Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 2)

Sorry I m late! Here is the next ep!

(Girl’s Block)
Sameer enters the girl’s block n is luking for Mamta Mam n enters many classes to find her n at last he find Mamta Mam’s class 12A n enters the class n Mamta Mam asks what r u doing here n Sam says Abhi is in a worse condition n Mamta Mam get in shock n asks “kya” n runs with Sam to boy’s block. Siya sees Mamta Mam is worried n follows them.

(Boy’s Block)
They both reaches boy’s block n sees fainted Abhi n runs towards him Mamta Mam starts crying sits down n keeps Abhi head on her lap n say Abhi beta wake up. But he is not waking. Siya reaches there n Mamta Mam asks what r u doing her she says she is here to help n then Mamta Mam wipes her tears n stands up keeping abhi’s head down n ask Sam who did dis n he say a guy from 12C n Mamta Mam says I vil complain about them to principal but Siya stops her n says Mam see Abhi’s condition v should take him to hospital. Mam thinks Siya is saying right n then says k v vil take him to hospital n leaves for hospital.

(In Hospital)
They reaches the hospital n make Abhi lie on a wheel bed(don’t know the word) n then calls doc when a nurse cums n says doc is cuming till that u complete the form. Mamta Mam goes to fill form n Siya is standing beside the bed n doc cums n Mam also returns after finishing the form. Doc says its too late u should have bring a bit early. Every1 r in shock n Mamta Mam asks can’t v do anything n doc says v can do an operation which is risky n costly u can pay but we r not guaranteed if v can save him or not. Mamta Mam says u say the cost I vil give it n doc says 1lac.
Mamta Mam thinks it costly but dis much money can be in my bank account. Mamta Mam calls the bank n asks how much money I have in my account n the person says wait a min Mam n then says 80,000. Mamta Mam says k withdraw the money I vil cum to take the money n she cancels the call.

(In Bank)
Mamta Mam reaches the bank n goes to cash counter n ask did u withdrawed the money n the person gives a briefcase to her. The person asks y suddenly u withdrawed the money n Mam says for my son n leaves for hospital

Mam is saying to doc I vil give 20,000 after operation. Siya is listening to their conversation from a distance n thinks Mam don’t have dat much money n leaves for home. Next day Siya’s parent cum to hospital n Mamta Mam greets them n dey gives her a briefcase n Mam asks “ye kya hai”?


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