Dosti and dil episode 1


A girl is running fastly in jogging dress by hjumping from small bushes and finally reaches a man who is waiting already for her and goes towards him and keeps hand on his shouldee he turns and says.
Man:-you were late as always rags rags:-sry yar misky i am sorry.
Mishkat:- its ok rags come lets go for jogging.
They both were jogging and see few children are playing cricket these two also joins mishket is batting and rags is bowling and sees a boy keeping sad face and goes towards him and asks
Rags:-what happen why r u sad.
Boy:-this bhaiyya is not getting out.
Rags:-ohh ok will u out him.
Rags:-ok then come with me and call mishy see know this boy will out u and winks at him.
Miskhat understands and say:-oh lets see then.
Another boy bowls ball to him and he wantedly hits slowly and easily towards rags lifts that boy and that boy catches ball and rags and that boy shouts out..
Miskhat pouts his face but smiles seeing boy and rags jumping like kids .
Aftersometime they both starts towards to their homes..
Miskhat:-in u both it became difficult to find out who is kid.
Rag:-why ur eyes sight is not good or wat and laughs.
They both leaves to their home by walking only because their homes are at same line at same place…

They gets ready rags comes and sits on his bike and says

Rags:-lets go misky.
They both entres into colz all started looking at them of their Closeness and as their first year of colzz too..
They get down of bike..
Rags is looking around colzz ..
Miskhat:- getting tensed of ragging.
Rags:-hmm a little bit excited and nervous too..
Mishket:-dont worry i am here naa.
Rags:-i knew ..
They both smiles and goes to office enquires about their classes and classrooms …
They both collects their id of arts and science group and goes towards another room and collects books and goes yo their respective classes..
Inclass room …
They goes and sits together a girl introduces herself to them ..
Tania:-hi i am tania.
Rags:-hi i ragini and he is mishket my childhood frd.
They both also shake hands with each other..
Classes ends and at canteen .
Rags and mishket sits with their new frds and chit chatting and eating together…
Few seniors see this and says lets catch these two in evening.
First day it self they came so close to each otherr..
Rags and miskhat were talking on random things and soon colz get over and they reach to their house
On miskhat bike


Credit to: Sindhu rm

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      Nisha aur uske cousins hero also

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