dosti me masti , yaar jaise pyaar (episode 2)

hi guys its me khushi , i know alll r dissappointed with ssel and iam really sry i couldnt write episodes for few days so here is the second episode of dmmyjp

yuvraj and suhani r moving in car they both doesnt even say a single word

yuv; where u want to go?
suh: birdsong ad company?
yuv: what
suh: y r u screaming what happened
yuv: u r gonna work there
suh: ya so what
yuv: actually iam working in dreamers ad company and they told that we r gonna do a partner ship work, so many times i have to come to that company and i have to see ur face
suh: oh mr hdbb even iam not inteerested 2 c ur sadu face
yuv: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu fatty dumb
suh got down from the car and said: my legs not show piece i will walk and go
yuv: go go becoz of ur weight my car was about to break

yuv was about to start the car and he saw a chain and haert shaped pendant he took that he opened it there was her photo in one side and other side was blank

yuv : that means she is single a small smile came to his face

yuv called her : hey pukpuk ki rani stop there

she turned he came towards her
suh:what , paas math aana
yuv: what u will do
yuv came toowards her and caught her waist he moved her hair in one side made her wear that chain

in hospital

bhavna was waering her coat over her saree some one called and by mistakenly she couldnt put it properly

after some time sharad saw bhavna
bhavn: sharad ji
sharad came ttowardss her
bhavna: kya hua ? in a nervous tone
sharad cam eshowing a naughty face suddenly he lughed and said: u dont know to wear a coat also
bhavna smiled and she reomoved her caot and she was about to put it propeerly
sharad holded her hand and said ; i will help
he cam emore close to her , he put buttons
hope u liked it and i know it is small but iam really busy thats y iam sooo sry i know some of them r angry at me and i know that iam not agood writer and this ff is not thrilling like befores but still pls add ur comments no problem if it is +ve or -ve
thank u guys and have a very nice day and i appprciate all the ff writere

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  1. its really wonderful epi …..plz continue and update soon.

  2. Ruksy

    loved it

  3. It was really nice…

  4. Very nice..update asap


    Awwwww sooo cute ??? update soon xx

  6. Aqsxxh

    This is awesomeee Update soon x

  7. Manya

    Sorry for the late comment was busy with exams epi was Awesomeee post soon??❣

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