dosti me masti , yaar jaise pyaar (episode 1)

hi guys, a very big thanks for ur support after reading ur comments i was really happy like my previous ff i will try to this ff also interesting..
so here is the first episode of dmmyjp
[bhavna is a doctor i forgot to mention it}

it is a clear morning in allahbad everything seems good

one shouting can be heard

MENUUUUUU said by nine other than bhavna
bhavna : u crazy dumb girl, khya tumse koi kaam teekse nahi hotha he kya ???
now here face is shown
she is slim and a gorgeous girl and now she seems so angry becoz of menuuu her sis menka

bha: i told u off stow and u were playing in ur phone
men: offo deedi so what happened y r shouting
bha: cant u do anythimg nicely see full milk got spoiled just becoz of u
men: just one packet milk right?
bha: just one pack means
men: offo deedi u r really boring, see it is already 9;00 u need to go to hosital right?
bhav: oh ya
she went out and tried to start her car
bha: oh no i think this won work
let me do something i will call that talkative girl
she called someone and it is shown that someone is coming in scccotty her hair is flying in wind and now she removed her helmet her big beautiful eyes is shown she smiles and it is none other than suhaniiiiiiiiiiiii
she comes and hugs bhavna

ha: paagal kithne deer kardi tuune ?
suh: oh sry ms puntual , bhavna saw a cover in suhani’s hand and asked what is it
suh: thats one and only SAMOSA
bha: suhani, u r getting fat day by day ow stop having samosa
suh: how dare u ?? i cant even imagine a lifr without samoosa , suhani without samoosa and bachchan sab is nothing
bha: chup kar paagal
suh: ok come i will trop u in hospital

they r going in scootty and they parked near hos
suh: ok yaar bye evening we can meet
bha: ok bye

she was about to start the scooty suudenly one car hitted her scootty suhnai falls down
and a handsome young man is shown gets down from car and it is none other than yuvraj
suh gets up and said: uuuuuuu , r u crazy
yuv: hey girl
suh: what how dare u called me gril
yuv: what happened ur not agirl?
suh: hey mr halki dhaadi bikre bal chup kar
yuv: what di u call me hdbb ? how dare u ?
suh: exactly u r a kdbb
bha comes and says suhni buss its ok
suh: what ok he did mistake and he shouting at me

someone says yuvraaaj
a handsome young man is shown that is sharad
sh: what happened yuvi?
suh: he is not yuvi he is kiwi crazy hdbb
yuv: sharad< this fatty dumb is fighting with me
suh: whatttttttttttttt u called me faty dumb
suddenky shar saw bhavna and said : bhavna ji aap
bha: hai sharad ji thsi suhani my bestie
sha: oh hai suhani jiiiii
suh: ji hai wait aap kon hai
sha: iam his friend
suh: oh ur his freind say ur friend to learn how to behave with girls
yuv: hey i know how to behave with girls u just luk like a girl but when u open u r mouth u r like a chatter box
suh: uuuuuu u r not yuraj ur sadu maharaj
bha: suhani just come here
she called her and said u know who is sharad ?
suh: i knwo he is that arrogant donkey's friend
bha: no he is my collegue and future hubby
suh: whatttttttttttt but
bh: my parents have fixed my marriage with him , that time u were in mumbia i thought i will give u a surprise

suh : hey bhgwan , i will say sry o him nwo, sharad bayya iam sry i mean can i call u bayya
sha: sure
suh: ok thanks
sha: and this is yuvraj my bestie
suh; hai
yuv : hai withiut any interest
bhavna asked her to shake hand with yuv
they both shaked hands without interest
sha: oh ur sccootty need to egt repaired, yuv will give the lift
yuv; ok
suh: mm i will go with him
she was about to get in his car her shawl got stucked in his shirt saawaree plays

she tried to move it and both of them touched eache others hands

hope u guys like it

some yuvani and shawna moments

pls add ur comments and suggestions

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Superb epi… Khushie pls update asap.. Eagerly waiting for the next epi

  2. Woww…i liked it to d core…update asap…

  3. Manya

    Lovely ??????❤️??

  4. Ruksy

    this was awsome

  5. Nice episode upadate next epi asap

  6. Really..a very good start..lets see how they fall for each other..

  7. its is really a nice start and the epi was superb i liked it very much.plz continue and update the nxt epi asap as i’m eagerly waiting for it.

  8. It was funny and very very interesting.i loved it.first meeting was vry nice.kep rocking like this.all d very best dear.

  9. Nice one … pls update asap

  10. Aqsxxh

    cute episode x

  11. Nithu

    its great….dear..n ua previous ff was also awsm dear


    super duper cute episode x

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