DOTS…(retold) Ikrs&Tei Version (episode 4)


Hello all of u in my previous epi vidha had a cute nhok jhok na?? (I hope You guys remember) So lets continue sorry guys but this one will be short but next one is maha episode so keep waiting….. Sunday morning itself I will post maha epi so forgive me…

So dhaani goes in the room and she sees viplav fight the goons she is glad and tells sorry for doubting you but I must say you fought soooo well it was like a action movie 2 heroes and 5 villains…
Viplav smiles at dhaani’s exageration and speaks: You now Dr. Singh I need a help I have some pain here now can you help me.
Pointing the left side of his hip.
Dhaani pokes that place and says here…
Viplav in pain : Ah! Aaah right there ow.. it hurts aaah…
Dh: Too much exageration…. Don’t u think so???

Viplav pulling the shirt upbso she could see the hurt… ( it is a deep wound)
Dh: Omg!! Sorry come qiuckly I will have to take a look at it…

Dhaani and viplav are in a room and dhaani is putting stiches to viplav’s wounds…
Dh: Where did u get this hurt??
Vip: While shovelling!! You know we soldires have a lot of shovelling work.
Dh: Strange! I did not know u get a bullet wound when u shovel…
Vip: You have seen a bullet wound!! (Very Surprised)
Dh: Not in delhi but when I did some voluntery work in africa I saw some…
Vip: Since u know this I shall tell u The bullets were showering like rain and I to save a another soldier got this wound…
Dh : Ah! I See… I have cleaned this wound but I think the fight would have opened up the stiches and don’t worry I have put the stiches but u must get it cleaned. There must be a army hospital..
Vip: Can I come here…
Dh: Will this place not be too far
Vip: Yes but beauty of my doctor matters a lot to me…
Dh: If it is by beauty then u got the best doctor soo I will see u tomorrow at 2 will that be fine?
Vip: Never better and gives a killer smile he leans forward a little and says
Since you are a doctor u must not have a boyfriend as you are too busy?
Dh: you r also a soldier u must not have a girlfriend as u are too tough?
Vip : Who should answer the question first

They have a eye lock and Ishq Ishq plays in Bg

Twin: Kunj do.I ask u too much.. All I ask u is to answer my call and make me hear you’re voice and tell me how have u been…

Kunj: I want to but I cant as the situation is tough.. Cups her face and says our time will come and stay safe and I will miss u I must go now…

Credit to: nancy

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  1. Nancy dear liked vidhanis conversation

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  3. Sorry guys but I could not post it today as there is an emergency at home sorry once again I will try to post at the earliest

  4. Great nancy..enjoying it..
    Dhani doctor…viplav soldier..both very busy hmm… !! 😛
    Liked the conversation..
    Keep going 🙂

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