DOTS…(retold) Ikrs&Tei Version (episode 3)

In the previous episode we saw how the goons attacked both kunj and viplav. Now in cure and care hospital…
The thief comes in badly hurt with kunj’s and viplav’s help and dhaani is shocked.
Dh: Oh my god plz take him and care for him and you come with me how can you do this to him let me call the police and walks away.
Vip: How can u tell all this in one breadth and madam plz wait wait…
He goes behind her and snatches her phone and…
Vip: Dont call the police I am a soldier and too much paper work to do if I get caught in the case for assault. Plz co-operate with me

Dh: Why should I co-operate with you and GIVE me back my PHONE.

Vip: Do u know twinkle did she study with you.

Dh: Why do u ask that?

Vip: I need to prove my innocent despite the fact that I am so cute,innocent,handsome etc etc….

The scene shifts to twinj (twinkle&kunj)
Twi: I see that you are fine. But why are u avoiding me.
Ku: Nothing like that now…now I have to leave i.. I am b..busy
Twi: Will u not salute your head.
Kunj salutes.
Twi: I will never accept your salute stay here like this and die die in this position…

Viplav and dhaani come there… Viplav puts kunj’s hand down and tells twinkle Dont misuse your position…
Vip: And now u should prove my identity which is at crisis.
Twinkle who looks at dhaani: She wont believe me any way so u r still in crisis.
Dh: Dont worry i’d rather believe a foe like you than a stranger.
Twi: Really!! Then these two r desserters arrest them… Saying so she walks away.
Vip: Hey! You punk…
Kunj sadly looks on and collects his phone from dhaani.
Vip: For such turn of events I will need to search your phone so that I can see the hidden kohinoor in it…
Dh: Your identity has been confirmed and now you will have to come with me as assalut is another case.
Vip: Sigh! Yes…

Dhaani walks upto the CCTV room and she is asked to wait she and viplav are alone waiting outside and there is utter silence. Dhaani breaks the silence

Dh: So what is you name Big Boss?

Vip: Viplav, Viplav Tripathi… And you are

Dh : Dhaani singh!!

Vip: Oh nice to meet u ( extends his hand)

Dhaani gives a smile and says Don’t to be too friendly…
Vip: Do u really think I could hurt some one. Don’t I give you good vibes…

Dh: Murders tend to set up a good vibe

Vip: Maybe you are right…!!

Dha: Dont tell such things youbare scaring me and the fact that we both are alone here is freaking me out now…

Vip: It’s ok I have a policy
I safe gaurd the elderly, pretty woman and children.

Dh: Hmm at least I fit in one of those categories ( with a satisfied smile on her face)

Vip: No not at all

Dha: A sharp reply

Viplav gives a mischiveous smile.


Episode ends at viplav ‘ s smile
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