Dosti and dil episode 12


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Mishket and rags were fightingon silly things rags falls on mishket and beating him.
Avni is sitting with them and laughing at their fights…
Karan is calling her but phone is in silent and she doent see it.
Karan gets angry and goes and sits with him ..
Suddenly a pair if hands were on karan shoulder he thinks its as ragini
Karan:-ragini and turns his face and sees a another girl.
Karan immeduatedly removes her hand from her shoulder and says who r u.
Girl:-are u kidding me ..
Karan:-why i will joke with u when i dont knew u.
Girl gets angry and says fine my name is raki and for your kind infirnation i am your classmate..
Karan:-oh i am sry i never saw u.
Raki:-hmm waiting for ragini..
Karan:-why i should answer u.
Raki:-ok dont answer me atleast lisen to me u were waiting here and their she us enjoying in canteen with mishket by falling on him..
By seeing their closeness any one can say that they were not frds and for her you were just time pass .
Karan:-they both were childhood frds ok.
Riya:-ok but they both were boy and girl also staying so close to Each other means some time they may loose their control on them selves or may alreadylost..
U knew wat whole colz is thinking about them and u as a timepass for her..any have people will say that we should not belive untill we see u go and see with your own eyes and save that girl avni who is trapped by mishket just like ragini trapped u to cover their illegal relationship in the name of so called frdship and goes from their Karan fumes in anger…and goes from their to canteen and sees rags and mushket close to each other but he didnot saw avni who is sitting next to them.
Karan feels like betrayed and goes inside and stands infront of rags and mishket…in mean time avni went to washroom…
Rags sees karan.
Rags:-hi karan come naa sit with us and beats mishket.
Mishket:-atleast leave me now naa
Rags:-no u will be always my first preference..
Karan:-then wat about mee rags a side character…
Rags and mishket looks at eachother and stands up.
Mishket:-wat happen karan calm down first u sit we will talk calmy
and about to touch him.
Karan jerks back and says dont u dare u touch mee.
Rags:-karan first sit and say wat happen.
Karan:-check your phone ragini..
Ragini checks phone and see 10 missed calls from karan.
Rags:-sry karan phone was on silents thats why i didnot see otherwise i will lift your phone.
Karan:-silent ofcourse you will keep your phone in silent only so that no one can disturb you both.
Mishket:-wat the hell are u talking.
Karan:-u check your phone may be u also have missed calls from avni she is innocent dont cheat like you Both cheated me..
Avni comes their by lisening shouting and crowd near them.
Avni:-wat happened karan why r u shouting like that…
Karan:-open your eyes avni and see them they r cheating on us they are using us and they were fullfilling their illegal activites..
Mishket gets angry and closes his fist.
Rags looks on with tears and try to speak but he is not lisening.
Avni couldnot control and slaps karan hard..
All looks at her with shock…

Karan touches his cheeck and sees her.
Avni:-shows finger and says dont you dare to say anything agsinst them.
Untill now i never see a person who be so loww..wat do u think i started loving mishket by seeing their frdship only if he in future may once also if he neglect rags Naa may be wat ever reason the next minute i will break up with him.
Like you so many people are there who can never understand a girl and boy frdship they will think low only because they were low characterd…
And u will never understand their frdship because u never loved her..
This is not first time but before also u doudted on them..
I just hate u and u never deserve her and about to go but stops one more question for u no need to answer just lisen and if u have brain think also..
U and u sanju went outside where no one knews that u both were brother and sister and u both were on bike or walking by holding hand or sitting next to eachother or u may both fighting for fun just like these two were fighting now..
Its obvisious right the people around u will think u both as a lovers but reality is you both were brother and sisters …
And here …

U type persons are people whose judge their relationship without knowing but the fact is they both were more than a brother and sister and u will never understand..
And takes rrags and mishket with her rags stop infront of him and says..
Rags:-i dont knew why but i still love you but i hate my self for loving u who questioned me about my character infront of everyone and making me worst character .
Thanks for that and because of u i came to knew that our frdship is not wrong the people like you were wrong and we blessed to have avni as our frd and say i font ever show my face to u again and goes from their.
Karan stand still like statue his frds comes and drags to some place
Where that girk rasi is talking to her frds.
Rasi:-he is such a dumb fellow guys i just said wat ever i got in mind and wat ever colz is talking about them…
I think he too insecure about it thats why he immediatedly belived me and i only kept her phone in silent..
Frds:-wat how
Rasi:-morning while walking in corrider i only dashed with her wantedly and made her phone fell and in name of helping i kept it in silent.
Frds:-why u did all this yar…
Rasi:-because of that sanjana and ragini.
Frds:-who is sanjana.
Rasi:-karan sister and my brother just teased her thats it this girl started crying and this ragini came inbetween and slapped my brother not only that .she warned Us threw her dad to my brother to stay away from her…
Thats why see how she cried..
Karan who lisens this all comes forward and about to slap her but stops and says.
Karan:-i want to beat u for that i should touch u and i hate that and u were not wrong i was wrong i came into your trap and lost my love ..
He goes from their sits at campus and cries..
His frds comes and says..

Frds:-go raa go and say sry to her.
Karan:-will she accept my sry..
Am i deserve for that ..
How can i doudt on her i came yesterday into her life but mishket and ragini were childhood frds infact family frds also….
I did wrong i doudted on my love .
I raised a question on her dignity that no girl will bare that insult at any cost….
I miss her raa.
Frds:-if u dont say now then u cant say never raa.
Say her that wat made u feel like that ..
Say that u became possessive by thinking of lossing her.
Say her that how much u love her and want her.
Karan:-are u sure ..
Frds:-just go man…

Precap:-rags crying in room…Mishket beats karan avni tries stop mishet.3 gets shocked

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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