Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 3)

Here is the next ep! I guess people r not interested in my story! Still I vil try my best that u people like it! My holidays have been started n to spend my time I m writing this story!

Mamta Mam is talking to the Doc.
Mamta Mam:I have 80,000 with me now, I vil 20,000 after operation.
Doc:As u wish Mrs Malhotra but think for once bcoz this operation is gonna be risky we r not aware if he vil b saved or not.
Mamta Mam: doc don’t say like dat, ur a doc n u should give courage but ur ulta scaring me. To whom should I go to save my son, u say doc.
Doc: I know sum1 hu can help u. Every1 goes to him. I vil try my best Mrs Malhotra but rest is in his hands.
Mamta Mam: r u saying about

Doc: Yess I m saying about the one n only God hu can help u in dis situation.
Mamta Mam: I vil pray for my son. U do ur best Doc.
Doc smiles n leaves the corridor wearing his mask in the operation theatre. Siya was listening to their conversation n thought Mam is very worried aur upar se she needs 20,000. I have to do sumthing. Siya left the hospital.

(Next day in hospital)
Mamta Mam was still sleeping on a seat when her eyes slowly opened n she saw doc passing by n she immediately woke from her sleep. She stopped the n asked
Mamta Mam: Wat happened doc? Is he ok? Everything is fine na?
Doc: Mrs Malhotra plzz calm down. I have a bud news n a bad news. God news is dat the operation was a success.
Mamta Mam(happy n sad): it’s gud news doc but was is the bad news.
Doc: bad news is dat ur son have to kept far from pressure n stress only happiness should b there wid him. K Mrs Malhotra did get it?
Mamta Mam: Yess doc. Can I meet him?
Doc: sorry Mam, actually he is resting. U can meet him in evening.
Mamta Mam: k as u say doc btw doc wat about medicines?
Doc: oh yes! I vil send a nurse hu vil instruct u about the medicines u wait here Mam.
Mamta Mam:k doc. Thanks a lot doc.
Doc smiled n left back Mamta Mam hu was filled wid happiness. A while later a nurse came n instructed Mamta Mam about the medicines n then the nurse left. Mamta Mam was leaving to go pharmacy when she saw Mr&Mrs Kapoor(Siya’s parents) coming towards her. Mamta Mam greeted them n they greeted her.

Mrs Kapoor: how is Abhi?
Mamta Mam: he is fine now.
Mrs Kapoor: dats a gud news Mrs Malhotra.
Mamta Mam: thank u btw ap log here any problem?
Mr Kapoor: no Siya said us about the incident so v came to see.
Mamta Mam: Thank u for cuming Mr&Mrs Kapoor.
Mr&Mrs Kapoor gave a briefcase to Mrs Malhotra.

Mamta Mam(shocked): “ye kya hai”?
Mr&Mrs Kapoor: u see ur self.
Mamta Mam approached the briefcase n was shocked to see money in briefcase. She asked for what is dis money Mr&Mrs Kapoor. Dey smiled n said the missing 20,000 from 1lac. Mamta Mam was shocked to hear wat dey said n undrstood Siya had said dem about the money.
Mr Kapoor: dis money u have to make Mrs Malhotra bcoz dis money is not a charity but fees from my daughter whom u gave knowledge. Yesterday Siya came home.

(Flashback Siya’s Home)
Siya: dad can I ask u sumthing?
Dad: of course beta ask whatever u want?
Siya: how much money do I have in my bank account?
Dad(shocked): I guess 30,000.
Siya: dad can u plzz withdraw 20,000 from my account?
Dad: beta y suddenly u want dis much money, is there any problem?
Siya said everything to them whatever happened few hours ago n dey were happy by her decision but dey said dat v vil give from our account u don’t need to. But Siya Is stubborn n said dad I want the money from my side to a teacher not a mother I want to give her money as she gave me knowledge. Parents were amazed to hear dat n said as u wish my child n hugged her.
(Flashback over)

They said to Mamta Mam whatever she said n Mamta Mam thought she is very nice girl but was still angry remembering her weakness in studies.Mr&Mrs Kapoor left n Mamta Mam gave the pending amount with a smile thinking her Abhi vil b with her now. Thank u God.
Siya is in her class n thinking about Mamta Mam. The school got over n Siya went to hospital to give the lunch to Mamta Mam which her mom specially made for Mamta Mam. N Abhi n Siya’s Fight-Friendship.


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    mashaa allahh…itzz really a gud stry…nd a intrsting onee….plz continue…waiting for ur nxt epii….

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