Dosti and dil episode 3


Next day at colz like always rags and mishket comes on bike ..
Rags gets down from bike and turns soon a bike comes towards
her rashely but stops in nick of time..
Rags closes her ears with hands and eyes closed..
Soon she hears a horn and opens eyes and see a man standing infront of her with helmet.
Rags:-cant u see and drive.
Man:-oh madam i saw u thats why i stopped bike in nick of time understood and asks her to move and parks his bike and takes helmet and he is non other than karan wahi and looks at rags and leaves from their.
Rags:-is he a mental case he didnt even say sorry he has full of attitude dirty fellow.
Mishket just comes and asks wst hsppen why r talking to ur own.
Rags:-nothing come lets go.
Mishket:-lets wait for avni.
Rags:-haa ok..
They wait for avni when she came they three leaves towards class but in middle a few senior stops them and calls ragini but mishket about to come but rags stops him she leaves towards them asking them to leave.
Avni:-mishket lets wait untill ragini comes.
Mishket:-haa ofcourse
Rags stands infront of them.
Senior1:-this is the yesterday girl Who said that we dont knew how to rag..lets learn from her karan.
Karan:-ofcourse and turns to her and gets shocked to see that same girl in parking lot.
Karan:-oh u even.she is teaching me how to park today.
Rags:-that means that person is you.
Karan:-ofcourse me the great karan wahi.
Rags in her mind :-hmm he is saying himself as great instead of others .
karan comes close to her and says ofcourse ask anyone from colz they will say that i am great..
Rags:-gets shocked and thinks how he knew wat she is talking in her mind.
This time karan comes close to her face and says your eyes speaks a lot.
Mishket and avni sees this and immediately runs to her.
Avni:-sry sir actually we r getting late for class and that to hod class and drags her from their.while going rags turns and sees karan and karan winks at her.
On the way.
Rags:-avni our first class is normal one na then why u said it as hod class.
Avni:-so that they will release u.
Rags and mishket stops and looks into each other and hugs her.
Rags:-thanks for saving me and turns back and sees him talking with frds and say he is different kind of person yar.
Mishket:-leave it lets go to class..

Karan turns and sees rags going with frds and says to frds.
Ur right she is different girl something is their in her eyes which makes to see just like that.

U were here to trouble her ok not to get attracted to her Karan:-who is getting attracted to her i am saying that she is giving back answer in bold way thats it

In class room.
Avni:-are u ok ..
Avni:-because of me you r facing this i m sorry.
Rags:-oh come on yar we r frds now .
Mishket:-we r thinking her as frd may be she is not thats why she is feeling sorry.
Avni:-no were my frds.
Rags:-then you should not be sorry because frds dont only share happiness but also difficulties.
Avni smiles and hugs rags..
Mishket strenches hands and say mee to and hugs from back of rags.
Rags and avni smiles…

Precap:-karan giving task to ragini

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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