Dosti and dil episode 9


Rags dad :-rags shows karan our house.
Rags gives wat expression.
Rags mom:-go baby.
Rags moves and sees karan by lifting her head .
Karan nodes her head and moves back of her…
Mishket and avni who is seeing this smiles….
Rags shows one by one room and finally takes him her room.
Her room is filled with her and mishket photos small small kids to young age..
And whole room is of blue and white mix paintings….
Karan:-usually girls like pink right the.
Rags:-but i like white mix blue colour ..
Karan:-that means u like me too..
Rags:-haa wat u said.
Karan:-i mean to say my dress..
U see blue mix white..
Rags smiles and about to go but karan stop her by holding hand she turn and karan asks her by showing photos ….
Karan:-are u and mishket are childhood frds.
Rags:-yaa we did schooling and colz everything together..
Karan:-if u do everything with him wat u will do with me then.
Karan drags her..
Rags hits him from front soon karan holds her waist and says i mean to say u didnot dance with me u called me here as guest and u didnot dance with your guest that doesnt look good..
And pusher her towards him ..
They both were so close to each other..
Karan takes remote and starts a romantic song from player and starts dancing with her from moving slowly ..
Both lost into each other eyes and their distance is decreasing between their lips..
He leans towards her to kiss..rags close her eyes but soon they lisen a voice calling them ..and gets back to senses and karan immediatedly stops music..
Both comes out of room and seez sanju searching for them.
Sanju:-bhai finally i found u we r starting will u come r not..
Karan :-ofcourse and about to go.
Sanju:-one second and goes towards rags and hugs her and says happy birthday once again bhaa…and sees karan and says byee….
Rags smiles and says thank u for coming.
Karan signals sanju to go ..
Sanju runs from their and goes..
Karan and rags were walking..
Suddenly a hand tounches her waist before she realises..
Karan hugs her so tight and says in ears..
Happy birthday my sweet heart and plants a kiss on her cheeks and goes from their by winking at her…
Rags stays like a statue but soon realises wat happen gets happy and runs back to her room and falls on bed and reminds their dance and his closeness gets shy and buries her head in pillow …

Karan gets diwn from steps by smiling and rememberring their hug and kiss..
Karan family goes…
Mishket dad asks him to leave avni and her parents to their home safe..
He goes with themmm…
Parents were sitting back and avni And mishket were sitting front…
He keep on seeing her and road simmultaneously ..
Avni sees this and turns her head and smiles…
Mishket sees this and he too smiles…
He drops them house..
Mishket waiting to avni turn and finally she turns and waves him bye with a smile ..
By seeing it he too smiles automatically and says u again incolzz…..

Next day in colzz every one is excited to go and see their partner its not first time but some unknown feelings started between them.
Holi preparations everyone are busy in applying colour too each other…
As its a holi party in colzzz..
Mishket is waiting for her in class room and praying to god ..
Mishket:-god plzz i want to apply colour on her first plzz and soon a hands taps on his shoulder he turns and seez a girl wearing scraf mishket:-may i help.
Girl:-yes by applying first colour on my face by you.and removes scraf And she is avni.
Mishket:-get stunned and says how do u knew that i want to apply colour on u first..
Avni:-i dont knew that u too want like i want u too apply first to me.
Mishket starts moving towards her and avni moves back and finally she hits wall..
Mishket takes hand full of red colour and applies on both cheecks by saying
avni opens eyes and sees him and says
I love u too.
Suddenly a bucket full of colour falls on both them and a voice by saying.
I love u both…
They both cleans their faces and sees rags standing.
They both sees at each other and again at colour packets and then rags.. and smiles evily..
Rags:-no no about to turns and Starts running ahead of them and turns to a corner and runs.
Some hand drags her inside a storeroom
She about to shout and that person keeps a hand on her mouth and she sees him clearly and recognises as karan.
She takes his hand from her mouth and says.
Rags:-why u always drag me like this ..
Karan:-first u stop moving here and their and stay with me forever then their will be no need for me to drag u….
Rags:-wat ever and widens her eyes and says wat u said ..
Karan smiles and says looks into my eyes and drags her close.
He applies colour on her cheecks with his cheecks
Rags closes her eyes…
Karan gets mesmerised and keeps a hand on her mouth.
Rags open her eyes.
Karan kisses his hand which is placed on her mouth.
Karan:-i love you ragini..i want to rag u in my whole life…
I have no reasons and a big sentences to say why i love u but i will say just one sentence that is.
I just love you..
Rags about to say something but hear voice of mishket and avni .
Karan and rags hides down and they were very close now.
Karan:-i want my answer ragini..
Ragini:-i love to ragged by you for entire my life….
And i too just love you…

They both hugs each other…

Precap:-main story starts now..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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