Tanq guys for ur love today i will write some flashback scenes with which u can figure out wat had happened in the past a little bit

Here we go frndzzz

@gadodia mansion

swara – ma i am getting late i am going as i hav appointments
sumi – ok beta go i will send urs and mohit’s lunch to ur clinic as usual
swara – ok ma
ragini – di please dont go na i will be bored
sumi – ragini use jane do she has some urgent work
ragini – ma please tell di not to go today
swara – ragini please i will come early today then u me and mohit can go out is that ok with u
ragini – wow di that’s great promise
swara – pakka promise ok can i go now
ragini – ok permission granted
swara laughs and goes
mohit calls her
swara – hello Mohit
mohit – di wait there i am coming home i will drop u at the hospital
swara – no need of that i will go in my scooty
mohit – no scooty nothing i am coming i will drop u
swara – no need of that i know u hav important meetings in ur ofc so u stay there i will take car ok now
mohit – ok take care
swara – ok bye
swara to herself “i luv to drive this scooty bp u know na “touching the scooty she goes to the car and goes in it

@sanskar’s ofc
sanskar to himself – i hav to meet swara to discuss the next plan but wat is the problm with mohit he loves his one sister more than his life and another sister he hates to the core wat must be the reason but mohit is very gud at heart i can feel it while talking to him but wat is the reason for his hatred .i hav to find out to make swara happy but why am i thinking about swara always no i should focus on my work also focus sanskar maheswari focus”telling this he gets back to work

swara thinking
bp – ma see ur home is readu u thought to extend this house na see i hav made all the arrangements for its opening
swara – wow its amazing bp but its just 2months i hav
told u .i thought to remember u but u were busy thats why i dont want to disturb u
(guys u remember na bp means arnav gadodia shekhar’s elder brother and bade pappa of swara )
Bp- ha ma i was busy working with this only
swara gets teary eyed and says – tanq bp i love u
bp – i am proud of u ma u always think about others before urself
he kisses on swara’s forehead
the next day swara cuts the ribbon for that house
bp swara mohit and another person (suspense) are celebrating that all enjoys the moment then swara cuts the cake and feeds it to mohit and another person
bp – where is my share ??
Swara – u dont hav any share because u r diabetic
bp- please givr it to me please
swara – no and never
bp – if its my last day then ??
Swara gets shocked listening this and drops the cake piece and falls down
mohit and bp try to hold her while the other person runs to the kitchen and brings water for her
bp – ma i am just joking ma please talk something
swara doesnot talk anything
another man comes and make swara drink water and shouts at bp “wat r u talking y u always makes her tensed u will give a lot of happiness to her at the same time a lot of pain”
swara stops him by her hand and says
swara – u three r the most important persons in my life if i lose any one of u i would die ”
All three hugs her
Flashback ends

swara with teary eyed to herself “ek number ki jhooti hu mai bp i hav lost two of u three but still i am alive but i hav to be here till i feel that my mohit can be able to live without me i hav to be alive i hav to be alive till then i catch that person who is respobsible for ur death i should not cry i shouldnot become weak i didnot cry from that till today as i wabted to cry wholeheartedly after catching that person and sending him to jail ”
ragini thinks to call swara for going out but swara’s phone is in silent

@sanskar’s ofc
sanskar thinks to go to swara’s clinic he starts

swara to herself – i hav to go home as i promised ragini that i will take her out along with mohit
swara calls mohit
swara – mohit can u reach home within 1 hour i am going home now
mohit – di but so early ??
Swara – ya actually i promised ragini to take her out
mohit – di u cant handle that pagal please dont go
Swara – oh hello my dear bro i am not going to take her alone u are also accompanying us
mohit – wat me ??
Mohit almost screamed all his ofc staff are looking at him shock
mohit realises that he is outside his cabin ner his staff are all there
he goes from there
mohit – di i cant come with her please make her stay at home we both can go
swara – mohit how mean this is not fine please think once r u treating her well she is ur sister
mohit – di i am sry but i would hav treated her as my sister if she wouldnot hav not done that with u but now i dont hav any feeling towards her
swara gets angry and cuts the call
mohit realises that he had overreacted and he calls swara but she doesnot pic his call
swara goes out angrily and she sits in the car and tries to take the car backwards but it hits some other car she sees it from the mirror “oh shit i was already upset with mohit now i did this “she gets down to see if the person is fine or not
she is shocked to see the person

@gadodia company
mohit to himself “oh god wat hav i done di is upset with me but how much may be she is angry but picks the call but now wat happened to her is she fine I hav to go “Mohit starts to swara’s place
Just then sanskar reaches
there sanskar sees swara’s car and another person’s car is dashed he is about to go but stops by hearing swara’s words
swara doesnot notice sanskar there infact she is not in her senses to notice anyone she is just seeing the man infront of her
swara – tum ?? With a lot of pain and hatred in her eyes
Sanskar notices her red eyes which are burning from anger and stops himself
from going there
(that person is the owner of another hospital u guys remember one person tried to disfame swara’s fame and treated sanskar’s pa mr.sharma’s daughter he is the one his name is vatsal )
Vatsal – i thought u just dont know the treatment but u dont know driving also
swara tries to leave but he stops her
vatsal – i thought u will confront me about wat i did a few days back to destroy ur fame dont u want to know the reason why i did that ??
swara to herself “if i stay here for few more min i will definetly break down no i shouldnot cry i shouldnot become weak that too infront of him no “she composes herself and goes
sanskar is about to go but he is shocked by swara’s gesture
swara holds vatsal’s collar
swara – wat do u think of urself and whu should i confront u as i knew the reason for ur doings u just wanted to destroy me but for that u hav played with the emotions of innocent people i know that u dont think for others but it is proved with this act of urs that u r not even a human
vatsal – calm down swara actually yes i wanted to destroy u but not in that way i just wanted u to ask for my help that’s y i used that child whose father is working as a manager in karma group of companies u know y i hav selected that child becozzz if sanskar maheswari gets to know that sone hospital is doing like this he will not spare and he will definetly try to destroy it then obviously no one can save u from him even ur so called brother or dad the only person who could save u is me
meanwhile sanskar is shocked to listen him sanskar to himself”he used me to hurt my swara and i believed on it and hurt her ” he reminces pushing her and he feels guilty for that
vatsal – but my plan got flopped but how did it happen ??
Swara smiles and says – yes u told it right nobody could save me other than u that’s all happened
vatsal – wat do u mean ??
swara tells everything how she kept her phone on
vatsal shouts -SWARA
sanskar gets alerted actually he doesnot want swara to know that he heard everything
swara – chillao mat even i too can shout that too mpre than u but u know wat i am a human not an animal like u
vatsal raises his hand but a hand holds his hand
its of sanskar’s

