Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 4)

Sorry for the late update for those who were waiting. Here is the 4 ep.

(Same Day Evening)
Mrs Malhotra is in the room where Abhi is shifted now. Abhi is on the bed lying and Mrs Malhotra is sitting beside her on the bed, she is looking at him lovingly when he opens his eyes. She gets happy seeing him and asks
Mrs Malhotra: how r u my beta?
Abhi: I’m fine mom
Mrs Malhotra(teary eyed): u don’t know how much happy I m.
Abhi: mom y ur crying I’m absolutely fine can’t u see plzz stop crying.
Abhi tries to sit when he feels dizzy.
Mrs Malhotra: I can see how much ur fine.
Mrs Malhotra helps Abhi to sit and then Abhi wipes his mom’s tears. They both say I love u beta and I love u mom and hugs each other.

(Next Day School)
Siya is in her class thinking about Mamta Mam and doesn’t concentrate on her class by which her Maths Mam gets angry n sends her out of the class. It was the last period n as the bell rings she happily enters the class n takes her bag and leaves the school.

(Hospital 04:25pm)
Siya reaches the hospital n asks at reception Abhimanyu Malhotra and the person says Room No:106. Siya the thanks the receptionist and goes to find the room and in 5 mins she reaches the room. She sees Mrs Malhotra n Abhi having chit chat n knocks on the door, Mamta Mam comes n opens the door. Siya greets her, Mamta Mam asks what r u doing here n Siya says mom have specially made lunch for u and Abhi. Mamta Mam says come inside.

(In the Room)
Siya comes in the room. Abhi asks
Abhi: who’s it Mom?
Mom: it’s my student Siya Kapoor.
Abhi: what is she doing here Mom?

Mom: Oh God! Abhi y ur asking so many sawaal today, chup baitho.
Abhi: k mom as u say. And then he don’t utter a word n sits quietly while Mamta Mam goes to Siya n says I vil unpack the food and u give it to Abhi. Siya says k Mam as u say n stands there till Mam gives her a plate of food. Mam gives her the plate n Siya goes n gives it to Abhi. Abhi is staring at her when she comes to him. Siya sees him staring n says take plate but he is still staring at her, Siya thinks sumthing n smiles n then pinches his hand.
Abhi: ouch! Wat r u doing?
Siya: Wat u were doing haa? Staring at me haven’t u seen any girl before.
Mamta Mam: Wat happen Abhi, y u shouted?

Siya: nothing Mam he drank the hot soup.
Mamta Mam: Abhi when vil u stop ur kiddish behaviour.
Siya giggles n Abhi is looks at her with angry face.
Mamta Mam goes out to ask the doc when vil Abhi get discharged.
Abhi: ur laughing! I vil not spare u.
Siya: u can’t do anything Mr Abhimanyu Malhotra its hospital n stop threatening me.
Abhi: u have over confidence Ms Siya Kapoor.
After this chit chat they starts laughing as if they were acting some minutes before.
Siya(laughing): ur over acting Mr Abhimanyu Malhotra.
Abhi(laughing): u too Ms Siya Kapoor btw sorry.
Siya: it’s k Abhi I know u were joking
Abhi: n I know u were joking. Mamta Mam enters with a sad face, both youngsters look at her n feels she is sad.
Both: what happen mom? What happen Mam? They both look at each other n Mam looks at both n says doc said Abhi has to b in hospital for a week n 1 month rest at home.

Abhi(shocked): what! What vil I do 1 month at home? No mom I vil not.
Doc enters the room.
Doc: u have to stay my boy, if u vil not u can loose ur family understood, don’t u want to stay wid ur family for a long time?
Abhi: of course I want to.
Doc: then u have to stay at home, not for ur self den for ur mom u have to stay. Don’t u know she gave 1 lac for ur operation.
Abhi(shocked): mom u gave the money from ur account?
Doc: n dere was no chance for ur survival but still she had faith in God. Abhi goes to her mom n hugs her. Siya n doc sees them both n smiles. Siya says I vil leave n packs everything n says bye to every1 n leaves the room n hospital.
After 1 week
Abhi is discharged n is at home. Mamta Mam gets call from school n she informs Abhi that the principal is calling her to continue school as I have taken 1 week leave. Abhi says its ok mom I vil stay at home n don’t worry about me.
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  1. Ooshi Akbar

    from which link i can read episode 2 &3 as i missed it and episode was good keep it up

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