Dosti+ Pyaar=Zindagi ( Manmarziyan) (Episode 3)


Friends are like stars in the night.They make the darkest hour turn into a ballet of light.

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As I told you in the previous episode that from today’s episode onwards the ff name will be Dosti +Pyaar=Zindagi instead of Valentines Day.

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Neil comes to Arjuns house and asked Rana kaka about Arjun.
Rana Kaka: kya hua beta koi problem.
Neil: nothing like that kaka.
Rana kaka: don’t lie to me beta.what happened to Arjun woh itne udaas kyum hai.
Neil: kaka woh…..
Rana kaka: woh kya bathawo.
Neil tells him everything about Ardhika.
Neil: kaka arjun kya karnay wali hai koi idea nahi hai.
Rana kaka : don’t worry betta sab accha hoga.
Neil: Arjun kaha hai.
Rana kaka: apne kamare mein.

Neil: I will go to him and talk.
Neil comes to Arjuns room.Arjun is shown sitting in his arm chair.
Neil : Arjun
Arjun: why did you come here.
Neil: I want to talk to you. Arjun: I don’t want to talk to you.
Neil: please listen to me Arjun .
Arjun: what you want to talk. Before that listen to me.
Neil : OK tell.
Arjun:Neil you are my best friend na then tumne mere sath aisa kyum kiya.
Arjun: leave it Neil . anyway I am leaving India.

Neil: what… Arjun you can’t do like that . you signed a contract for 2 years with Bird Song. You can’t go like this.
Arjun: I just want to go from here.

Neil: contract.
Arjun : I don’t care.
Neil: OK you don’t care about any thing but just think about piya.
Arjun: whether piya is also here in mumbai.
Neil: Piya and Mala aunty are also here in Mumbai with Radhu.Arjun just think about piya you know na how much she loves you.just for piya you dont go Arjun. Just think Arjun just think if you stay here piya tumare ankhom ki saamne rahenge Arjun.
Arjun: woh toh teek hai .lakhen…..

Neil: lakhen wakhen kuch nahi just think about piya.
Arjun: mujhe soochne dho.
Neil: OK bye Arjun I am going bye.
Arjun: OK bye Neil.
Neil went from there and he goes to Rana kaka
Rana: beta Arjun na kya bola

Neil tells him about the whole conversation between him and Arjun
Neil: kaka aap bhi Arjun ko samchavona.
Rana:OK beta I will try.
Neil: OK kaka mein chaltihu
Rana: OK beta


Radhika is shown standing near the window of her room . Mala comes there and put her hand on Radhika s shoulder.
Radhika: maa..
Mala: mujhe sab kuch patha hai beta.
Radhika: kaisay
Mala : Neil and Sam came here.beta thumne kya decision liya.
Radhika: maa I don’t want to stay here.
Mala: beta….
Radhika: please maa we will go from here.

Mala: beta why are you running away from the reality.
Radhika: Kaisa reality?
Mala: yeh ki aaj bhi Arjun say pyaar karthe hu.
Radhika: nahi..nahi..nahi.. I don’t love Arjun.
Mala: don’t lie to me chotti. I am not blind I can see that you still love Arjun. That why you want to run away from him because you fear that if you stay before him . you can’t hide from him that you still love him.
Radhu: no……I don’t love him , I just hate him
Mala: beta just hear what’s your heart says.
radhu aaj bhi thum Arjun say pyaar karthi hu.iss liya tum uss say dhoor bhagna chahithi hu.
Radhika: maa aap kuch bhi kahihay I don’t love him.
Mala :OK then . you don’t love him na .just prove it.
Radhu : prove it ??????

Mala: just continue the job in Birdsong
Radhu: I can’t maa.
Mala: why you can’t . tell me dear
Radhu : Arjun is my past . I don’t want my past to come before me again. Aaj Arjun is not related to my life.
Mala: Arjun is your past na. Arjun was in your past , he is there in your present and he will be there in your future. Because you can’t deny the fact that Piya is your and Arjun daughter.
Radhu: no ..piya is just only my daughter.

Mala: tumare bolna se piya sirf tumare betti nahi hoga.Woh Arjun ki bhi beti hai.

piya comes there and take Radhika with her.
Piya and Radhika is shown playing . Sam and Neil comes there and greets radhika and Piya. Neil and Piya started playing hide and seek and Sam took Radhika to the Balcony.
Sam: radhu what’s your decision.
Radhika: I am leaving this job.

Radhika: because I don’t want to work with Arjun
Sam : you still love Arjun na.
Radhika: not at all.
Sam: OK then you prove that you don’t love Arjun.
Radhika: OK I will prove it.
Sam: then continue with this job and prove that you don’t love Arjun .
Radhika: OK then I will prove it.I will continue with the job.
The episode ends with Radhika s determined face.
Precap: Arjun and piyas scene.

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