Dosti Aur Pyaar (Episode 1)

I m Nazneen new here!! It’s my first story!! I don’t know u guyz veil like it or not!!
So here cums my First Ep Of Dosti Aur Pyaar

It’s Morning!
A girl is in bed and Mom shouts Siya wake up it’s already 8:30. Siya wakes n sees the time she says OMG it’s 8:30 n mam vil kill me. She goes to the washroom n she gets ready in 5mins n cum down. Mom calls her n says cum here n have breakfast or I vil not let u go.Siya says mom plzz I vil get late n mam vil get angry at me.Mom says have this omelette Siya n Siya cums running n takes a piece of the omelette and hugs her Mom. Mom says wen vil u change n Siya says never. Siya leaves the home.

(In School)
Siya reaches school at 9:15 n runs to her class 12A n outside the door she prays that hitler should not be there n as she opens the door her class teacher Mamta Mam who is a Hindi teacher stands before her. Siya gets scared n some girls sitting at first bench murmurs “aaj toh ye gayi”.Mamta Mam is very angry with her as Siya always promises she won’t break the promise n rules but she breaks them.And Siya is not that good in studies by which Mam gets more angry on her.Mam shouts stand outside N Siya says but Mam. Mam says I have always let u sit in but not today.

(In Corridor)
Siya is watching as Mam is taking the class.In the mean time Principal Mam is taking rounds around the classes wen she notices Siya outside the class. Siya sees Principal Mam n acts as she is entering the class n goes to Mam n says Mam ur pen is not dere. Mamta Mam gets angry how u entered the class n Mam sees Principal Mam n says k go sit down. Some girls at back bench starts laughing.Then Principal Mam says it’s good v didn’t get any complaints from ur class. Mamta Mam says “Thank u Mam” n Principal Mam leaves the class n Mamta Mam sees Siya n gets angry. Then she again starts taking her class.

(Boys Block same School)
Two handsome looking guys r fighting on something n dere fight gets worse when one guy hits the guy by a rod on the head n the blood starts flowing. A guy runs towards the fainting boy n shouts Abhi. He gets scared what should he do call his Mom or complain about the boy to principal.He is
still thinking when he sees Abhi is shouting in pain n thinks he should call his Mom

The friend of Abhi is running towards the girl’s corridor n is finding where is Mamta Mam n enters every class n den at last he reaches Mamta Mam’s class 12A n Mamta Mam ask Sameer what r u doing here, Sam says Abhi is in a worse condition. Mamta says “Kyaa”?


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..