Sanskar – how dare u ??
U used me to destroy swara i will not leave u
vatsal realesing his grip from sanskar’s says
vatsal – its our problm it is the matter between us so u dont interfere
sanskar – if its a matter between u both also still u hav no right to raise a hand on a woman learn some manners
vatsal – mr.maheswari u dont know whom u r supporting she is a murderer she is not fit for anything she killed her own…
mohit comes there and slaps him hard
swara – mohit whispers
swara is shattered listening to vatsal’s words “murderer”
Swara is moving backwards her knees are bending her legs are not able to carry her weight anymore
sanskar holds her and gived her support to stand but she still doesnot get conscious she keeps her eyes open but doesnot see anything or hear anything
mohit – i would hav killed u but i hav promised di to let u alive till i prove her innocense if u dont know the truth then its ok but dont even try to point ur finger at my di otherwise i will definetly break my promise
vatsal is about to say something but mohit sees swara and shouts “di”
and goes to handle her
vatsal goes from there with tears in his eyes
mohit holds swara but swara is holding sanskars hand and shirt
mohit tries to free but swara does not leave
mohit – mr.maheswari if u dont mind can u please come to our house as she is holding u so…
sanskar – i too thought say that only i will come its fine with me lets go
mohit comes to his car and says “i will drive the car u please sit along with di ”
Sanskar – ok
they drive home

ragini sees swara and all she didnot understand anything but she felt something us wrong seeing swara’s condition
swara is walking in along with sanskar holding his hand but not in her senses
sanskar feels very bad about seeing her in that state and he cries but cant show it
mohit makes her sit but swara is not leaving sanskar
mohit sits beside her and holds her face with his hands and says “di ” she doesnot respond he again calls “swara di “loudly but she didnot respond
ragini tries to come near her but mohit stops her
mohit – di ke paas bhi mat aana varna mai mar daalungi tume
listening his scream all people in the house comes to the hall
all are shocked to see swara
all keep calling her name
even sanskar tries to call her but she doesnot respond
shekhar – i think she again got an attack but wat happened did she meet..
He is interrupted by mohit’s voice
mohit with tears and anger in his eyes “everyone please go and do ur work i can handle my di,u can do ur work”
Shekhar – just shut up bewakoofi ki bhi had hothi hai if we leave her like that then she may again go to coma
sanskar gets shocked with the words “again and coma”
Mohit controls his anger and tells him”please dont show any fake concern ”
Sumi cries seeing swara’s state she goes near her and huggs her
then mohit calls “ma please don’t cry”
Swara then moves her hand a little when she listens to the word “MA”
mohit understands wat to do he holds swara’s face tightly and says “ma how van u do this to me u know na i cannot live without u see everyone is worried for u please ma please wake up “he keeps on calling her ma ma then swara suddenly loosens her grip and leaves sanskar completely and huggs mohit and shivers
everyone feel happy but only mohit and sanskar can feel her pain
mohit knows her pain and sanskar senses that pain with his heart
mohit – di nothing happened i am here please forget everything
swara thinks to herself “wat did i do wat happened to me i try my level best comtrol my emotions but y ok now i hav to make everything fine ”
swara – oh my pagal brother i am fine ok now stop ur emotional dialogues
she gets up and tells
swara – ragini shall we go out
ragini happily nods
swara – then go and get ready
mohit – di please take rest
swara – rest and me yyy wat is the need of it i am fine
sanskar wonders “how can anyone be so good she is weak and not well just now but for her family she is acting to be normal ”
mohit – now stop ur acting and come to the room u hav to sleep
swara – no mohit sanskar u tell him na actually sanskar u too join us ohh shit i am sry sanskar i hav not even told tanq for saving me from him
sanskar – there is nothing to thank in it i hav helped u as a frnd no sry and no tanq in frndship right
swara – ha right ok i will go and get ready u two please sit and hav a talk ill just come
sanskar – ok
they sit

mohit emotionally holds sanskar’s hands and says
mohit – thank sanskar for saving my sister from that man
sanskar – its my duty to protect her as a frnd so no need to thank me by the way who is he y did he want to destroy swara
mohit – destroy ??wat did he do ??
Sanskar tells everything about how he misunderstood her
mohit gets angry with sanskar but seeing his care towards swara he forgets evrything
mohit – this much happened with her but she had not thought of saying me superwoman samajthi hai apne aapko
sanskar – sir samajthi nahi hai bhi and they both laugh swara comes and she asks sanskar to accompany them
she insists and sanskar agrees

Precap – some light moments of swasan ,raglak
laksh comes to know that sanskar knows swara more than gadodia’s and teases him .is sanskar falling in love with swara ??

**thanku guys for supporting me thanks to silent readers also

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