Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 8)

The episode starts with Mani starting Ishu

Mani: Ishu
Ishu: Tell me.
Mani: Lets be frank.. Do you love Raman?
Ishu: Mani.. Of Course no..
Mani: Then why you reacted like that today..

Ishu: Mani.. I m not saying I love him.. I felt something when I saw his photo.. May be I have been attracted to him.. I am not clear now.. So I wont decide now… Even after my clg… When I am mature.. If I am feeling the same means then I LL declare that I love him

Mani smiles
Ishu: Lets enjoy this college life Mani.. No commitments.. Only frnds Masthi… I am not saying love in clg life is wrong.. If everyone is clear about their relation, then it can be accepted.. I am not clear now

Mani: Ok.. Ok stop your lectures.. I am clear now..
Ishu: What??
Mani: I mean I am clear about you and Raman..
Ishu: Ok I m believing you..
They laughed.

Raman explaining the same to Shagun and Akash. But he added

Raman: But..
Shagun and Akash: But..
Raman: I will be happy if she becomes my future
He smiled and went

Next day..
In Ishu’s home

Ishu’s nephew came..
Mani,Shagun,Raman and Akash came there

Her niece name is Pratik
Ishu welcomed them

Raman: Ishu who is he?
Ishu: My nephew..
Frnds : Ohhhhhh
Ishu: Stop it guys.. I don’t like him..
Raman felt happy.. Ishu noticed that..
She interrogated what… In her eyes… He said “nothing” by nodding his head in negation

Shagun: Ok.. What to do now?
Ishu: Today he is going to stay here.. It should not happen.. He is not a gud guy..
Raman started thinking..

Akash: Problem solvedd
Raman: How?
Akash: You started thinking na
Raman hit Akash’s head

Raman got an idea..
Raman went near Ishu in hall

Raman: Ishu..
Ishu: Raman.. What?
Raman: Today you are coming to Shagun’s house.. Tonight we can go out and you stay in Shagun’s house..
Ishu: Ramann.. Guests…
She showed Pratik

Raman: What Ishu.. Pratik LL understand u.. Haina pratik?
Pratik: Haa haa ishu.. You go there.. No prob

All enjoyed..
Pratik: Aunty I am moving..
Ishu’s mom: Stay here beta. You told that you are staying here na
Pratik: I have work ma.. So I am leaving

He went..
Everyone enjoyed..

Ishu’s mom: Ishu.. When you are going to Shagun home
Shagun: No ma I m staying her today..
Mom confused..

Everyone smiled..

Few weeks later..
Raman, Ishu and Akash were walking..

Akash was restless.. Ishu noted and informed Raman.
They searched and found a girl standing there..
She saw Akash and bent down.. Akash smiled at her
Raman: Ah.. Is this the matter?
Ishu: Akash..
Akash:Ah.. Sindhu..
Akash hit himself..

Raman: Oh.. So she is Sindhu..
Akash blushed.
Ishu: Oh god.. Raman.. Akash is blushing..
Akash: Ishu.. She is afraid.. So don’t kid her
Ishu: Oh.. Wat a support..
Raman: Fear.. Come on ishu

They went near her

She saw them with fear..

Ishu : Cool Sindhu..
Sindhu smiled..
Raman: Hey Sindhu.. I m Raman..
He forwarded his hand.. Akash hid Raman’s hand..
Sindhu: Hi Bhai..
Raman acted as if he got heart attack.. Akash sighed a relief..

Ishu: Hi.. I am ishitha..
Sindhu: Hi.. Dhi..
Raman: He is Akash..
Sindhu: Hi…
Raman: Is he your enemy?
Sindhu: No.. Y u r asking like that?
Raman: You greeted me as Bhai and ishu as Dhi.. Why not Akash as Bhai..
Ishu: Or as uncle
Raman: Or as Pappa..

Akash hit Raman.. Sindhu blushed…
Ishu: Raman can we move?
Akash. Was about to move
Ishu: Are you Raman? Then stay here

Raman ishu moved..

Raman: Ishu
Ishu: Ah..
Raman: Yesterday Shagun asked what’s going between us?
Ishu: Mani too
Raman: have told him?
She explained.
Raman : I told the same

Ishu saw him

Raman: Hope for the best.. Your clg came..
They waved bye..

Both went smiling

Fights joins

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  1. Very nice nivedha…I love your dosthi ff the most..

  2. Kya ishu dhi raman bhai very awkward na

    1. Ha ha hayathi… Jus for fun

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