DOTS…(retold) Ikrs&Tei Version (intro)


Hi…. It’s nancy here of course u guys dont know me….no time for intro so lets jump into the role the characters will play…

Viplav: So he is our hero (obvioulsly) He is an army man and works as a captain in special forces… They maintain peace….
Kunj: Viplav’s good friend he also works in special forces (just a cameo type role… but they also have imp in story but main in vidhd…Sorry twinj fans) Strict,friendly both…

Kabir: Cameo role not imp much will be seen only in first 2epi…

Dhaani: a successful doctor and sweet and happy girl. Very good urgeonn works in emergency unit.

Twinkle: Dhaan’s frenemy ( friend+ enemy)very good at heart loves kunj… She is a army surgeon…

Other dhaani’s friend : Tina, sia(nurses) Kabir,karan(doctors) All of them are a team who work in emergency ward. (Dhaani Tina Sia Kabir Karan)

This ff is inspired by a k-drama so most elements will match.
Story inspiration: Descendants of the sun

Both positive and negative comments are welcomed

Credit to: nancy

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  1. It seems very interesting dhani as doctor and viplav as army man..?
    Thanks for makimg them lead??
    All the best dear..?

    1. Thank u… Yes very intresting and good suspense… In most of the episodes

  2. Hi nancy brilliant intro eagerly waiting for the first episode ?☺

    1. Thank u I will post it tom….

  3. brilliant intro…story is going to be interesting Nancy… 🙂 good job

    1. Yes… keep reading 🙂 =)

  4. Viplav Army officer! Best! Sounds really good! ?

    1. Thank u dear…. 🙂

  5. I am going to Rename it as: Dots… (retold) Ikrs verion…. As not much twinj scenes….

  6. Viplav army officer and Dhaani doctor, wow!! Seems very interesting!! Go on dear.

    1. Thank u

  7. nancy r u new to this site i mean r u a silent reader before…..anyways nice intro and different story……loved it…and happy to see so many ffs coming in ikrs

    1. All I know is I started here with just tqo qeeks ago as a silent reader and now I am commenting and writing a ff

      1. welcome to ikrs family dear

  8. Nancy nice intro good to see Viplav in army and Dhaani as doctor, waiting to see how their love story begins.. Lost the next one soon…

    1. Yes…. I will post it soon

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