Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 7)

Epii 7 is here!

(Abhi’s Home)
Siya closes the door with a bang! Abhi asks her what don’t u want to go now, u were saying u are scared of my mom. Ab Kya Hua. Siya says about Mam being outside n he is tensed, he thinks sumthing n takes her to his room. Mamta Mam enters the home calling Abhi n is coming towards Abhi’s room. Siya says y u brought me here? Abhi says get out from my window. Mom is 3 steps far from his room. Siya says ok. As Siya is getting out of the window. Mam reaches the room n Abhi sees Siya leaves from window n says pheww. Mam asks can’t u hear my voice, then sees his tensed face n asks what happen? Abhi says nothing mom.They both go to hall. Siya reaches her home.

(Siya’s Home)
She enters the home n sees her mom waiting for her.
Mom:what happen? Everything ok?
Siya: yess mom. Just got save from being caught.
Mom(shocked): what? Did she c u?
Siya(calmly sitting beside her): mom, no she didn’t, don’t take tension. I m fine c.
Mom: I know. Now say what vil u eat? I have prepared veg soup.
Siya(smiling): mom i had the same thing. I prepared soup for Abhi
Mom: I forgot for what u went. How is Abhi now?
Siya: he is absolutely fine. Mam is simply taking tension.
Mom: y. What he did?
Siya: leave that topic na ma. I vil go n get fresh.
Mom: k . Siya leaves the hall n after having dinner goes to bed.

(Next Day)
Mamta Mam leaves home n half an hour later Siya arrives at Malhotra Residence wearing jogging clothes. She opens the door with a duplicate key which Abhi gave her yesterday. She enters the home n sees everything neat n silence in home. She keeps her bag on the dining table n enters the kitchen. She prepares orange juice in two bottles n goes to Abhi’s room n knocks on the door. Abhi wakes n thinks now what she wants? He goes to the door, open it n asks what u want.
Siya: don’t ask question. Go n change your clothes into jogging clothes.
Abhi: oh madam! Yesterday I forgive u that doesn’t mean everyday I vil forgive u.
Siya: don’t u want to become healthy n if u want u have to exercise too.
Abhi: oh god. Ye ladki kaha se ayi hy. He goes inside n after five min he comes wearing his jogging clothes.

They both leaves home n r jogging when they reaches the park. Abhi is really really thirsty.
Abhi: yaar! I m really thirsty, I vil die. U didn’t bring anything. Siya takes bottles of orange juice out of bag n gives one to Abhi.
Siya: ye lo thirsty crow.
Abhi: thank u so much. They both drink their juices n leaves for home.

(Abhi’s Home)
At 10:30 they reaches home n Siya goes to washroom n changes her clothes. Abhi too changes his clothes. After changing her clothes, she goes to kitchen n prepares veg salad for Abhi. He comes out of the room, sits at the dining table. Siya brings salad in a bowl n gives it to him. He sees the veggies n says
Abhi: ye kya hy. After doing so much exercise u r giving me salad.
Siya: y ur behaving like a child. Salad is healthy don’t u know.
Abhi: I know but I hate veggies.
Siya: u have to eat them.
Abhi: k. I vil eat but u should also eat.
Siya: no I can’t.
Abhi: y. U also hate it.
Siya: I luv veggies but
Abhi: but but nothing. U have to eat it n he makes her eat a spoon of veggies. After 2mins of eating Siya starts coughing, Abhi gives her water. She drinks water but her health gets worsen( I guess u all know what happen). Abhi is shocked to c her in that state n asks what should I do? She points at the fridge, he goes in the kitchen, opens the fridge n asks what u want? She says yo…gu..rt. He finally realises what she wants n takes a spoon n rushes towards her. He makes her eat the yogurt n finally her coughs stop. He asks what had happen?
She says I have allergy by black pepper. Abhi feels guilty for forcing her, but she understands he is feeling guilty n says don’t feel guilty. He says I m really sorry. Siya says its k. They both watch a movie n then Siya prepares lunch. It’s 4pm now n they call their friends for notes n at 4:45 Siya leaves for her home.

Mamta Mam reaches home. She goes in kitchen when she notices yogurt on floor n asks Abhi y this yogurt is here. Did u eat it I mean u don’t like it then. Abhi is thinking what to say.

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