Dosti and dil episode 4


Rags coming in white shirt and black pant and standing near seniors ..
Karan is standing by taking support of wall and sees her with a smile in short he is mesmerized to her ..
Rags too sees him smiling and feels something but doesnt show it in her face.
Karan comes towards ragini and says..
Karan:-take these records and i want them in one day..
Rags:-what u gave me 3 records and you want to complete in one day how is it possible..
Karan:-i am not asking your opinion or asking u can u do it i am just saying it complete it otherwise next phase of ragging will start…
Rags keeps pout face and goes from their.
Senior1:-are u showing her concern or love.
Karan:-wat r u speaking are u mad.
Senior2:-or wat we have 5 records why u gave only 3 then.
Karan stammers and says if i gave all then wat i will do any way i gave her more and less time right she wont complete and see then wat i will do and smirks…..
Mishket:-so avni do u have any sibblings.
Avni:-no im only one child and you.
Mishket:-mee too.
Avni:-wat about ragini.
Mishket:-well she has a big brother who both will always stands for her in evil plans.
Avni laughs. Mishket looks on .
Avni :-wat why r u seeing like that.
Mishket:-just you looks pretty when u smile..

They both had a eyelock but disturbed by ragini who keeps records on table with force and starts talking.
Rags:-donkey face monkey face mangoose face and everything.
Mishket:-whom u ever praising my dear who is that lucky person.
Rags:-that stupid senior karan see he wants me to complete these 3 records in today itself..and keeps both hands on her cheecks ..
Karan sees this from corner and says wow she is so beautifull but why i going to her always by searching am i really get attracted to her and goes from their.
Avni:-dont worry i will help u i will write one record for u.
Mishket:-another one abously mee.
Rags smiles and says no need my punishment and i will manage.
Avni:-mine not rags ours punishnent u only teach me in frd ship only our word exist so.
Mishket:-by the way i am not asking u permission we r infirming u lets meet at your home if u dont mind will u come avni..
Avni:-ofcourse why not i will inform to my parents and i will come with u…
They three smiles…
Avni informs to their parents and leaves by auto.

In auto.
Avni:-u can come on bike naa why r u travelling with me in auto
Rags:-oh plzz avni tomorrow u and me will come on my bike ok infact daily i will pick u and drop u.
Avni:-dont take stress for me rags Rags:-you were thinking me as problem and keeps sad face
Avni:-im sorry did i hurt u and keeps worried face
By seeing her face rags hugs her from side and sayss.
Rags:-oh my dear frd i am joking any way from tomorrow u and me on one bike ok..
They gets down from auto avni gets shocked sees her house so big and even mishket..
Avni:-is this your house and u have many cars and u both are so simple yar by seeing you no one can say that u were rich.
Rags:-we want to be like others and cars the thrill we get in bikes we wont get it in cars any way lets go inside and see mishket also arrived.
Rags introduces her to all and she too takes blessings from them.
Ragsmom:-learn something from her how to respect others and finallly u chosed a good frd…
Mishket and rags both looks at eachother and goes towards her and hugs and kisses her on cheeks at a time and says ..
This is the way we respect our elders and u dont woory soon we will change her but we wont change…
Ragsmom:-i wont except also because its impossible…
Three laughs seeing then avni also laughs..

In rags room its beautifully decorated and have a drums and avni asks rags.
Avni:-do u knew how to play drums.
Avni:-can i lisen to it..
Mishket:-ofcourse ki bachi if start playing it u will play untill morning and who will write records.
Avni and rags together :-uuu.
Mishket:-avni u also..
They laughs and starts writing record while writing rags sleeps like that only mishket sees this and takes record from under her head and goes and brings pillow and blanket covers her..
Avni:-u care so much for her naa.
Mishket:-thinks something and says wat do u think about our relation..
Avni:-wat is that question ofcourse childhood bestfrds forever…
Mishket:-u were the first person Said that we were frds or else untill now all used to think that we are lovers.
Avni:-come on because they thinks a boy and girl can never be frds thats why but me no i think why cant a boy and girl be frds ..
Avni takes record of rags and sees and says she completed..
Mishket:- haa she wont leave any work in middle ..
Avni :-mine also completed
Mishket:-mine also..
So u sleep here i will go to guest room and sleep ..
Good night..
Avni:-good night.

Precap:-avni and mishket thinks about each other..
Karan teases again ragini…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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