Dosti and dil episode 5


Avni pov…
Mishket first time i met him when i collided with in corner i dont knew why but i felt very good at heart still i feel very happy with his presences and sees ragini sleeping and thinks i am blessed to have a frds like them i never thought by seeing them that they were very rich but they were so simple than mee thank u god for giving me such a good frds…
And closes eyes and dozes off ….

Mishket pov…
Remembers when he and avni met and thinks she is special i saw many girls but never had a special feeling when i got when i met here and ofcourse she is the first person who didnt taught me and rags as a lovers she is so pure and she immediately became one in us…and smiles and he too sleeps off…

Next morning rags and avni on her
bike and mishket on his bike reaches to colz and they gets down.

Rags:-u go people i will come giving this records to so called senior..

Mishket and avni sees him behind and signals her but she ignores them and says..

Rags:-he may slept peacefully by giving me his whole records ..
So called wahi kahi ka ..
Mishket and avni bends their heads down and nodes no..
Rags wat happen to u two.
They both shows fingers and rags turns and sees karan seeing at her on bike ..
Rags widen her eyes looks here and their and goes towards him and forwards records ..
Karan takes them and says…
Karan:-fully completed.
Rags nodes head and about to go..
Karan:-by the way my name is karan wahi that its wahi kahi ka nahi.
Rags smiles and runs from their with mishket and avni..
Karan:-she is really crazy yarr and parks bike and sees record and identifies three different handwritings and smiles evily..
At rags classroom.
Rags sits by cuping her face with hands and avni and mishket are laughing at her.
Rags:-enough guys stop it yar…
Avni:-cant u control your self speaking in colz after all u keeping on scolding him on our way from home to colzz..
Mishket:-u dont knew avni she did masters in mummering stupid things.
Rags:-shut up now i gave him a chance to tease me more..
Avni:-if u feel its crossing limits then complain to principal.
Rags:-no yar untill now he didnot even speak to me rudely..
Mishket:-then chill enjoy.
Rags:-make face and says enjoy…
My foot…..
Mishket and avni went to library and rags walking suddenly some one to her and stops her.
She lifts head and sees karan.
Rags:-yes sir.
Karan:-i checked my record in each record handwriting was changed how.
Rags:-woo actually haa
One record i wrote with right hand
Another record with left hand ..
Karan lifts eyebrows and sees her with little smile and asks third one is written with leg or wat.
Rags:-haa .. wat infact i wrote 3rd one with leg only.
Karan:-how can it possible.
Rags:-why cant it possible did u were right no naa then how can u say u cant write.
Karan:-oh in that way come with mee..and drags rags to a empty classroom and takes a note book and pen and keeps it on floor and asks her to show talent if her leg writing.
Rags:-keeps confused face and says ahh wat with leg and now infront of u.
Karan:-haa talent should not be hidden..
Rags:-thinks and says close your eyes then only i will write..
Karan:-haa why.
Rags:-haa because of shyness.
Karan:-wat the hell are u speaking.
Rags:-shouts will u close it or not.
Karan:-shouts wat.
Rags:-plzzz sir close naaa…
Karan:-hmm fine and closes eyes.
Rags goes near to his face to check properly whether he closed eyes or not suddenly karan opens eyes rags jerks back about fall but karan catches her hand and drags towards him they both were so close to each other and lost in each eyes suddenly bell rings and both came back to their senses and with embaressement they both left from their …..

Precap:-karan and rags pov”s..
Avni and mishket funny moments

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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