dosti me masti , yaar jaise pyaar (intro)


hi guys,
do u remember me iam ur khushi who wrote a ff for yuvani pehle nafrat phir pyar aur dosti…
remember? so iam going to write a new ff named dosti me masti, yaar jaise pyaar hope u guys will like it pls add your comments and suggestion if u guys dont liek it means i wont write it and a big thanks for ur support for my previous ff so here is my character sketch on my new ff

in my story every one belongs to a middle class family not like birlas

suhani : a beautiful girl , 20 year’s old want to work more and a big amitaab bachchan fan

yuvraj: a angry young man but loving 25 years old works in a company and always concentrate in his carrer

bhavna: suhani’s bestie and sharad’s lover , a simple silent girl works with sharad

sharad: yuvraj’s bestie and bavna’s lover who aalways helps others

menka : bhavna’s youger sis studies in collage

ragini:sharad’s eldest sis

anuj: yuvraj’s youger bro

saurab: yuvraj’s eldest bro

in my ff i concentrate more in shawna and yuvaani

and altlast one more character is there sowmya : yuvraj’s love interest

there will be some twist and turns in this story , and romantic sequences between yuvani and shawna

guys i need ur help pls say ur fav pair in other serials so i can add them to this story hope u guys liked it i need ur reviews if it is nice means i will post them episode as soon as

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  1. NAPSHa J

    All the best khushi.. I’m sure it will rock like pnpdap.. 🙂

    1. A big thanks for ur support

  2. hii khushi…it has been a long u r going to write ur new ff ALL THE BEST FOR IT and this character sketch is amazing yaar. this is interesting that all characters r from middleclass ur story theme very nice beacuse they all r from same background and i’m thinking ur ff will some what different from others .soo once again all the best and i missing ur first ff i loved it very much.

    1. Thank u

  3. Plz continue….sounds interesting…it would be refreshing our minds…fed up with d writer of ssel…and d ongoing track

    1. Thank u

  4. Aqsxxh

    Hey Khushi welcome back! this FF will be as amazing as the first one! I can’t wait 😀 x

    1. Thanks dear

  5. Ruksy

    plz start soon it sounds awsome add ishita amd raman

    1. Thanks

  6. only yuvani s our fav!!!

    1. Thanks

  7. Shilpa-Saraj

    Hey khushy… Im Really glad that you’re back .. Happily looking forward for your ff… Pls update asap

    1. Thanks

  8. hi khushi.character sketch was good.i loved it.all d very best fr ur new ff.

    1. Thank u

  9. Manya

    Hey I am ayushi and it is interesting ?and can u add aara from krishnadasi and DEVAKSHI from krpkab ❣I hope u will add them ?

    1. Thank u

  10. Hello khushi.. nice sketch of characters..
    All d best for ur ff..
    And write more about YuvAni only..
    Dont add another pair.. only YuvAni is my fav

    1. Thank u


    sounds very interesting and I think everyone will love it! I hope you continue because it sounds awesome!

    1. Thank u

  12. This 1 will also rock.. And i am so very sure about it..

    1. Thank u

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