Dosti and dil episode 7


Hi frds thank u all for your lovely comnents but i need some ideas from you how to continue further ..about both couple..

Rags and mishket sits near window
Rags says wat ever happen between her and karan in class room and even her strange feelings..
Mishket:-you would shout on top of your voice when any one touches u but u were saying u didnt get angry.
Rags:-thats why i am asking u buddu why i felt like that is it love
Mishket:-may not be love but may be attraction because he is hot looking guy like me u knew.
Rags:-dont worry avni already started liking u one day she will love u…
Mishket:-how do u kneww.
Mishket:-sry sry we were soul mates frds right..
Rags:-even i knew the reason for wat u got impressed to her.
Mishket:-achaa wat.
Rags:-she is the first girl who undestand frdship .
She is the first person who did not try to separate us.
She is the person who did not flirt with u.
She is the first person who mainly accepted u because of me.right
And lifts her eye brows..
Mishket:-hmm you were right she is unquie .
Kind hearted ,sweet girl and ofcourse so beautifull with a more beautifull soul.
Rags:-u killed me man ahh but frankly i salute u as a girl for seeing heart but not body beauty and hugs him he too hugs her and says ..
Mishket:-before u come to some conclusion about your feeling.
Rags:-i will think one to three time and i will say u then only i will come to conclusion ok..
Mishket :-ok.
They both break their hug and rags goes to her house…
Rags sleeps on bed and remember karan saying carefull junior..she smiles and sleeps.

Next whole 2nd year students are busy in preparing for freshes party..
So karan and rags didnot meet each other frommorning.
Rags starting missing him but acts like she doesnt care…
Karan too misses her and seeing outside seminar hall if she passes from their so that he can call her but his plan gets fail..
Frds:-karan did u order snacks for party.
Karan doesnt respond and lost in his world by starring at door…
Frds smiles looking at him and says..
Frds:-if u want to meet her we will send a msg to her to come here.
Karan:-comes to his senses and says who…and why.
Frds:-come on yar dont try to preted ok…
Karan:-i am not pretending.
Frds:-whole colz knews that something is going between u and her becoz untill now u never talk to a girl properly but now u were full concentrated on her after 3 months of their colz tell me one thing who will rag for 3 months
Karan:-u were getting me wrong ok and leaves from their.
Frds:-i hope he realises soon.
They too leaves…

Rags gets ready in blue dress and avni gets ready in yellow mix orange dress…
Mishket gets ready in white shirt and cream colour coat…
Karan get ready in red colour dress all junior are seeing him with smile but he keep on looking at door for rags.
Mishket receives rags first ..
Mishket:-wow yar some one will die by seeing you superr.
Rags:-smiles and says then some one will get more impressed for u than before or u will get dumbstuck to someone beauty.
Mishket gives wat expression
Rags:-lets go to avni house naa..
Move fast and shakes him.
Mishket:-ok ok moving and starts car and stops infrontvof avni house and horns…
Avni comes out and mishket opens his mouth and keep on looking at her.
Rags sees and closes his mouth and say control yar..
Mishket comes to his senses and says wat control i am fine.
Rags:-yaa i can see it and gets down from car and hugs avni.
Rags:-wow yar u looking so pretty.
Avni:-smiles and says u too looking beautifull..
Rags:-thank u and come lets go.
And makes her sit on front seat.
Avni:-hi mishket.
Mishket:-hi you were beautifull.
Avni:-feels happy and says thank u
and u too.
Looking nice.
Mishket:-thank u.
Rags:-if its over can we goo.
Avni:-is someone here to met someone eager it seems..
Rags and mishket sees each other and then avni..
Mishket and avni breaks to laugh rags leans back to seat and keep her face sad and tries to stop smilr
Mishket:-lets go before its late..
Karan is talking to his frds while standing at door.
Slowly junior started coming..
Karan turns and sees avni and mishket coming and tries to see back of him to find rags and finally founds her and mesmerized to see her and goes towards her ..
Rags sees him coming close and stands at that place..
Karan comes and hold her waist and kisses her…on her lips and says i love you…soon he gets Comes to senses by his frds and thinks shit how can i think like that and sees rags crossing him and going inside and smiles…
Rags too smiles after crossing him.
Freshes party does happen good ..
Those senior comes mishket avni and rags and talks to them normally and makes them frds..
Senior:-so madam ragini jii did we reach your expectation in doing ragging and laughs..
They three also laughs and karan see her laughing and tries to go towards her but unfortunately party ends…
Rags bikes gets punchure. Shecasks mishket to drop avni to her home and come and she will call dad..
Mishket:-you sure ..
Rags:-haa its getting late so go..
Mishket takes her in her bike ..
Avni first sits unconfortably by holding bike mishket sees this and smiles and starts to drive slowly…
Rags is waiting and her dad is not picking up call and thinks to take auto and turns and hits with karan.
Karan:-why u always collide with me yar.
Rags:-i feel happy thats why and bits her tongue.
Rags:-wat nothing.
Karan smiles hmm shall i drop u.
Rags thinks ..
Karan:-see your frd left and from that time u were trying to call someone but no response its not good to take auto that too this time..beautifull girl with auto drive o drive its better if u govon drive with senior.
Rags smiles u mean to say.
Karan:-i will drop u.
Rags thinks and sits on bike …
Karan starts bike by smiling..

On another side.
Mishket drives so slowly..
Avni:-if u drive this much fastely then when we will reach.
Mishket:-very funny u were not taking any support and siting on bike wat if u fall..
Avni:-i will manage u drive properly.
Mishket:-now only i am saying trust me and take my shoulder support.. if u dont trust me then…
Suddenlt he senses a hand on his shoulder and sees threw mirror that avni kept hand on him..
He drop her at her home and waves bye and goes fromtheir..

Karan drops rags at home and he and rags sees each other and smiles goes from their…

Precap:-jeously between couples

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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