Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 7)


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The episode starts with Raman sleeping peacefully..
Shagun called him and asked him to come out for a jog..
He ignored and slept..

Same way Mani begging Ishitha..

Shagun again called Raman

Raman: What??
Shagun : Raman.. Don’t be lazy.. Come on.. Everyone is moving
Raman : Ok.. Bye
He kept his phone.. His eyes opened widely with a word “Everyone”
Raman called Shagun.

Shagun : What?
Raman : Everyone means?
Shagun understood
Shagun : Me,Akash,Mani and… Ishii..
Raman ended the call and changed to track suit
Raman reached the place before everyone,..

He noticed Mani,Akash,Shagun and

Ishu’s dad..

He starred at shagun.. Shagun came smiling..
Shagun : What Raman?
Raman : Nothing.. Hi uncle..
Vishwa : Hi. Beta..
All went for jog..

When Shagun,Akash and Mani came aside leaving Raman and Vishwa..
Shagun : Guyss.. I think Raman is interested on Ishu
Mani : Ya I too think the same
Akash : I didn’t find that
Shagun : We also didn’t find a tubelight like you
Akash : What?
Mani : Ok.. Akash Wait and Watch.

Ishu reached her college..She found her friends talking about a guy..

Ishu : Hi girlss…
1 girl : Hey Ishu.. You know.. We saw a guy yesterday
Ishu : Sry girls.. I am not interested in this topic..
2nd girl : Ohhoo.. Ishu see him na
She showed a photo in her phone.. Ishu shocked to see the photo..

It was Raman’s pic..
She fumed at the girls..

Mani saw the photo and noticed Ishu’s reaction..

Ishu : Where you guys get this?
1st girl : In a mall..
Ishu left the class. Mani conveyed this to Shagun and Akash

Ishu got tensed.. Because it was the pose Ishu admired at last night..
Ishu : How could it be?
On the way she saw Raman

Raman : Hii..
Ishu : What?
Raman (confused) : What happen?Anything serious!!
Ishu : Nothing serious… Leave me my way..
Raman blocked ..
Raman : I am asking you na?
Ishu : Who are you to question me?
Raman got furious and left

Ishu realised what she said..
She ran and stood before him…
Raman saw somewhere..
Ishu : sorry
Raman : Who am I to apologise you?
Ishu had tears..
Raman softened..

Raman put his hand on her shoulder and walked
Raman : Ok.. cool.. I understand you are i some tension., Just share with me
How could she?????

Ishu stared at him and ran away

Raman said this to Shagun and Akash in the evening..

They calculated one plus one equals two..

They smiled..

Ishra moments

Sorry for short update.. 2morrow I will make it long,..

Terribly sorry

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. Ha ha ha these guys r so stupuds

  2. Eagerly waiting for ishra confession!!!! Good work

  3. It’s ok….but ha it’s really nice…I can imagine raman’s expression when he sees ishita’s dad…

  4. Oh wow ur both episodes ar really awesome dr. Bt plse make it bigger.

  5. Nivedha how old r they

    Any way it’s really nice ?and really funny, funnier than the real?? raman
    I love it❤

    1. Clg students cindy.. around 20

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