Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 5)


The episode starts with four years leap…

Engineering college..

A bike came in.. Akash got down and made hi-fi with his friends
His friends Siva and karthik came

Siva: Where is your twin brother?
Siva found someone hit his head from back
Its Shagun..
Shagun: What? What were you asking?
Siva: Where is Raman yaar?
Shagun: Guess where he will be?
Karthik: Theatre
Akash: No
Siva: Any mall
Shagun: No
Siva: Then where
Shagun: Today is Friday.. Raman used to be obedient boy to his mom.n dad only today.. So…

Raman in hell anger standing in temple with his mom..
Raman’s Mom n dad wants Raman to spend time with them.. But he will be with Shagun n Akash
Raman’s mom Pallavi and dad Ragu in temple
Ragu smiled at Raman’s antics.. Raman and Ragu behaves like friends

Pallavi stared at Raman
Pallavi: Daily you are with them na.. Stay here sometimes
Raman: Daily you are visiting here na.. Give leave to God a day
Pallavi: I am worried of my bahu.. How she is going to handle you?
Ragu: He ll marry a girl who knows the value of friendship..
Pallavi stared
Ragu: What? This will be his dialogues.. Haina Raman
Raman was seeing at the ceiling..

Ragu and Pallavi saw where he is staring..
Pallavi: What are you seeing?
Raman: You don’t see cinemas ah.. Generally when hero’s family talks about heroine.. Then her intro ll be there.. That’s why

Ragu laughed aloud.. Pallavi hit her head
Pallavi: Ganapathy papa… Save him

As Raman said

Now Ishitha and Mani’s college
Both were doctors

Ishu got hiccups
Mani gave water
Mani: May be its your to be hero who is thinking you now
A guy came with rose
Guy: Ya its me
Mani: I said hero.. Who called you?
Guy: I am hero to my heroine Ishu..
Mani: God.. Make me deaf.. I don’t want to hear these things
The guy smiled at Ishu and went
Ishu: Why Mani.. You made fun of him ..
Today also ..
Mani: What to do then? How dare he states you as heroine.. So only I prayed to make me deaf
Ishu: Oh.. Why you are disturbing god for this.. I ll help you
She beats Mani..
Mani runs

Akash and Shagun reached Akash’s home
They saw Shoba(shagun’s mom) and Shilpa( Akash mom) watching TV

They smiled at them
Akash: Mom.. We are here
Shilpa: Ahh.. Snacks in your room.. Go and have it.. They are sincere watching Sharukh

By then Ravi (shagun’s dad) and Promodh (Akash dad) reached

Shagun: Mom your sharukh
Shilpa: Hey he is my sharukh shagun
Akash: Ya mom yours too..
Both laughed
Ravi: See pramodh.. We are not a consideration to then
Pramodh: This is happening since 25 years na.. Leave it..

Shoba and Shilpa smiled and went to kitchen

Akash and Shagun went upstairs
They called Raman

Raghu attended the call
Raghu: Hi Akash
Akash: Hi papa..
Shagun: Hi papa..
Ragu: Sh.. Pallavi is here I am giving to Raman..
Raman came in line
Raman: The person you are trying to reach is fed up going temples
Both laughed
Akash: Idiot.. How many?
Raman: To know that.. Press 4
They laughed
Shagun: Mom is there ah?
Raman: Jii.. He replied like telephone operator
Shagun: When you left home?
Raman: To know that press 9.. But they woke me up at 5
Akash fell down while laughing..
Pallavi controlling her laughter seeing Raman’s antics

Raman: Subscriber is angry.. Ll call u back
He ended the call
Shagun Akash laughed to the core

In ishu”s home
Ishu’s mom is preparing for puja
Mani is helping her
Ishu eating ice cream with the small boys
Mani smiled at her antics

Raman came home and enjoyed with his parents
Ishu’s mom feeding Mani and Ishu

Mani: Tomorrow we are going to mall.. Ishu
Ishu: Ok

Shagun planned for the same mall.. With Akash and Raman..

Ishra meeting long after

Credit to: nivedha

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  2. Hi friends.episode was sad.

    I want to share my POV. Who are saying that Raman doesn’t deserve ishita and all, I m not agreeing you.. What ishita did is not a small thing to forget easily. Raman loves her a lot. He hide surrogacy and was abused by you all. At that time also read Raman doesn’t deserve ishita , she should leave Raman ..all..Raman hide surrogacy and ishita was angry.some viewers told that Raman has done a mistake by hiding. Then all abusive words are used for him. But now ishita hide this and did such a big drama.she lied, hurt ruhi and Amma, hang him in the air.. Such a high voltage drama. But who cares.? I feel seems for viewers ( some) in this show only ishita is both this situation only Raman will be blamed. Everyone noticed ishita’s love but not Raman’s. He lied to her but she has done a DRAMA for 3 months., not 3 days..
    I am not supporting Raman .definitely he is also wrong but to forgive her for this drama he needs some time. But yes Mrs bhalla’s behaviour is really bad.
    My point is only to blame Raman is not right. You can’t say that Raman doesn’t deserve ishita. in Normal life people behaves like Raman not like ishita to do such a big DRAMA for 3 months. His anger is justified. what’s the need to hide this from him also.
    If your family will appreciate you for this type of drama Na then told me please. To lie about someone’s death is not small thing.

    I am appreciating those who are. Saying that only to blame Raman is not right., not like others who blames in both the situation Raman only. Don’t feel ofended please.

  3. Sorry by mistake…

  4. Hahaha…that telephone scene was superb…. I laughed to the core..

  5. Nice yar…. Raman…. Ha ha ha

  6. Very nice…raman’s convo is just amazing…waiting for ishra’s first meeting..

  7. Super mam i really enjoyed a lot nivetha mam ur storyline is so unique keep on uploading mam and thank u once again waiting for tmrw

  8. Hi guys till jan 4 no ff’s accepted it seems.. So will see my ff on 2016 guys

  9. But y?? :O

    1. Yeah Harini.. Only on 4th jan mrng it will be accepted it seems

  10. Missing your ff badly…???

    1. Sorry Neha.. Pls wait till 4

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