Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 6)

Here is ep 6!

(Next Day Abhi’s home)
Mamta Mam is getting ready for school when she thinks of Abhi, what vil he do alone in home? She gets ready n goes to Abhi’s room n finds he is sleeping. She is happy seeing him sleeping peacefully. She leaves the home at 6am n locks the door. After half an hour Siya arrives at Malhotra Residence. She starts knocking repeatedly on the door, when Abhi gets disturbed in his sleep n thinks who is it at this time?

He goes to the door n open it n is shocked to c a beautiful Siya wearing pink salwaar kameez. Siya seeing him started questioning y he was late, he comes to his senses n says
Abhi: oh madam! Ur at my home n ur asking me y I was late?
Siya: I m not here to fight wid u, so stop coming in my way.
Abhi: xcuse me, I m not stopping u n u stop fighting wid me.
Siya(entering the home): accha, so I m fighting wid u.
Abhi: Yess.
Siya(changing the topic): where is the kitchen? I have to prepare breakfast.
Abhi(surprise): at this time?
Siya:what? U vil not have breakfast now, at lunch time u vil have breakfast.
Abhi: maybe.
Siya(angry): stop joking n say where is the kitchen? N don’t try to b smart.
Abhi: what do u mean?
Siya: u know what I mean, sit at the dining table till I prepare breakfast. Understood.
Abhi(angry): ur not my mom that ur ordering me.
Siya: I know! But I m here to take care of u, so do as I say n say where is the kitchen. Abhi shows her the kitchen n sits at the dining table.She starts to prepare an omelette n coffee. Siya prepared breakfast n came to the hall to find Abhi sleeping, his face on the table. She dips his finger in coffee n he gets up with a shock.
Abhi: what the hell? Wat r u trying to do?
Siya(smiling): nothing! Just trying to wake u from ur sleep.
Abhi(standing angry): what do u think of urself? I didn’t permitted u to come over n fight wid me. I thought u were a……..forget it. N leaves the hall. Siya is standing in shock, she thinks I was just joking but he took it seriously. What vil I do now? After 5 minutes of thinking she keeps the plate of omelette n cup of coffee in a tray n goes towards Abhi’s room. She knocks on the door but she gets no answer. Again she knocked but he didn’t open the door. She thought it’s better not to disturb him n went back to kitchen. She felt it was boring n started to watch movie. After a while she looked at watch n it was 12:45. She thought I should start preparing the lunch but she stopped thinking what vil she prepare?

She went to kitchen when she saw a list of food stuck on the fridge n thought this is Abhi’s favourite food list. She saw so many dishes which she didn’t know how to make. She saw a vegetable soup n said to herself, this vil b healthy for him n she knew how to make it. She started boiling water n cutting veggies. N at last she started adding spices. The soup smelled delecious, the smell reached Abhi’s room.

He came out smellings the smell n sat at at the dining table, Siya saw him, in a bowl she served the soup to him. He drank it as if he was hungry from ages. Siya turned to bring another bowl of soup when he caught her wrist(don’t know how to say), she turned n asked
Siya: what happen?
Abhi: sorry for morning, I really hate it when sumone wakes me from my sleep.
Siya: it’s k, I know how it feels.
Abhi: if u know, then y u woke me?
Siya: I was just having fun but u got angry.
Abhi: k. Leave that, go n bring soup for me I m very hungry.
Siya: I know. She leaves to bring soup n returns in 2 mins with another bowl of soup. He drank that also n then he thought did she tasted it or not.
Abhi: have u tasted it?
Siya: tumhare chakkar mein, I forgot to taste my own soup.
Abhi: so have it na. It’s really tasty.
Siya: i know. My parents say the same thing. I vil bring for me n leaves to bring the soup. She brings the soup n completes it. She takes the bowls n washes n keeps them from where she took it as they weren’t move. She keeps the kitchen as tidy it was before she came. She comes in hall n sees Abhi lying on the sofa watching live football team n thinks y all boys r same. She feels boring n starts roaming around the house n finds many interesting things. She find a study room n finds all kinds of books n starts reading a horror book which is about 300 pages. She completes 150 pages. She feels someone behind her n turns back n shouts as if she saw a ghost. It’s her habbit whenever she reads horror stories, she imagines ghost. She comes out of the study room wiping her sweat. She sees it’s 4pm n sees Abhi is now watching cricket. She takes her bag when Abhi asks
Abhi: where r u going?
Siya: o Mr! Don’t u know wat’s the time? Ur mom can cum anytime.
Abhi: she comes at 5 everyday.
Siya: y?
Abhi: she has to manage files, etc.
Siya: she can do it at home.
Abhi: she never brings her school work to home, only when tests r going on.
Siya: k but wat do I do staying here. No work.
Abhi: help me with notes. Last week I didn’t go to school u know right?
Siya: but for boys it’s not same. U call any Sameer for notes. He can help u
Abhi: ya. Gud idea.
Siya: I vil also call preeti for my notes. They both call their friends n takes help from them completing notes n it’s 4:55. Siya sees her watch n is shocked to c the time. She goes to the door n opens it when she sees Mamta Mam getting out of her car. She closes the door with a bang.

Siya says Abhi about Mam being out n he gets tensed. He thinks of sumthing n takes her to his room n says her to go out from his room window when Mamta Mam enters the home calling Abhi.They r shocked.

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