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Dosti hamari pakki hai …. episode 1


Hello Miss-golgappa,

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Hey guys im back……hope you will like this one

new character:
gm:kabir’s grandma


a girl is trying to cross a road and was about to get hit from a truck just before that a strong hand pulled her and both of them landed on floor

girl:ouch…it hurts…look please get up….. are you fine?im so sorry

man:i’m fine but i think you are not fine….who would just cross like that….please don’t make this as a habbit…because i won’t be there always for you ..

girl:maaf keejiye ga….hum aage se dyan rakenge…vese shukriya hume bachane keliye…ap bohath ache hai…

man:ooye chennai express tehar ja….mujhe bolne bhi donge tum…. bas khud bolte jarahi ho…

girl:sorry phir se….hum ..hum jaate hai

man:ab ese hi jaonge….teek se bye bhi nehi bol sakti

girl:so sorry

he pats his head

man:not again …your sorry is just wearing me out…cool …be cool…ok so please no more sorry alright

girl:ji ….ok i won’t say sorry again…but i’m really sorry that you got hurt just because of me

man takes deep breath

man:apology accepted….so big wala bye

girl:hm…to hum jaate hai

man:is that really hard to say bye?

girl:i’m sorry but i have to go fast …i don’t speaks to strangers

girl just rushed out from there

man:what a girl? kaun itna sorry bolta hai…is she mad or something whatever

just than a man came and kept handover his soulder

man2:tum yeha tha aur mei tujhe kaha kaha doond ra ahatha kabir

kabir:chand pe doond rahe the jo mila nehi

Man2:tumhare cd mera dvd player mei kyu nehi work kartha?( Why your CD doesn’t work on my DVD player?)

kabir:kyu ki mera cd tumhara dvd player pe fix nehi ho thi akhir tumhara player mei to zyada storage bhi nehi

man2:mera dimag ithna bhi chota nehi hai( my brain is not that much small)

kabir:now its the time for pakdam pakdayi

man2:wow i just love pakdam pakdayi

kabir:ahan mera wo matlab nehi tha budhu…arre mera matlab uss sid ki bache ke sath pakdam pakdayi kelne ka waqt agaya hai( I didn’t mean that ahan …I just meant to play pakdam pakdai with Sid)

ahan:tum aur sid pakdam pakdayi kelne wale ho?wow that’s gonna be interesting….

kabir:abhe akal ki gadhe….mera vo bhi matlab nehi tha

ahan:ha just like a word have many differant meanings in the dictionary

kabir:mera matlab tha ki ….kher chodo( I mean….just leave it)

ahan:wo tha uska meaning?to pehle hi bathadethe

kabir:tere kuch nehi hosakta

kabir reached his home

kabir:gm….i missed you

Gm: i missed you too bheta…

kabir:let me get freshen up and come

Gm:haa…ana puthar jaldi mannu tere se ek
gal dasni hai


GM:O bheta vo kya hai na mei punjabi seek ne ki koshish kar rahi thi

kabir:vo kisliye?

Gm:kya patha kal se zaroorath padjaaye

kabir:esa kya hona hai kal jis keliye ap punjabi seek rahi hai

gm:kuch bhi to nehi

kabir:something fishy

gm:baath yeh hai ki mei na soch rahi thi ki tera na haath peela karde


gm:matlab yeh ki ek ladki ki haath peela karade tere se shaadi karvaake

kabir:marva ke hi chodoonge kya?…..pehle mei khud to sambaljao tabi to kisi aur ko sambal paonga…

mei to chota sa nanna sa bacha hu na apka….gm mujhe shaadi nehi karna….agar ap esa karonge to mei na rokar tsunami flood laonga

gm:u don’t worry i have already selected a girl for you…who is so good …..will you say no to me?

kabir:gm….apki bath mei ne kabhi na suna hai esa kabhi hua hai

gm:so tomorrow you will meet my to be grand daughter in law.

kabir:what’s her name

gm: ria

kabir:let me check flames(ITS A TYPE OF GAME ) ha for that i need her full name so

gm:flames? kabiiir…ria malhotra

kabir:according to the flames she just got an ‘E’That means enemy


precap:kabir’s marriage got fixed

  1. Riyarocks

    haha…..flames game……mere school time mein mere frnds isi mein lage rehte the…..uff…..I really used to get headache on hearing its name & kabir checking it…..haha…..anyways….the episode was really…kabir saying…”abhe akal ki gadhe” ,”mei to chota sa nanna sa bacha hu na apka….gm mujhe shaadi nehi karna….agar ap esa karonge to mei na rokar tsunami flood laonga”….too good sweetieeeee…….luv u dherrrrrrrrr saara…………

  2. Dhruti


  3. Hahaa… bestie…….episode is hillarious… the convoy of Ahan & Kabir……I laughed a lot …..Do update soon…..lots of love & a big hug to u my bestie…..keep it up & always smile…don’t worry about ideas… I know u have many ideas in ur brain…..just shape them…..u again rocked…….

  4. Amazing…. Loved it

  5. Anonymousaa

    It was aeesome epi especially the convo dialogues were hilarious.
    Ew…..Kabir and Riya? Never. Hope the marriage doesn’t ake place.
    Plz post next epi asap.

  6. RuCh23

    It was so fun to read it sana πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ dialogues were hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but Riya+Kabir=ewwww πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ waiting for the next part

  7. Awesome super fabulous fantastic

  8. Abhilasha

    Wowww amazing episode dear……loved it lots….and flames omg I really used to play that with my friends and a long teasing session went on…reminded me of that childish acts!!

  9. Niyaaa

    Hey sana amaz epi dear nd kabir ahan convo r hilarious but ria nd kabir is ewwww.. Post nxt asap.. Bye tc

  10. Jessicca

    Superb… Amazing…. Kabir’s little immaturity was so cute… Me chota sa nanna sa bcha hu πŸ˜‚… Too good yar

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