Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 8)

Here is epii 8 n sorry for late update readers.

(Same day Abhi’s home)
Mamta Mam reaches home n after getting fresh she goes to kitchen. While going inside the kitchen she notices yogurt n calls Abhi n asks y dis yogurt is on floor. U don’t like yogurt right then. Abhi thinks a little n says.
Abhi: oh mom! Doc said that I should have yogurt it’s good for health.
Mom: so u heard doc’s saying, when I used to say u never listened.
Abhi: mom! I like to disturb u that’s y. After saying this Abhi starts running n Mamta Mam started chasing him.

(Siya’s Home)
Siya was in her room chatting wid preeti n said
Siya: send me all notes of today. I have to complete.
Preeti: yaa baba! I vil send u don’t worry, btw how was the day?
Siya: good n bad I guess.
Preeti: y what happened? Siya says what had happen to her in Abhi’s home.
Preeti: r u fine now u? Did u say about this to anty?
Siya: no, should I say her?
Preeti: no, she vil be tensed.
Siya: I know that’s y I too didn’t say.
Preeti: k bye! Mom is calling.
Siya: bye.

(In hall)
Siya comes down to have dinner. She goes in kitchen n helps her mom wid the dinner. They all sit together n were having dinner.
Dad: Siya! How is it going?
Siya: what dad?
Dad: ur caretaker’s work.
Siya(surprised): what caretaker! No dad I m not caretaker. I m just taking care of him. I m feeling very bad dad.
Dad: hmmm. So u have started drama now.
Siya(laughing): oh come on dad! U know I was joking. Yes, Abhi is fine now.
Dad: I didn’t asked u about the boy, I asked about the work.
Siya(embrassed):…………… Siya’s mom is watching them when she says
Mom: Aditya leave her naa. See she is embrassed.
Dad: k. I vil not ask. Now stop shying.
Siya: dad, I was not shying.
Dad: u were n he starts running when Siya starts chasing him. After getting tired they stopped n both wished good night n Siya kiss her dad on the cheek n goes to sleep.

(Next Day)
As usual Mam leaves home n Siya arrives at home n with the spare key she opens the door. She went inside, she was going to kitchen when her red n yellow dupatta stuck in the chair. She was trying to take out the dupatta n air blew towards her, at that time Abhi came out of the room by the noise of the chair. He saw Siya’s hair flying n he was mesmerised by her beauty. He came in senses, went to her n asked
Abhi: what r u doing? Can’t u let me sleep in peace?
Siya: I didn’t do it purposely. Can’t u see my dupatta is stuck here? Abhi in few seconds take out the dupatta n it got tore.
Siya(angry): what did u do this? Agggh.
Abhi: what? I helped u n ur getting angry.
Siya: what help u did? U made it more worse. Aaa I hate u.
Abhi: me too. Siya goes in the kitchen n starts cooking a healthy dish. After 30 mins she came in hall. Abhi was not in hall, she went to his room n knocked but he was not there. She opened the door n saw the whole room messed up as if a kid’s room. She started to clean the room. Her speed was fast so she completed her cleaning in ten mins. She left the room n messaged Abhi.
Siya: where r u?
Abhi: in the park
Siya: what r u doing there? Didn’t u c I was preparing brkfst for u?
Abhi: I saw y.
Siya: bcoz it’s getting cold. Cum n hve it. Abhi returned to home n saw Siya sitting at the dining table. He came to the dining table n asked
Abhi: where is the brkfst? U called me to have brkfst. Where is it?
Siya: first go n wash ur hands n in the way bring ur brkfst also. Got it r I should repeat?
Abhi: k my nanny. I got it.
Siya: what did u say. Abhi running to his room said nothing nanny. Siya smiled on how childish he is. After 1 min he returned n went to the kitchen n he brought brkfst in two plates.
Siya: y two plates?
Abhi: dumbo one for me n one for u.
Siya: what did u say dumbo? Like seriously.
Abhi: I said true I mean this two plates I vil eat or wat.
Siya: I thought same seeing ur stomach.
Abhi(angry): what do u mean? I’m fat.
Siya: I think so.
Abhi: I think u should go for eye checkup. Every girl runs behind me n u. Before Siya could say anything he filled her mouth with food.
Abhi: I don’t want to fight today so please. Have breakfast chupchap. Both had their brkfst in silence. After having brkfst Siya washed the plates n started chatting with strangers, when Abhi noticed her laughing. He asked
Abhi: oye! Laugh slowly I can’t hear tv’s sound.
Siya: k. Abhi thought she didn’t get angry. Who is she chatting wid?
Abhi: who is that?
Siya: don’t know.
Abhi: ur laughing n chatting, u don’t know hu’s that.
Siya: seriously I don’t know.
Abhi: don’t lie
Siya: come on! I m not lying. When she said this Abhi was watching news, a news came like a guy talks to girls n girls come in his talks n starts laughing. He calls them to meet r trace their location n reaches at the place. By hearing this news Abhi saw Siya n thought is she talking to the same guy. Then he thought I should not think bad n forgets the thing. Siya leaves at same time 4:45. Mamta Mam comes to home.

Abhi gets up early before Siya comes, but she hasn’t come yet. He messages her but she doesn’t reply. He thinks where is she? It’s 11 she hasn’t come. Abhi gets worried n goes to mobile centre to trace her no.

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