grand child to suffer the same wat aarav has gone through. aarav’s case is still better, becozzz u were there for him. u took care of him like a mother. but just think about ur child. this is wat i wanted to say.
swara listens to them silently.
shekhar and sumi kisses her and goes out seeing her not responding.
bp sits beside her.
swara keeps her head on his shoulder.
swara – wat should i do bp ?? am i wrong ??
bp – ma… u r not wrong. but sumi and shekhar r not wrong too. i have not come here to tell u to go back to sanskar. u no need to think about anyone. don’t think wat is right or wat is wrong. don’t think about ur pain just think about wat will make u happy. if u r happy with sanskar if u feel u can be happy with sanskar then remove all ur thoughts from ur mind and just go back to him. (swara looks at him shockingly) ha ma i forgave sanskar seeing his love towards u. no one can love u more than him. as i said this is my opinion. and one more thing don’t think about ur brothers. becozzz u r going to spend ur life with sanskar not mohit or anand. so just forget about them. just think about urself. bahut sochli sabke baare mein. abb sirf apne baare me sochiye…..okkk ??
swara nods
bp – try ur best to forgive sanskar. becozzz he loves u very much and i think HE LOVES U MORE THAN ME….
swara gets shocked to listen this becozzz she doesnot even think that someone can love her more than her bp.
bp kisses her forehead and goes out.

later swara , sanskar , laksh and mohit starts leaving.
bp calls mohit and tells him slowly not to interfere in between swara and sanskar.

later they all leave to MM


Ap and sujatha welcome swara. parineetha hugs swara and welcomes her.
uttara hugs swara and says – thanku bhabhi for coming here. i am very happy to see u here.
swara smiles.
adarsh – ha swara our house became very dull without u.
swara – bhai how is bhabhi’s health ??
adarsh – fine swara but she is demanding a lot of wrong things in wrong timings. yesterday she crossed all limits. at 3 am in the mrng she wants pani puri. seriously was that the time to eat pani puri…..if i say anything she will say
parineetha – craving is common in pregnency…
adarsh – exactly she will say the same.. i am frustated.
swara – hahaha bhai relaxxx
dp – adarsh let them come inside first.
adarsh – ji papa
laksh(sad face) – bhabhi ke aate bhi sab hame bhool gaye hai bhai…huuuu even we r here bhaiiiii…
sanskar – ha lucky u r right.
adarsh – shut up u both…..sanskar laksh toh pehle se hi dramebaaz tha. tu kab se ban gaya…..
sujatha – acha laksh sanskar mohit andar aajao…
rp and dp comes to mohit
rp – thanks for coming beta.
mohit – no need to thank me uncle. i came here for my sister.
dp – hmm ok come inside.
they all go.
sanskar takes swara to roombut swara want to be with mohit. still sanskar takes her forcibly to their room.
ap asks uttara to show the room to mohit.
uttara agrees unwillingly.
uttara takes mohit to guest room but she doesn’t talk anything. mohit feels guilty for his acts. he thinks to apologize to uttara after reaching to the room. but uttara doesnot give any chance to him to talk.
uttara – this is ur room. if u need anything plzz ask ma or badima. bye..
mohit – utt…..
but she immediately goes.
mohit gets angry.

@swasan room

swara (shouts) – sanskar y did u bring me here ?? i need to show his room to mohit. he is new here. i should make him comfortable na…he will feel uncomfortable…
sanskar – madam..u r saying as if this house is urs….
swara – ha mine…..
sanskar smiles winningly.
swara – i mean it was mine once. so….
sanskar – relax swara i brought u here for a reason. i wanted mohit and uttara to talk with each other and clear their misunderstandings. i don’t want my sister to suffer for my mistakes. wat do u feel about mohit and uttara’s relationship ??
swara – wat do u mean ??
sanskar – i mean do u still want uttara to be mohit’s life’s partner…
swara – ofcourse…..
sanskar’s face lits up.
swara (continues) – i know she loves mohit a lot and mohit too likes her. she is the perfect life partner for mohit. and wat ever she said to me was not her fault..anyone in her place will react in the same way. and i understand her.
sanskar – u will understand everyone’s situation except mine….
swara – becozzz i wanted u to trust me more than anyone but u did not…
saying this she goes…
sanskar gets sad. but he soon changes his mood.

aftr sometime all have lunch together. everyone pamper swara very much. mohit gets happy to see their love but again his thoughts gets replacby those incidents.


MAHESHWARI FAMILY doesnot let swara do any work

sanskar takes a very good care of her. laksh used to entertain swara. swalak again started their pranks. uttara and mohit are having a painful time. both r very nearer to each other but still the couldnot talk to each other. their ego is not letting them to open up.
swara started to change her behaviour. she is responding to sanskar. she is being normal to him most of the times.

