Dosti and dil episode 6


Rags walking towards class..
Rags pov:-
Dont knew wat happen to me when he dragged me towards him and he even touched my waist but i didnt get angry infact i felt happy.
Dont knew why i felt happy when were he rags me i am liking it if one day he didnt ragged me it making me restless and me too going infront of him wantedly so that he see me and talk to mee.
I think i am mad now and goes towards class…

Karan pov:-
Hmm she is beautifull and her lie oh my god i could stop myself without laughing by lisening her leg writing skills and her face expressions..i was afraid that she may fall and immediatedly dragged her towards me and today i saw her from very near and a deep look into her eyes made me fall to her yes i love her itseems i was mad about her no may be not how can someone fall in love that to this early its impossible ..
May be possible and collides with a professor.

Karan:-sorry sir sorry ..

Professor:-its ok …

Karan:-wat happen to me shit concentrate damm it and leaves from their..
At library..
Avni is searching all books from each rack..
Mishket is opposite to her and he too searches books..
And sees avni on opposite side and thinks something and smiles..
Avni selects one book about to take mishket takes it from another side avni looks on mishket winks at her..avni smiles and goes to another side mishket follows her and continues to do it like that.

Avni smiles and starts to touch every book and mishket to takes everybook and he realises he is handling so many books and looks at her..
They both smilez and turns and sees librarian standing and staring at them.
Mishket:-looks at avni and says good morning sir..
Avni:-good morning sir .
Sir:-do you think its a library or play ground from that time i was watching u both were roaming here and their..and how many book will u take arrange those all and go from here..
Mishket nodes and turns towards avni both smiles and keeps all books at their places..
And leaves from their towards class and ses ragini sitting alone with a cute smile on her face…

Mishket and avni looks at each other and comes to her and shakes her and rags comes to her senses…
Mishket :-where r u lost ..
Avni sits with her and mishket sits next to rags …
Class starts..
Mishket:-how borring lechure yarr ragoo still how much long we should bare…
And seez she is not responding and turns her face and sees rags lost some where and thinks some thing and hits rags with shoulder..
Mishket:-i should ask u wat happen to u where u lost ..
Rags:-i want to say something ..
Avni calls rags by touching hand.
Rags turns and sees avni pointing towards sir who is seeing them.
Rags:-hello sir.
Sir:-if i see u both talking again
I will send u both out of class.
Rags and mishket nodes their heads
Avni smiles and rags and mishket looks at her angrily…

After class rags and mishket catching avni and scolding her for laughing at them ( funnily)..

Avni:-ok ok i am sorry.

Rags and mishket :-hmmm and folds their hands..
And three starts to laugh…
Avni sitting back of rags and mishket on his own bike first he starts bike and moves..
When rags starts bike and about to go a bike speadily rags appiles brakes and that person turns and sees and that is karan.

Karan:-carefull junior..
Rags smiles and avni sees this and smiles too and says soo lets go or not.
Rags:-ofcourse yar lets goo..

Precap:-freshers party

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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