Dosti and dil episode 2


Rags and mishket goes to his house sits and starts saying whole day with their parents and enjoying with them.
Ragsmom:-so no ragging.
Mishket:-today no i think they will catch us juniors tomorrow.
Mishket dad:-take it as a joke if they crossed limits then also handle in good way..
Rags:-dont worry uncle i am there na to control his anger…and winks at mishket…
Next day at colzzz rags and mishket are walking at corrider suddenly a girl bumps into mishket and they both falls down..
Mishket without seeing arranging his books and shouts.
Mishket:-cant u see and walk.
Rags see her face and sits down by keeping hand on mishket shoulder he sees her and rags signs him to see their.
Mishket see a girl who is blindfolded.
Mishket and rags both sees each other and sings to each other.
Rags goes and open cloth from her face…
She slowly opens eyes and sees mishket…

Both looks into eachother eyes but soon disturbed by ragini.
Ragini:-are u ok why r u walking like this..
Avni:-actually senior told me to walk like this and shows her finger in some direction.
Rags and mishket see in that direction and sees few people sitting their on steps and sees her.
Mishket:-ok i am sry without knowing i shouted on you
Rags:-haa dnt worry we are their naa come getup by the way i sm ragini thakur..
Avni:-hi i am avni mishra..
Mishket:-hi avni i am mishket gupta.
Three laughs soon they lisen a voice from that senior gang Voice:-hi u three if u come here ..
Three follows towards them.
One person:-u both are u lovers.
Rags and mishket looks at each other and begans to laughs.
Rags:-are u out of your mind me and him lovers how u thought because we travel together thats it.
Voice:-talk with respect and call us sir we r seniors to u and say it straightly and immitates like well travelling together by making face
s ..
Rags gets angry but control seeing mishket watching them ..
Rags:-ok sir let me say u clearly sir..
We both live at one place from childhood our schooling colz everything we r together and we both are family and childhood frds.
Senior 1:-oh frds and all haa for whom u are saying stories.
Senior 2:- these type of people will close frds to all when all present who knews how they will be when they are alone..
They both gets angry..mishket about to speak but rags speaks with them angrily.
Rags:-if u people cant understand the meaning of frdship then dont open your mouth and wat u are thinking of yourself that u were doing ragging but for your kind information no u were not u just insulting people in name of ragging.
Sernior 1:-so u were saying that we dont knew how to rag now will u start teaching also.
Senior:-theorical class completed naa now she will show us practicals and about to go to her
Mishket stands in between them.
Meanwhile hod comes for rounds and by seeing him they leave by seeing rags and says we will definetly learn ragging from u ..
Rags:-lets go to our class room
asks avni about her group.
Avni:-arts and science.
Mishket:-oh so u were also our group and our class .
Avni smiles and they two also .
They goes to their classes and sits together..

Precap:-karan wahi intro and ragini meeting him…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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