Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 6)


The episode starts with Raman,Shagun and Akash entering the same mall where Ishitha and Mani were..

They went for shopping.. Shagun was selecting dresses for Akash and Raman.. Ishu to Mani.

Shagun saw Ishitha and exclaimed

Shagun : Ishithaa..
Ishu surprised to see her.. She hugged Shagun
Ishu : Wow.. How are you?Its so amazing..
Mani and Akash came there seeing Shagun and Ishu talkng

They too exclaimed …

Mani : Hey Shagun.. Where is Raman?
Shagun : He is here only.. Hey Raman see here..
Ishitha turned to see him..
Raman was not there..
Ishitha searched for him..
Ishu : Shagun.. Where is Raman?

When she was about to turn, no one was there.. except Mani who was searching for his dress..
Ishu : Mani.. Where are they?
Mani : Who?
Ishu : Shagun and Akash
Mani : What? When you met them? Where are they?
Ishu : Mani.. Don’t play.. you also saw them na..
Mani : You don’t play.. Seriously.. I didn’t

Ishu was thinking.. How can it be illusion.. she hugged Shagun.
She confirmed that they were playing with her..

Ishu found that it might be Raman who would have initiated this..
Because Shagun was the one who called me first.. He should have signalled from my back.. to play this..

She continued her selection process.. Her mind struck with an idea..

Ishu : Mani.. How long we will be here?
Mani : May be 2 hours
Ishu : OK I ll inform Amma.. Give me your phone..
He gave that..
Ishu dialed Shagun’s number..

She can’t hear the phone ringing sound..

Ishu thought that what a clever plan..
Mani : Ishu. What?
Ishu : Nothing.. She called her Amma to make her lie true..

After shopping..
Mani : Ishu.. Shall we move to coffee shop..
Ishu : Mani.. Stop playing.. Where are they?
Mani : Ishu.. Really why today you are remembering them?
Ishu : Hey stop act.. She saw a guy stealing purse from a guy’s pocket.. and the guy standing unnoticed..

Ishu stopped the thief.. Beat him.. the purse fell..
It opened.
She saw Raman,Shagun and Akash groupfie..
She smiled and took the purse..
She saw the debit card and license with name RAMAN..

Mani came and saw the purse..
He stared at Ishu..
Ishu : What is this ah?
Mani : I don’t know.. Whose is this?Hey Raman’s
Ishu held his ear …
She went there where they were hiding

Akash : Hey Raman.. Stop playing yaar
Raman : What!! We are seeing them long back.. They should remember this.. This idiot Shagun spoiled by shouting at her..
Shagun : Mine is mind.. Not a computer like yours..
Ishu overhearing everything,smiled at Raman’s plan..

Mani tried to call Shagun,Ishu snatched his phone..
She went near Shagun and called her by patting at her shoulder..She turned and shocked..
Shagun patted Akash.. Akash also shocked..

Raman : Where these guys went?
He turned and saw no one there..

Raman : Ohoo.. I think Ishitha is smart.. like me..
He smiled..

He searched everywhere,when he was about to turn.. He saw Ishitha standing behind with folded hands..

Raman : Hi.. Ishitha.. What a surprise!!
Ishitha : Oh..Stop this Raman.. you didn’t change ah..
All were gathered
Raman : How you caught me?
Ishu : Where is your purse?
He found his purse missing and saw that it was in Ishu’s hand..

Ishu : Pukka Planner will also fail at some places
Raman smiled ..

They went for coffee shop and were chatting..

Ishu : Hey guys.. Come to my home na..
All of them went there
Ishu introduced everyone
Shagun and Amma became so close
Ishu’s dad came..

Vishwa: Raman Beta..
Raman : Uncle..
Vishwa: How are you? You.. here
Mani introduced him..
Vishwa: Ishu.. He is my MD’s son
Ishu : Ohh..
Raman : Uncle.. I am fed up with introductions.. Can we have something to eat?

He saw Shagun eating Jilebi and coming out of kitchen

Akash : Amma.. This is not fair.. They all ran ran to get Jilabis..
Amma felt happy seeing them..

After dinner,all of them left..
Raman found that Mani’s and his house are nearby..

Raman : We didn’t notice this na Mani.. See we are in adjacent streets
Mani : I hope you ll be in Akash’s home mostly..
He nodded

Both waved a bye..

Raman in his room smiled.. He remembered Ishu standing in front of him with folded hands..

Ishu in her room remembered Raman’s reaction when he saw his purse with her..

Both of them smiled and went for sleep

Ishra fight starts.. for silly reasons

Credit to: nivedha

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