Shekhar made a hospital just for swara and the name of the hospital is sunshine hospitals as swara chose that name and swara is the dean as well as owner of the hospitals. u may think that at a small age how can she become dean but let me tell u guys she is very intelligent and at her 4th year of mbbs only she found a new method in heart transplantation and saved many lives and also gained many awards
now coming to ragini she completed her graduation and she wanted to join mba because she is also interested in buisiness
laksh has already completed his mba and uttara us the frnd of ragini
mohith also completed mba and he is helping his father in buisiness
here we go guys

Sankar is at ofc working for an important project.he is suffering from fever since one week but he doestnot want to go to a doctor because he feels that doctors are the one who plays with patients lives and giving unnecessary medicines for small things and making it complicated
sanskar forgot a file and came to home he was looking tired and sneezing.his badi maa saw that.Ap comes to him and tells him to go to the doctor but he refuses to go for a while then ap blackmails him that she will not talk to him if he had not visited hospital.sankar lives ap alot and he cannot live for a day without talking to her so he unwillingly agrees and goes to the hospitals ( obviously to sunshine hospitals becozz it is the well named hospital in the city)

@ college
first day of ragini and uttara ragini was really sad becozzz she wants her sister to drop her but swara is busy in attending patients and mohith also went to her as he will do the breakfast always with his swara di and when swara called ragini to give best wishes she heard mohith’s voice and she felt bad
then uttara came there with lakshya he dropped and hugged her ragini on seeing this felt bad for her brother as he too didnot come (ragini and lakshya dont know each other till now)lakshya while going turns back ti ask uttara the departure time when he sees ragini.He is completely out seeing her she is weaing a red anarkali suit she is looking cute and beautiful in that .Lakshya is starring at ger for about 10 min .Uttara went near him and asked him wat happened then he came back to senses and asjed her the departure time .He went from there but ragini also saw him but ignored him .

sankar came to the hospital and and informed the receptionist his details and dhe asked him to wait .he gets angry for making him wait but he controls his anger and sits there .He is talking on phone about some deals when he saw a girl jumping while talking she has curls at the end sge is wearing a cut punjabi suit she is really simple .sanskar sees the back of her but he couldn’t see her face .he tells to himself that she is crazy and turns to go but the girl turns back then he sees her she is looking really beautiful like an angel she is standing without her stetescope and apron so ge doesnt know that she is a doctor.receptionist asks sorry for the late but he says no problm i will much more time receptionist is puzzled by his behaviour.He turns and searches for swara but he couldn’t find her .he goes in search of her but there he stops he hears a beautiful voice saying to the parents of a child.that is our swara she is telling them not to use medicines unnecessarily ,she also tells them to give health food but not medicines to their child and she also says that medicines are harmful .sanskar gets shocked to hear her and thinks who is she but whoever she is but she is just like me but he doesn’t see her face.he goes to the doctors cabin and he is shocked to see…….

precap:about uttara and mohith and some moments of swara and mohith and sanskaar shouts at swara for being irresponsible and ……some misunderstandings and lot more but they will be cleared soon

*thankyou guys for supporting me if it is too long or boring then please let me know.thankyou for reading my ff and please comment
once again thankyou

Credit to: sam

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