Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 9)


The episode starts with Shagun getting ready to college

Shagun found her dad and Mom discussing something seriously

Shagun enquired them.. Her mom ran away cring..

Her dad explained that he has been trapped when he put surity signature for his friend.. His friend escaped.. So everybody is accusing Ravi now..

Shagun : Its OK dad.. I know you ll grow up
She cried and went to her room

Raman called her.. She didn’t attend.

Next day

Ravi informed that Ragu,Pramodh came and solved the issue..
She guessed that Raman and Akash did this

She ran to college

Shagun : Where are they?
Siva : Who?
Shagun turned to see Raman and Akash coming in bike.
They saw Shagun

Raman took a U-turn and went..

Shagun shouted.. They didn’t stop..

She called Mani and Ishitha.. Both didn’t attend

Shagun : Oh.. God.. They are furious on me.. How to cool them?

Raman,Akash,Mani and Ishitha in Shagun’s house..

Ravi : Raman.
Raman didn’t respond and started eating what they kept in dining table.. Everyone did the same..
Ravi : Ishu.. Please listen na..
Ishu got hiccups.. Shobha gave water..

Ishu stared at her.. She got the jug.. Kept it on the table and then she took..
Shobha smiled at her antics..

Mani : Ishu.. I am feeling sleepy.. Akash come lets sleep
They went to Shagun’s room..
Raman : Ishu.. Come on.. Take the plates..
Ishu : Ohh.. We gonna wash..
Raman : Ya.. They both went to kitchen..

In kitchen,Raman and Ishu played by splashing water..
In Shagun’s room,Mani and Akash were fighting with pillows

Ravi found his home as play school..
Soon Raman and Ishu joined them..

Shagun came home and found her home with much noise..
She guessed that was her devils..
Ravi nodded smilingly..

She ran to her room..
She saw everything was messed up.. All were playing cards..
After seeing her also,no one responded..

Shagun sat beside Ishu and Akash.
Akash and Ishu moved apart

Shagun : Oh.. That much anger..
Raman : Mani.. Its your turn..
Shagun saw Akash’s card and helped Ishu..
Ishu unwillingly accepted her help..

Shagun smiled..
Ishu : Hey I won..
Akash : Hello.. Cheater.. I know someone helped you..
Ishu : I don’t know..
Raman : Ok.. I am tired .. He slept in the bed with Ishu’s mobile.
Ishu : Hey that’s mine..
Raman : I know..
Ishu started cleaning.. Akash disturbing Ishitha..
Ishu kept clothes in cupboard one by one.. Akash put that out one by one..

Raman reading Pratik’s chat and they were laughing..
Shagun waited ..
Shagun : I ll see when you guys ll start

Mani : Ishu what are you doing?
Ishu : Arranging the mess you guys created..
Mani : Akash you?
Akash : Creating mess on what Ishu is cleaning..
She then noticed and beat him..

Suddenly everyone remained silent..

Shagun saw everyone..
Raman : Madam.. Why are you sitting here and wasting your time?
Shagun remained silent.
Mani : Excuse me are you deaf?
Ishitha stared at her.. She went near her..
Shagun hugged her and cried heavily

Shagun : Sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you guys..
Ishu consoled her.
Raman : OK.. I am not accusing you why you have not said the trurh
Shagun saw him..
Akash : Do you remember what you did yesterday?
Shagun confused..
Akash : We gave you missed call.. How dare you attend that? Raman’s balance emptied.. How could he message his girl friends now?
Shagun laughed and hugged Akash and Raman..

Mani : Hello sister.. Even if we are in your situation we will do the same like you..
Ishu : and if you are in our situation you will do like what we are doing.
Raman : This is common.. We are there for you..
Akash : Hello.. Over sentiment yaar,.. Change the topic..

Mani : Akash.. Sindhu..
Akash : Oh my dear Shagun.. Don’t cry na.. We friends will be your pillars..
Shagun slapped and all of them played happily..

Ravi and Shobha smiled at them

Gang formations..

Credit to: nivedha

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