Dosti and dil episode 13

After so much of work tired a lot in house shifting still so much work left…

Any way..

Rags comes and runs to room .
Avni and mishket follows her…
By running..
She threws all things on bed and starts crying by holding bedsheet..
Avni comes and hugs her from back.
Rags turns and says promise avni me and mishket are only good frds not more than that i promise we dont have any illegal relationship if u want i will get test reports and show u that i am…Anvi closes her mouth and mishket closes his eyes in pain…
Avni:-no need rags i belive u more than anything in the world and qat the hell r u saying test reports and all u dont need to prove anyone in the world that u r pure …
I trust ur both relation than mine and mishkey nor mishket ok…
Rags cries and hugs her…
Rags:-did i do any mistake why he said like that .how can he say that i am characterless i hate my self for loving him.
I hate him…
Mishket comes and cups her face and says…
After my mother u were the first girl whom i saw to be loyal and pure ..
Rags:-then avni..
Mishket and avni smiles and haaa avni is the most pure than u two ok.
Rags wipes her tears and says ok..
They hear a door bell as rags parents are not their avni goes to open door..
She opens and gets shocked to see karan standing their..
Avni:-wat the hell are u doing here and wat left that u came here to complete..
Karan says everything about rasi and how u possessive about losing ragini and in that situation how he completely misunderstood them.
Avni:-its ok but i cant say anything about how rags and mainly mishket are going to react..
Karan:-i did a mistake if they want me to be punished i will get that …
Avni:-wat will u say to her.
Karan:-i will just say that i love her a lot and i will wait for her forgiveness.
Avni:-ok come…
Mishket is consolling rags who is resting her head on his shoulder..
They both sees karan and stands Up in shock..
Rags gets teardy eye and turns and goes to window.
Mishket comes in his way and says ragini just ragini ok…
Karan:-ok but..
Mishket:-but wat and catches his collar..
Avni comes and holds his hand and says just once lisen to him mishket please ..
Mishket:-why is anything left to Say that u came here to complete and hits him.
Karan:-touches his cheeck and say ok i deserve it i should not talk like that but once lisen to me.
Mishket again hits him.
Avni tries to stop rags finally stops mishket and says..
Rags:-let him speak mishkey i too want to knew after so much insult wat left that he came here to complete.
Karan says everything about rasi and how she provoked him on them.
Mishket laughs and say:-dont blame her dude its your fault u knew why after u insulted her my relationship by giving a dirty name called illegal my lover who belived us took our side do u remember ..
She can also get doudt by your blaming on us but no she belived us because she loves me and i loves her.she has trust in my love and wat u said giving time and all To understand each other their is no need to roam around city ..
And why the hell i am saying this all to u..
Karan goes towardz rags and says:-i am sorry ragini i knew that sorry is a small word i have no rights to say that i love you and but i want to say that..
I love u and just give me a chance
To repent my big mistakes and i will wait for ur answer for my whole life and goes from their…

Precap:-rags decision and a leap..

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  1. Nice and also sad episode..

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  3. nyc.. are they gonna be together or not after leap

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  4. Very nice didi

  5. wow…..superb episode ?

  6. Nice di.Feeling bad for rag and karan.

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  8. Eagerly waiting for next episode ??its awesome

  9. He dont deserve a chance

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