Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 5)

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(Abhi’s Home)
After 1 week. Abhi is discharged n is at home. Mamta is making breakfast when she gets the call from the principal to continue the school. Mamta Mam informs Abhi about the call n says I took 1 week leave n now they r calling me so I have to continue from tomorrow. Abhi says its k mom n don’t worry about me. Mamta Mam hugs Abhi.

(Next Day School)
Mamta Mam is in her class with a worried face when Siya notice her n thinks Mam is worried of that joker. Siya thinks sumthing n smiles. School gets over n Siya leaves for home.

(Siya’s Home)
Siya is sitting on sofa, calling her mother to have some important talk.
Siya: mom jaldi aao na, what r u doing?
Mom(coming out of the kitchen): what Siya? Tum mujhse andar bhi baat kar sakti thi.
Siya: mom now ur in hall don’t ask any questions I want to talk sumthing important.
Mom(sitting beside her):what u want to talk about beta?
Siya: mom actually I noticed Mamta Mam worried for her son.
Mom: so what?
Siya:I want to help her mom.
Mom: but how?
Siya: I have a plan. I vil take one month leave from school n v vil say that v r going to Australia as Grandma’s health is not good.
N in dis 1 month I vil take care of that joker n Mamta Mam vil b happy seeing her son healthy.
Mom(surprised): r u sure u want to do this?
Siya: Yess mom that’s y I have taken the decision.
Mom: u know when I was in school I also was paagal like u, I wanted to do dumb things, but ur doing this paagalpan for ur teacher’s happiness. I m proud of u.
Siya(happily): thanx mom! So dis means ur giving permission for this paagalpan.
Mom:Yess my child. Siya thanx her n hugs her, leaves for her room.

(Siya’s Room)
Siya is chatting with her best friend Preeti n informs her about her plan. Preeti was shocked to read that Aarti Aunty(Siya’s mom) said Yess for this paagalpan. Siya laughed when Preeti sent an opened mouth emoji. Preeti asked hw did aunty agreed? Siya says by my magic. Preeti replies btw hw is Abhi? Is he fine now? Siya replies ohoo ur asking about Abhi kya baat hy? Preeti replies uff Siya tum bhi naa, in some days my sagaai is gonna happen u know na. Siya replies accha baba sorry. They have little more chat n then both go to sleep.

( Next Day School)
Mr&Mrs Kapoor r standing in Principal Mam’s cabin with principal n Mamta Mam. Mrs Kapoor says v r really sorry but my mother-in-law’s health is not good. Mamta Mam says what vil Siya do there? Mrs Kapoor after thinking says Siya haven’t met her grandma for many months. Principal Mam says k I vil sign n she signs on the leave letter. Siya’s parents leaves the cabin. Siya’s mom says uff! Ye ladki kya kya karayegi humse?

(Siya’s Home Evening)
Siya is sitting on sofa n searching Abhi’s no on his FB n finally she gets his no. She saves his no n message him
Hi! How r u? Siya here. I have sumthing to say u. She says her plan to joker(abhi). After 5mins of sms delivered he replies n sents ur mom is same as u. She sends an angry emoji to him. He replies back wid an winking emoji. He says k bcoz he thinks she is thinking abt mom’s happiness n I vil also not feel bored. He says k u can cum from 2morrow. She replies I m not asking ur permission, I m Informing u. N she bcums offline.

Next day Mamta Mam leaves the home at 6 n Siya reaches Mamta Mam’s home at 7:30 n knocks on the door. Abhi is sleeping n wakes up hearing the knock n thinks who is it at this time? He goes to open the door n sees Siya n is staring? at her as she is luking really beautiful in her pink salwaar kameez.

(For readers)
I know what I wrote is really dreamy n no mom vil allow for such thing but for me this is the fiction. Hope u guyzz like it!!

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