at night

swara is arranging the bed. sanskar comes to her.
sanskar – swara wat r u doing?? u can say me na.. i wouldhav done this…
swara – u and this… then its better to sleep on floor than to sleep on the bed.
sanskar – ohh madam r u underestimating my skills…??
swara(supresses) – no no not at all. ok then plzzz try….
sanskar – ha not try i can definetly do it. u wait and watch.
sanskar starts to put the bed sheet but if he pushes one side it spoils the otherside. sanskar suffrs alot to put the bedsheet. finally he falls on the bed to make it right. and the bed breaks.
swara laughs hard…
swara – hahahahaa….. sanskar….hahahha
sanskar gets happy to see her laughing…
sanskar – swara be with me forever like this. i can’t even think of loosing u.
swara immediately changes the expression.
swara – that’s not possible sanskar…
sanskar looses his patience.
sanskar (holds her) – swara wat happened to u suddenly… u r fine till now.
swara – ha kuch vakt keliye bhool gayi thi ki abb sab kuch badal gayi hamare beech
sanskar(shouts) – nthng has changed swara. i love u the same infact more than that and i know that u too love me and cannot stay away from me. then y r u punishing urself for my mistake. i admit that i did a mistake but plzzz give me one chance. i am begging u…
swara doesnot reply him. he gets furious.
sanskar – wat do u think swara ?? was it so easy for me to behave with u like that ?? if u r hurt then i was 100 times hurt than u. i was broken seeing u with another person. but still i didnot believe that. aftr seeing that report i believed in that. u keep urself in my position and think. do u know how much i hate alcohol but that day i felt that i would die if i had not taken the drink. i felt so much pain in my heart. i can’t even think of u going away from me. just think if u hav said about anand before will all this happen ?? no na….but still i never blamed u for hiding things becozzz u hav ur own reasons. i never forced u to tell anything becozzz i know u. i always believed in u. ha mantha hu..hogayi mujhse galti… i am asking for a chance. i am repenting….can’t u see that…u can see everyone’s guilt but y can’t mine….. i am dying with this guilt….
swara is dumb struck to hear those things from him. she thinks that he is right…she goes into deep thinking…
sanskar thinks that swara is still not convinced.
sanskar – ok fine…i am going…
sanskar goes but dp calls him. he goes inside. meanwhile swara thinks to talk to sanskar. so she goes to him. but seeing dp and sanskar talking she decides to leave but listens the whole conversation.
dp – sanskar i think this project is very important for ur company. u should go. its ur dream na…
sanskar – no badepapa… right now nthng is more than swara.
dp – sanskar u were waiting for this moment from 6 yrs. i saw u spending many sleepless nights to obtain this position. and i can’t see ur company in loss.
sanskar – nthng will happen like that badepapa but even though it happens i don’t care. right now i can’t leave swara. i have only 15 days to convince her.
he remembers shouting at swara….
sanskar hits his forehead.
sanskar – ohh shit…. how can i shout at her…
dp – kya hua ??
sanskar – nthng badepapa …..i am sry i am denying u but i can’t go there badepapa….
swara couldnot hear more. she feels so guilty for hurting such a pure soul. he was ready to sacrifice all his hard work just for her sake.
swara runs to her room. whereas sanskar continues his discussion with dp as he wanted to give some time to swara.

@swasan room

swara remembers everything. how she hided things from him. she remembers their cute love moments with sanskar. their marg, their confession, his surprises, their consummation , their discussion about the children , how he supported her in every situation, and how he doubted her , slapped her and wen he realized his mistake how he felt , and their recent conversation….
swara cries remembering everything,
swara (to herself) – i am sry sanskar. i hav hurt u a lot. u r right i love u so much. i was so involved in my pain that i couldnot see ur pain. u r guilty and mistake is not completely urs. i hided this fact. anand is my brother and u hav the right to know about it. u gave a fatherly love to aarav but i called u a bad father. wen u can give so much love to a child who is no one to u then u can give everything to ur child but i was a fool to not recognize this fact. i am sry sanskar i am really sry…..(sobs)
swara goes to study room where dp and sanskar are talking. she runs to sanskar and hugs him from back and starts crying.
sanskar and dp gets shocked.
sanskar turns and hugs her properly and asks her wat happened
sanskar (worried) – swara y r u crying ?? r u fine ?? swara tell me something…. y r u crying…i am sry swara i didn’t mean to say…..
swara (sobs) – i am sry sanskar…..i had hurt u very much… and I LOVE U…
sanskar does not believe his ears.
sanskar (happy tears) – come again……
sanskar hugs swara tightly.
dp gets very happy. he coughs….
dp – ahu ahu….
they both realize their positions……and part away.
dp keeps his hand on swara’s forehead and says – i am very happy for u both beta. i will go and inform everyone.
swara – ji badepapa but before that i wanted to say it to mohit…
dp – ok…..
saying this dp leaves.
sanskar again hugs swara
sanskar(still hugging) – did u forgive me ??
swara – ha and u ??
sanskar – i was never angry with u.
swara – but i had hurt u so much..i am sr…..
sanskar kisses her lips shushing her.
swara widens her eyes…. but starts responding to it.
sanskar has love and only love and how much he missed her…..
they both break and hugs each other.
mohit comes there and sees them hugging. he gets shocked…..
mohit – di……..

precap – mohit – uttara patch up.

i am sry guys if it didnot reach ur expectation but u all anted to end this track and i too wanted not to drag this so i united them in 100th chapter. i think it’s a quite long chapter. from now onwards wen ever i give updates i will give very long updates as a compensation.
THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME. i had a minor accident this evng that’s y i got late in giving the update.

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