DOTS…(retold) Ikrs&Tei Version (episode 2)


The episode starts…

Viplav taps on dhaani’s shoulder and says. Big boss reporting and gives a killer smile and dhaani widens her eyes and bows her head down and does not make eye-contact. She quikly goes to the patient and says are these those assaulters. Kunj and vipu are shoked hearing this.

Dhaani shouts for security and takes them out of the emergency ward. Viplav gives killer smile and says she is diffrent and I like different thiings.
K: Ahhh!!! Now what about my phone…
Behind the theif runs away from the hospital.
V:lets talk to the doctor. I mean ahhh my stomack it must be my appendix ahh ahhh… Saying this he holds his stomach.(left side)
Kunj: It’s the other side.
Vip: (still acting) Ahh ahhh then it must be this side. (holding the right side)
Ku: U were right it was the left side.
Vip: Huh! This man, Lets go find ur phone and walks away.
Kunj smiles…
They walk a bit front and they see the same theif getting beaten.
Ku: Viplav change in plan, we r going to save him and then kill him.
Vip: Ok!! Everybody over there stop what u guys are doing… Saying so they walk towards those gangsters.

Vip: Why r u guys beating him up… Oh! Look at this One, two three, four, five. FIVE against one not fair.
Gangster 1: Do u also want to beat him up then just fall in line.
Ku: Why r u beating him up
Vip to thief: Did u steal all their phones also.
Theif: No I want to withdraw from there gang but they wont let me to do so. They are asking withdrawl fees of Rs.5000.

Vip: 5000 Is this common in such groups.
Ku: Prices are rising high these days. Dont fight with him, money matters will be solved with money. (Takes his purse out) This wallet has a lot of money who wants it can take it out of my hands and it is yours.
Vip: Really!!!!!!!!
Ku: I wish u stay out of this.
Gan 1&2: Lets handle him, this purse better not be empty huh!!

The scene shift to hospital
Dhaani is treating the wound of some patient tia comes to her and says the thif patient ran away. But his guardian has come here.
—– + Flashback + ——-
Kunj’s phone rings. Twinkle is calling him and tia picks it up and says oh! U must be the guardian plz come here as the patient has had an accident. Saying so she hangs up.
——-+ Flashback ends + ———-
Dhaani let me see the patient’s guardian. She walks up to the bed of the patient. Twinkle is that u huh! That run away patient You are his guardian. What a surprise!!! (sarcastcally)
Tw: I dont have time just show me the charts and the medicine and what else….
Dh: We dont have any as before we could send him for an X-ray he ran away..
Tw: Ran away!! She is a bit shocked and surprised.
Dha: Ask the rest to nurse tia. I don’t have time and tia ask the security to check the mens toilet also.

Tw to tia: Go do ur work fast. ( In a annoyed tone).

Scene shifts to the gangster corner.
Kunj defeats both the goons and tells u guys need training in fighting.
Viplav smiles and tells we can’t let this slide let’ s show them some MOVESSS
Viplav to the Gangsters:
All the men with knives take out ur knives!!

All the men with guns take out ur guns!!
And come on us for a fight…
All the five gangsters bring out knives and say we r more than them lets attack.
Viplav goes behind kunj.
Kunj: Why do u go around saying such foolish things.
Vip: Atleast there are no guns…
Gangster 1: Attack…

Does vip and kunj win or get beaten up….
Coming to what happend yester day let me make some things clear. I write not any ahanaa and god knows why did she do that.

As told earlier my pride will not let me to do such cheap things…
Aldready I told u I am writing this based an a korean drama. So possibly this can’t be her idea.
I dont want to speak anything else on my defense…. If u guys dont belive me in next epi I will end it and never come back.

Credit to: nancy

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  3. Nancy go on dear

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  4. Its awesome nancy??
    I did not know what happened in last episode…so went back to check…
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