Dosti, Yaari Aur Kuch Aur…(IB College FF) – Introduction and CH -1

Shivika Magic in college..when they meet and are the opposite of each other.
Anika Rathod a new girl entered college with only agenda to complete her studies and do something for her younger brother and only family Sahil.

things change when she is saved from being ragged by a rich spoilt brat Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

She meets friends and enemies alike and Shivaay will play an important role in shaping the next few years of Anika’s college life.

CH – 1

Well the story starts in Spencer College…Shivaay Singh Oberoi is a hot dude in 2nd year of college but he is very quiet and arrogant, does not like to be friends with anyone other than his friends circle which include all the rich and famous. Omkara Singh Oberoi in same age as shivaay is an artist and mingles with most of the other kids, nerds included. The youngest brother Rudra Singh Oberoi is just a fresher but since he is one of the Oberois and Shivaay’s brother no one messes with him, but that cannot be said about the other new kids. They have to go through the pain of being ragged even though it is not allowed in campus, but who can stop the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

He is joined by his friends Daksh, Abhay and Vikram other rich brats who do not leave a single chance to trouble the newbies. Also the beauty queen and (b*t*hes) Tia , Mallika and Ragini though Mallika does not like all this since they are her friends she has to bear this, but keeps an eye on them so they do not go far in the nonsense they do.

This time they had a treat as they enter they have to salute the seniors then they were made to sing or dance as per the requirement of the group. They caught them at the entrance of the hallway and embarrass them to the core. While they were busy ragging the others a girl entered the hallway and wanted to move to her class when she was stopped by Daksh “hey sweetheart where are going, fresher right?” she innocently nodded and she was dragged by him to the middle of the group.

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    Dear nitestar
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    Superb starting… It is fabulous…. Post as soon as possible ..Take care…

  5. interesting.. will be waiting next.. pls post ASAP..


    Oh god this is a disastrous group of friends, very dangerous
    I wonder how and why shivaay will safe annika from being raped? I guess daksh and his friends are going to be planning to rape her. I am glad mallika is the decent one
    Very eager to read more

  7. Awesome ? eagerly waiting for the next.

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